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iHive Launch and SAM Fest on KUSI
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CyberTECH Launches its Second Incubator - iHive!

On Tuesday, June 17, CyberTECH celebrated the launch of its second incubator and shared workspace - iHive. 


The iHive Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place at the CyberTECH offices in downtown San Diego. Local supporters included San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Council President Todd Gloria, Council Members Sherri Lightner and Mark Kersey as well as SD Chamber of Commerce President and Former Mayor Jerry Sanders, Sean Barr with the San Diego Economic Development Corporation, CEO of CONNECT Greg McKee, SD Chief Information Security Officer Gary Hayslip, SAM Fest Chair Stephan Chenette and CleanTECH SD President Jason Anderson. Music entertainment was provided by local San Diego steel drum player Ace Tropic.




iHive is dedicated to companies providing products and services related to the Internet of Things (connected devices). Located across from CyberHive in the Manpower Building downtown, we expect to support up to 30 new startup companies out of this facility.Visit the iHive Website.


Interested in iHive? Contact

 SAM Fest Winners
(Startups + Art + Music)


1st Place - nPruv


2nd Place - AttackIQ


3rd Place - FanPics


In collaboration with regional high tech incubators EvoNexus, Analytics Ventures, CleanTECH San Diego and Wireless Health Hub, the June 17 SAM Fest event kicked off San Diego Startup Week featuring presentations from 21 companies. The companies were randomly separated on 3 tracks with 7 companies, 4 judges and a full audience on each track. Each company had a total of 20 minutes to present. The companies were judged on the following:


1) Originality of product or solution

2) Quality of Team

3) How well is the problem/pain point and solution defined

4) Fundability


The top company from each track was chosen to pitch in the final pitch round that took place later in the day. Advancing companies included nPruv, AttackIQ and FanPics. 


The CyberTECH CyberTini Networking Reception wrapped up the day where attendees enjoyed music, great food, refreshing CyberTini's from the signature ice luge, "iHive an Ale" beer from local brew master Ace, a New Media Rights Workshop, as well as an art display in iHive by CyberTECH member Sam Sailors with LP3 Technology.


We want to thank all CyberTECH champions, partners, sponsors, participating companies, judges, volunteers and attendees for helping to make the iHive launch and first annual SAM Fest a success!


Please be sure to check out the different media coverage below as well as the SAM Fest Website.


Xconomy:CyberHive's Darin Andersen Outlines Expanded Plans for IHive Debuts


Xconomy:San Diego Startup Week Kicks Off with Opening of New IoT Incubator



Upcoming Events


July 19, 2014

Splunk Installation and Administration Training

1855 1st Ave. Suite 103

1:00-5:00 PM 



July 22, 2014

IoT Startup Table Breakfast

1855 1st Ave. Suite 103

7:30-9:30 AM



July 25, 2014

IoT Spotlight Friday Pitch Night

1855 1st Ave. Suite 103

5:00-7:30 PM

 RSVP Here


October 25/26, 2014

Hack-o-Ween Hackathon

1855 1st Ave. Suite 103

12:00 PM-12:00 PM


Featured CyberTECH Member and Sponsor


CyberTECH would like to thank member and sponsor, LP3, for their continued dedication and support. LP3 has participated in many events donating equipment, judging, facilitating, and even displaying an art exhibit by LP3's own Sam "Skip" Sailors. Thanks LP3!


About LP3:


LP3 is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with over a decade of experience protecting our Nation's IT infrastructure, providing customers in the Department of Defense (DoD), the Intelligence Community (IC), and commercial organizations with solutions tailored to meet rapidly evolving IT and cyber security needs. From national security to healthcare, law, finance, and education - LP3 has the experience to handle the most demanding business challenges. Visit the LP3 Website.  

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The CyberWire mission is to provide a relevant and intelligently organized daily digest of the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. 


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   What is the difference between CyberTECH, CyberHive and iHive?                      
Over the past 18 months, the CyberTECH organization has grown at a rapid pace. To better understand how the organization is structured, see the diagram and description below describing the evolution of CyberTECH, CyberHive and iHive. 


* In 2011, a relationship was formed between CyberTECH founder and Chairman, Darin Andersen, and CyberMaryland, an initiative launched by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley to support the nation's mission for developing the cybersecurity industry (innovation, capital investments, education, policy). CyberMaryland leaders created the term CyberHive as a marketing wrapper for cyber resources, conferences, numerous programs such as the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame and what is now their 7 incubators.


1) In January 2013, upon agreement with CyberMaryland, CyberHive was built in downtown San Diego as a physical incubator space with a mission to help startup cybersecurity, big data and analytics companies be successful and grow to be large companies here in San Diego. CyberHive is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.


