CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO - Web Server Update Advisory

The following is an important web server update advisory and is intended for companies using CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO with on-premise installations who host their e-commerce sites internally.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 11 (IE 11) has "hit the streets" and is increasingly seen being used by internet users including  your customers. This email is a proactive step to ensure your customer shopping experience remains as smooth as ever.

Should you have any questions about this email or require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Latest Browser Compatibility for Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Date:  December 16, 2013

Classification:  Critical

Description:  Like all modern web-based applications, CyberStore 2 relies on being able to correctly determine the browser and version sending requests to it. In the case of Internet Explorer 11, and other recent browser platforms, we have found this can be problematic if the CyberStore 2 web server system has not had all Microsoft-released updates and patches applied.

Therefore to prevent users of some browsers from experiencing issues we strongly urge you to ensure your web server is fully updated to all latest Microsoft patches paying particular notice to select all updates to the .Net Framework in Windows Update. Be sure to restart your web server after applying these patches.

The specific symptom alerting us to this situation was a reported inability of some CyberStore 2 users to successfully transition from the Shopping Cart to Checkout. The "Recalculating" message would appear as expected, but the browser but site was unable to load Checkout Step 1. Ultimate resolution was found by patching Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.0 to the latest updates. The .Net Framework drives the interactive functionality of the system and contains detailed browser definition files that must be kept up to date as new browser versions become available.

Specific information about the issue can be found in the following Microsoft update availability notice.

NOTE:  CyberStore Oasis subscribers are not affected by this issue as the CyberStore Oasis platform is fully up to date.