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February 2015 - Vol 5   

Issue 2   

Cyber Characters Looking for Love
The New 3D Cupid of 2015
Nina with Crossbow


TNG Visual EffectsLos Angeles, and 
TNG Visual Effects Canada, Inc., is a 3D scanning company in the entertainment industry that specializes in the creation of photo-realistic digital assets. Many characters, vehicles, cars, sets, props, animals, sculptures, and other items have been added to our scope of work since inception in 2009. 


Our team knows how to work with producers, directors, coordinators, A-list talent, and other agencies, making the most of their precious time and ensuring a successful project. TNG's work is always guaranteed. We are also highly noted for our ability to travel at a moments notice for a project. Exclusive use of highly mobile scanning systems allow for TNG to perform scans in practically any location. 

TNG Building


Janelle - Geisha scaled

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  Nick Tesi

Happy Valentine's Day!  Is it really February already? This is the month to appreciate your loved ones or just spread the love and enjoy those around you. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, then back to work.


We are now working with photogrammetry and learning how we can improve our service. There have been questions around this technology and we want to make sure we are talking from first hand experience.


At TNG we are doing more in 3D scanning to give you better models and are getting deeper into cars and products to expand our markets with our talented scanners and modelers, plus our mobility. It is a challenge, but a well worth effort to move forward in our business, and to share the skills and technology we have to offer. 


We are always researching new technology and software to keep the quality of our service at the highest level, and to accelerate our pipeline. We do our best to provide a great product to our customers. 


We continue our search for partners who are synergistic to our service. Together we can help our customers save more while using better products. Contact us for more information. 



"I've worked with Nick Tesi for many years contracting 3D scans from him for several of the shows we work on and have always been secure in the knowledge that he would deliver quality work on time.  We recently called on Nick Tesi's new company TNG Visual Effects (The Nicholas Group) and he has once again proven himself with excellent service, speed and is providing even higher quality models than expected for our projects. Nick is dependable and will go the extra mile to make sure that we get what we need. I would recommend him and his company to any project needing 3D scanning."
Vice President of Creative Services


They are quick to respond to your call, text, or email.


They understand your needs and ask relevant questions.


$$  They do what they say they're going to do and in the time frame they commit to.


$$  They are more concerned about a win-win solution.


$$  There is a 100% guarantee for their service.
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 Pilot Season is Coming!

Has Pilot Season already begun? Some say we're always in Pilot Season with television episodics now starting all year long. Nevertheless, it's an extraordinary time as the hundreds of pilots get whittled down to about 70 for internal consideration, with a handful finally making it to air.

Many new shows have incorporated visual effects which is impressive due to the fast-pace and long-hours culture of filming for television. It takes an exceptional team of talented and dedicated producers, directors, supervisors, and visual effects artists to achieve incredible visual effects. It's amazing when you think about it.

Some great examples are shows like HBO's Game of Thrones and Netflix's Marco Polo. Although some may have a larger budget to work with, that doesn't take away from the amount of work it takes to produce a visually stimulating series.

Other episodics that air on network television like Star Trek, CSI, Agents of Shield, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow and Grey's Anatomy (which has been on air for 10 years!) have also produced great visual effects, and with 
stories that captivate their viewers. The proof is in their large following of fans. Television shows have always had a tighter budget and now with the right technology in place, coupled with a lot of hard work, they get it done.

It really is a fascinating market to be part of today. We continue providing our 3D scanning services for television series and films and love seeing how these characters, sets, and props are transformed. Our hats go off to the VFX Producers and VFX Supervisors that make it all work. These are the real magicians in the field. Keep those great shows coming.

To see a list of pilots in consideration for 2015, click here.
 Let the Inertia System Move You

We've been working with an inertia based motion capture (Mocap) system called Perception. It is capable of providing accurate motion capture data of single or multiple characters. Perception is compact and wireless and brings a freedom from needing to be in a building or large space with hundreds of lights and a team of people directing a performance. An Optical system is an alternative Mocap system available, but there may not always be a need for that level of attention, stage size, expense, and all that goes with it.

Perception doesn't have a long calibration or setup time and you don't have to worry about occlusions. You can also use it outside, which allows an even greater freedom for movement and capture. 

One of the most important things for us is the ability to bring our 3D models to life after we 3D scan them. There are a number of ways to make your character move from hand-keying animation to using several different types of Mocap.

When choosing a Mocap system, you need to look at what is available. The systems are now very specialized, so find out both what you need and the budget you have available for your project. Also incorporate how long you have to complete the work to meet the deadlines for the project.

Good luck with you productions and as the saying goes "The mind is like a parachute, it works best when open."
Painting a 3D Model

We've worked with a lot of different 3D paint packages over the years and wanted to give our fellow artists some tips on what we see as the top product in the business. One that has really stood out for us and that we feel offers the best result is 
MARI. We use this 3D paint software for the majority of our projects and highly recommend it. The Foundry offers a 15 day trial to test it out, or you can even rent MARI if you don't want to purchase the software.

MARI's features are:
  • Painting Out Seams
  • 8K Texturing Capability 
  • Advanced Layering
  • Realistic Interactive Preview
  • Geometry Handling
  • Color Management
  • Texturing Outside the 0,1 UV Space
Check out their article that delves into the features and what MARI has to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter. If you have any questions, or would like to consider TNG Visual Effects in your next bid, please contact us. 


Nick Tesi
Founder & President