2) Overtime, CyberHive Advisors learned that not everyone wants to incubate but they want to work out of CyberHive; CyberHive became an incubator and shared workspace. 


3) Individuals and companies were finding value in the community but did not need incubation or a place to work. The community was given the name CyberTECH, a member based organization (similar to CleanTECH and Biocom).


4) August 2013, all events, programs and incubator moved under CyberTECH. 


5) At the end of 2013, CyberHive was 95% occupied. In addition, CyberTECH's Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative was well underway prompting the creation of a second incubator and shared workspace, iHive, dedicated to companies building IoT products and services. iHive officially launch June 17, 2014.


6) With agreements from a small number of private investors, CyberTECH is planning to launch the c6 Accelerator in Q4 2014. 



  CyberTECH iHive Launch and 
SAM Fest on KUSI

CyberTECH iHive Launch and SAM Fest (Startups + Art  + Music)
CyberTECH iHive Launch and SAM Fest (Startups + Art + Music)
Meet CyberTECH Member Kris Michell President and CEO | Downtown San Diego Partnership

Kris Michell
 CEO | President | San Diego Downtown Partnership

1) What role do incubators and accelerators such as CyberHive and iHive play in the development of the downtown startup ecosystem? 


Incubators and accelerators are catalysts for our tech ecosystem. They provide the support, the know-how and, most of all, the community to foster our innovation economy. They also create awareness of the strength and growth of the industry in Downtown.


2) What is the Downtown San Diego Partnership doing to help improve challenges faced by startups in Downtown San Diego such as transportation, permitting and regulatory issues? 


A primary mission of the  Downtown San Diego Partnership is to grow our local economy, and we are constantly working to find ways to help startups navigate any regulatory hurdles they may encounter. We want to be seen as a partner and facilitator for tech companies and that we as an organization have both the relationships and expertise to overcome any potential obstacle for growth. We, along with Darin Andersen, are also working closely with Mayor Faulconer and the City of San Diego to ensure that we have the right policies in place to retain and attract innovation companies at every stage. On the transportation front, we have long recognized the specific challenges companies in Downtown face with regard to parking and mobility, especially startups. To resolve this issue, we, in partnership with Civic San Diego, are working on a circulator system that would allow Downtown workers and residents to get anywhere in Downtown without the need for a personal vehicle.


3) What can incubators such as CyberHive and iHive to do attract larger companies to support the startup ecosystem in downtown? 


Success breeds success. The continued growth of CyberHive and iHive helps to tell the story of the changing landscape of innovation. We like to say that Downtown is the new address for innovation because increasingly it is vibrant urban centers like Downtown where tech companies - and more importantly their employees - want to work. This means larger companies will inevitably see the benefit of locating Downtown, and smaller companies today will stay Downtown even as they outgrow their current space.


4) What advice can you give startup companies and entrepreneurs thinking about moving their business downtown? 


Get involved. There is a vibrant grassroots community in Downtown with a number of engaged entrepreneurs who are developing new ways to support each other and the tech ecosystem. In addition, we at the Downtown San Diego Partnership would love to work with any and all tech companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to build their business in Downtown. If we haven't found you, please reach out to us and tell us how we can support you and your company.

Make Technology Work Blog: 
Stone Soup Collaboration


In the famous fable a traveler arrives in a village with nothing to eat. The villagers rebuff him until he fills a cooking pot with water, lights a fire and places a single stone in the pot. One by one, the reluctant villagers respond to the traveler's lament that the stone soup would taste much better if only he could add some "garnish". As if by magic, each villager collaborates with ingredients until they do indeed feast on everything but the stone.


San Diego Tech Week demonstrated we have all the ingredients for a great tech soup right here in San Diego. All we need is to convince the villagers to share their gifts. We have collaboration at a high level as well as a commitment from the city administration. If we really want to get things cooking, we need your help.


In the recent report, The Rise of Innovation Districts, by the Brookings Institution, authors Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner report on the rise of urban enclaves fueled by innovation. Face to face collaboration was cited as the number one success factor.If you are ready to rise above the labels "Just a Navy Town" or "Silicon Beach", here's some small steps that will swing big doors.


Dig Into Your Network - Identify your Peeps and Tweeps and give San Diego a shout-out in all your conversations. Invite them to visit, share your events, build the buzz.


Be San Diego Proud - Localize your social profiles by adding events focusing on the business of starting or investing in local business.


Sponsor a Cathedral Field Trip - As a teen I attended Encanto Baptist Church. We would attend the evening service of other local churches. It helped us build both awareness and a larger community. Engage the members of tech villages other than your own.


Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association said it best. Instead of trying to carve up the pie, "Let's just work to build a bigger pie."


So, which ingredients will you add to the pot?


Jerry Gitchel, RHB, MSH

Make Technology Work, Inc.