Franklin County Children's Task Force

Cyber Safety:
How to Keep Our Children Safe Online
Internet safety is becoming more and more paramount as technology progresses. We and our kids are able to communicate with someone halfway across the Earth at the touch of a button. With this ability has to come an increased responsibility to keeping our kids safe.
Social Media
With the world of Social Media becoming a part of our everyday lives, it is important for us to recognize how to utilize these different platforms. This also includes knowing how our children are going to be using them. Understanding how these different sites and apps are used can help to keep children safe and informed.

Video Gaming Consoles
One thing you may not know about you or your child's video game console are parental controls. On most modern consoles there are options for parents to go in and select what may be viewed, played, or even searched on the individual console. Some, like the Nintendo Switch, even allow parents to set times and time limits to when they can be played and for how long. These guides should help you in placing your very own controls on the systems we have provided.

Home Computers/Laptops
Although the internet is the main point, there are other systems and applications on a home computer that a child can access. With these easy to understand guides, parents are taught how to set various controls on their personal home computers to ensure that children are not getting into things they should not be.

Internet and Web Browsing
Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and all the rest. Search engines have always been important to us since the invention of the internet. But, with these getting closer and closer to instant accessibility, it is important for parents and kids alike to recognize how to properly use these and monitor them for safety reasons.

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