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A criminal strikes. Police are called. DNA evidence is collected. The crime lab results come back: inconclusive. Back to the drawing board, right? Wrong. TrueAllele computing can interpret your DNA mixtures when others can't.

Cybergenetics offers free screenings for prosecution, defense, police, and post-conviction cases. Able to separate mixtures of up to 10 contributors, TrueAllele can resolve those inconclusive results and complete your cases.

Vaylan Glazebrook
Bloomington rapist convicted by TrueAllele

In a worst nightmare scenario, two students at Indiana University were sexually assaulted and  raped at  gunpoint.  Two assailants broke into the college townhouse and began raping two roommates; the third roommate called police from inside a closet. Following a shootout with police at the crime scene, the attackers fled.

DNA mixtures recovered from the scene were too complex for the state crime lab's manual interpretation methods. Cybergenetics analysts processed the data, developing match statistics from millions to quintillions that connected suspects to the crime scene. Vaylan Glazebrook was found guilty, and in March  of 2018, he was sentenced  to 125 years in prison. Read More

West Virginia man excluded from crime by TrueAllele analysis

On the night of April 23, 2016, a young man was accused of sexual assault at a friend's party. The next morning, a nearby hospital swabbed the alleged victim for DNA evidence. The West Virginia State Police Forensic Laboratory examined the complex DNA mixture without success. 21-year-old suspect Tyler Kennedy maintained his innocence in police interviews, but there was no physical evidence to support his claims.

The DNA data was sent to Cybergenetics. Through TrueAllele computing, forensic analysts developed match statistics in the septillions excluding Kennedy from the evidence. The exclusionary results supported Kennedy's story. The jury found him not guilty of sexual assault.  Read More

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Events and Announcements

Cybergenetics has busy weeks ahead. TrueAllele representatives will attend the IHIA (International Homicide Investigators Association) conference July 29 - August 3. And then the MACCHIA (Mid Atlantic Cold Case Homicide Investigators) conference August 15 - 17. Hope to see you there.

Dr. Ria David

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