June 7,

No. 101

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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In this week's newsletter we focus on China's new "Cybersecurity Law," the shutdown of popular dating app Rela, and Xi Jinping's call for global cooperation.
Weekly Readings

On June 1st, China's "Cybersecurity Law [网络安全法]" went into effect. The drafting of the law and the vagueness of some of its features have concerned foreign companies operating in China. The two authors of this week's readings, Qin An and Samm Sacks, are two cybersecurity policy thought leaders on either side of the Pacific. The former offers a way to understand Chinese priorities through a set of concerns that already have been elaborated from the highest lev els. The latter offers guidance through complementary regulations to place the Cybersecurity Law in its administrative context.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

dú shàn qí shēn
Meaning: to go it alone
In his speech on May 15 to the Belt and Road Summit, Xi Jinping used this chengyu to explain that in the face of global challenges, no country has the power to solve these problems on their own; cooperation is critical. This is a tough chengyu to translate, as it can mean different things depending on the context. It is a dependable one to use, however, when trying to get across this idea of the need for cooperation when facing global challenges.
Original: 面对挑战,各国都在探讨应对之策,也提出很多很好的发展战略和合作倡议。但是,在各国彼此依存、全球性挑战此起彼伏的今天,仅凭单个国家的力量难以独善其身,也无法解决世界面临的问题。只有对接各国彼此政策,在全球更大范围内整合经济要素和发展资源,才能形成合力,促进世界和平安宁和共同发展。

Social Media Watch

Rela (热拉), China's most popular lesbian dating  app, has been suddenly  shut down after mothers of LGBT children gathered to raise  awareness at Shanghai's famous marriage market. Rela's Weibo account and website are down, and the app has disappeared from the Android and Apple stores, leaving its 5 million users adrift. You can still follow Rela's public WeChat account (@theLapp), which informs users that it has "temporarily suspended service" and implores them  to await the app's return. The timing is uncanny, coming right after Beijing Kunlun Tech announced it will buy all of Grindr, the world's number one gay dating app; less than a week after marriage equality became law in Taiwan; and days before LGBT P ride Month begins.

Video of the Week  

This week's video builds upon last week's featured cont ent re garding the One Belt, One Road development strategy  envisioned by President Xi Jinping and the One Belt, One Road Summit held in Beijing in May 2017.

This documentary details One Belt One Road and the history of trade in China. It is worth watching for those interested in a high-level view of the policy and its global implications. 
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