Sept. 28,

No. 58

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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The Visit Revisited
Xi Jinping's visit to the United States is now over, and we can all go back to our regular lives again. Over the next few days much analysis and speculation will be presented on what went well and what did not during the visit. Rather than give you our knee-jerk reactions, we focus our attention this week on outcomes in the cyber realm. This week's readings are fairly extensive, but this is a critical topic.
Weekly Readings

This last week, Presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama met in Washington, DC for a state visit. Among the most substantial announcements was an affirmation that neither government "will conduct or knowingly support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property..." (Xinhua, Paragraph 48). The U.S. view that the state should not routinely steal commercial secrets to promote business is exceptional rather than normal; however, it seems Beijing may be movin g in that direction with this visit. The biggest wildcard in all this is the role of the People's Liberation Army, which was notably absent even in the form of the Ministry of National Defense and may not be a part of the U.S.-China joint committee to handle cyber incidents. Actions will determine whether this last week had any meaning, because it also is worth noting that Xi did not admit China stole intellectual property. Nevertheless, this joint affirmation *may* be a turning point in the U.S.-China relationship.

"Correction/Update: China Did Accept the American Formulation in the Cyber Deal," Lawfare, September 27, 2015

俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches
chéng fēng pò làng
Meaning:  forge ahead despite difficulties (ride the wind and cleave the waves)

In his remarks on the South Lawn of the White House on Friday,  President Xi  used this 成语 when explaining that U.S.-China relations have made historic progress despite headwinds. 

Original: 中国和美国都是伟大的国家,中国人民和美国人民都是伟大的人民。36年前中美建立外交关系以来,两国关系始终乘风破浪、砥砺前行,取得了历史性进展。

Documentary of the Week
Mid-Autumn Festival was last night, featuring a harvest moon eclipse. This week's video takes us around China, once again highlighting the country's diversity even among shared traditions. This includes individual celebrations, crafts, and, of course, the food beyond mooncakes traditionally associated with Mid-Autumn Festival.
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