Hi, everyone, 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. 

I’m getting excited about our new RunFest series competition, starting with the New Year’s Day 5K. As I said in my last message, we will keep track of your points throughout the series and present special awards at the conclusion in June. 


There will be a charge for each of the races, to cover the cost of chip timing and to benefit our local causes. I do hope you will join me for some, if not all, of the races in the series, as I continue my ongoing quest to help us all get through this unique pandemic safely, entertained and challenged. And speaking of, I’d suggest registering for the NYD5K as it’s filling up quickly.       

I’m also planning on having a Kid’s series too...stay tuned for details.    

Here’s the skinny on what I have planned thus far. As you can see, the series is in the preliminary stages but, with each passing week, I hope to add specific dates and more details. The goal is to have you race different distances and surfaces over the coming months as we progress with the series.    


Preliminary 2021 RunFest Series schedule

(all will be chip timed with strict pandemic protocols) 

*January 1- NYD5K (Foxfield)

*Mid February- Sugar Hollow Frostbite Four Miler (Whitehall)

*Early March- Haven 8K- Free Union (new course)  

*Late March - The Ten Miler (new course...tentative)  

*May- BBBS Free Union Farm 10K

*May- Track Two Miler   

*June- Bruce Barnes Mile 

Points are earned as follows:

-5 points for each race you finish

-3 possible points/individual age group (3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd)

-3 possible points for top 3 overall (3 points for 1st overall, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd)   

And for those looking to race a marathon this spring, we’re rolling with plans for a March edition of the popular Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, where so many folks ran so well a few weeks ago. 

I’ll be writing weekly workouts for both RaceFest series and the March marathon.       

As always, I encourage you to get in touch with any new injury issues and any questions regarding your training.  As your coach I’m here to help.             

Happy Birthday to Peter T. this Friday.

Let’s have a fun December!

Coach Mark

434-962-1694 (text) 



*Speedsters RunFest = 22-28 total miles. All at your relaxed AHR unless I indicate otherwise  

MONDAY November 30 

*Speedsters = 4-5 miles with 4 x 12 second flat surface surges focusing on upper body form.  Take a slow 48 second recovery in between each.  

WEDNESDAY December 2

*Speedsters = Cameron Crazies x 4. Either use our Cameron loop or find another half mile (or close to half mile) hilly loop. Surge the ascents and use the descents to actively recover and to slow your breathing rhythm back down again. Try to run faster for each loop. And remember: No recovery in between each circuit loop. 

SATURDAY December 5 

*Speedsters = 7-8 miles total with the following workout in the middle: 

-6 minutes at 98-100% of 10 mile pace followed by 1 minute recovery

-5 minutes at 100-102% followed by 1 minute recovery

-4 minutes at 103-105% followed by a 1 minute recovery

-3 minutes faster!

I’d suggest doing the “workout” portion on flatter terrain. 

****IMPORTANT: please use my son Adrian’s Pace Calculator to figure out your individual paces.