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"Studies show that 80% of New Year's resolutions are abandoned by February."
~ Gretchen Rubin ~

Why not try Leaping with Passion instead?
What Is The Leap With Passion Workshop?

Leap with Passion is a life-changing 5-hour workshop.

Offered near the end of the year, it is an opportunity for participations to show up for themselves -- without distractions -- and create a plan for the New Year...a plan that will inspire; a plan that will stick.


What Makes The Leap With Passion Workshop So Effective?

This 5-hour workshop allows participants much needed time and space to do all the things that they would love to do to complete the year's end and prepare for the year to come. 
Participants work individually in a group setting that is both supportive and inspiring. This focused environment allows attendees to encounter their lives at the level of what is most important and valuable to them.

In This 5-hour Workshop, Participants Will Have The Opportunity To:
  • Powerfully complete the past year and joyfully celebrate its greatest accomplishments.  
  • Turn the challenges of 2019 into fuel for 2020.
  • Learn an amazing goal-setting technique that is the difference that makes the difference in terms of "sticking to it."
  • Design 3 life-changing, personal Focuses for the year ahead that are achievable and really inspire. 
  • Discover who they need to be in order to create their greatest desires. 
  • Express and joyfully celebrate life.

Please join me Live/Online Leap 2020, I hope to be back in-person for Leap 2021.

Saturday, January 4, 2020
11am-4pm ET

Sunday, January 19, 2020
12-5pm ET
Los Angeles, CA 9am-2pm
London, UK 5-10pm 
Johannesburg, RSA 7pm-12am

Fee: $95

For complete workshop details,
please visit Leap with Passion.

Register a Friend and You Each Save $$!

Register yourself and a friend -- who is taking the Leap with Passion workshop for the first time -- and pay $150 total. Each of you save $20 off the regular rate of $95!

Payment Option #1
register you and your friend together - $150 

Payment Option #2
you and your friend each register separately - $75 x 2

In the PayPal notes section, please provide the following:
  • The date of the workshop you'd like to attend.
  • The date of the workshop your friend would like to attend.
  • Your friend's name.
  • Your friend's email address, if you're registering with Option #1.
This special offer is valid until January 19, 2020.
But Rhonda, what if I pay $95 now and then refer a friend later?

As long as your friend is new to Leap with Passion, they can register for the $75 rate and I will happily send you a $20 refund. Easy world!

To make a $95 registration payment, 
please visit Leap with Passion.

What Participants Have To Say:

"Rhonda's Leap with Passion workshop is fabulous! "
~ H. Alan Scott ~ 

"Best decision I've made in a long time! This workshop was a processing extravaganza that was mentally and emotionally grounding, artistically inspiring, and fun! "
~ Angie Sacks ~

"Having attended Rhonda's workshop both online and in person, I found them to be equally powerful. Rhonda's keen sense of timing and ability to focus my attention works its magic just as beautifully on screen as she does in person."
~ Kim Chinh ~

"Rhonda Musak's amazing Leap with Passion workshop offers a structured, inspiring, creative approach to defining where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to be."

~ Gareth Hendee ~ 

"I found myself making different choices today because of the work I did in Rhonda's workshop, and I'm excited for the New Year to come!"
~ Elizabeth Browning ~

RSM New Years Eve 2011

Rhonda Musak is the owner of NYC acting studio, Art & Soul Acting. As an acting coach and an Erickson-trained, solution-focused life coach, Rhonda blends powerful acting techniques together with transformation solution focused life coaching; a dynamic combination that insures that students learn sustainable acting tools as well as know when to use them and why.

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