Cyber Monday Deals! 
Save 25% when you prepay for one year! 
Use discount code CYBERPADYEAR16 today only and receive 25% off when you pay for one year. Valid today  (Monday, Nov 28th, 2016). 
Save 50% for 3 months when you pay monthly!
Use discount code CYBERPADMONTH16 today only and receive 50% off your next 3 months. Valid today  (Monday, Nov 28th, 2016). 
How to apply your discount? 
From your dashboard, click on Account, then click on Billing Info. Click on Update Payment Method and put in your discount code. This will apply to your next yearly or monthly bill. 

If you have any trouble, please submit a ticket through your account and we would be happy to apply the code. 
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Just in time for the holidays, add your blog to our Shop Typepad site. Typepad wants to do everything we can to support charities, small businesses and indie retailers. We are proud to highlight some of the wonderful blogs you can find on Typepad. We know you will be able to find the right gifts for friends and family. Check them out and support small businesses and non-profits. 

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