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Issue #106   May 2 2017
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"I Don't Want To Work - I Want To Ride" SALE
Free Shipping - Orders Over $200*
NorthWest Passage 2017 - New Schedules
Grid Of Items On Sale - Savings Up To 50% OFF
"I Don't Want To Work - I Want To Ride !!!"

Those were the exact words I used when I begged the lovely Mrs. BestRest for permission to take the rest of the week off work.  She smiled for this photo, but I knew she was not amused. I was treading on thin ice.  I've been there before.  I'm a slow learner.

"You've got a business to run; you're not going anywhere," she said, "but if you post a Newsletter and products start flying off the shelf, then you can go play.  Not a minute before, and don't you dare ask me again until the work is done."  She seemed pretty serious...  I know that look.  

Rising to the challenge I began typing and coding and repricing and all the other things that go into every issue of the CyclePump Press.  Usually it takes me a full day to pull it together, polish the rough spots, and electronically publish each issue.   Not this time... today I'm in a hurry and I'm motivated, seriously motivated because I've already planned a 5-day ride with my friends.  (She didn't know that and I'm not telling her - don't you tell her either)

So please don't be disappointed with how this newsletter looks, instead be impressed with the prices.  If I made mistakes we'll correct them.   And please, for the Love Of Motorcycling And All That Is Holy, buy something!  Buy ANYTHING because if you don't there's a good chance I'll be recalled to active duty.  She's done that to me in the past.  She has the Power and she's not afraid to use it.  Show Mrs. BestRest that I can go play and things will still run smoothly.  
Free Shipping - Orders Over $199 -  READ THIS

Through midnight Wednesday May 17, domestic orders over $199 will get free ground shipping.

Read below.

Shipping fees will show up on the original invoice, but we'll remove those fees before we process.  
Shipping fees will show up on the original invoice, but we'll remove those fees before we process.
Shipping fees will show up on the original invoice, but we'll remove those fees before we process.

Got it?  Great!

Whenever we offer free shipping we get lots of calls and emails demanding to know why we charged for shipping.  Actually, we didn't.  The email invoice shows a shipping charge, but the final invoice total will reflect free shipping.  Please don't contact us about shipping fees.  Thom will be handling the store and he gets grumpy when customers keep calling about this issue.  When Thom gets grumpy he breaks things.  Thom is a big guy, don't make Thom mad.

For international orders over $199 we'll discount the invoice shipping fees by 30% before we process your order.  

If you specify expedited shipping we'll assume you need your gear in a hurry.  In that case shipping is not free and you'll pay the fees shown on the invoice. 
Riding The NorthWest Passage Adventure Route  

Four Separate Expeditions - All FREE

If you ride OFF-ROAD then we have a trail you'll want to explore.

The NWP starts at the Puget Sound area near Seattle, and runs across the northern part of Washington, then across the Idaho panhandle, and finally ends up in Montana near Glacier Park.  From there you can connect to the Continental Divide Route that goes all the way to Mexico.  It's 80% dirt or gravel but it can be ridden on large adventure bikes.

BestRest developed the NWP in 2012, and ever since then we've been leading groups of adventure riders along that trail.  It's a 5-6 day journey out and back, longer if you go into Montana. In past years we led the NWP in September, starting the day after Labor Day.   

This year we're doing things differently.   BestRest will coodinate 4  separate NWP expeditions in June, July, August, September. We'll sign you up for the ride, we'll keep track of the rider roster, we'll coordinate as much as we can, and we'll try to round up a crusty NWP Alumni who can act as your Trail Guide.  If you're lucky your guide will have teeth and he won't spit tobacco juice in the campfire.

Click the blue link below for dates and more details.

We have  NEW GPS tracks, daily itineraries, and maps showing the entire trail.  You can download them for free on the website.  You can also watch a video showing what you can expect along the trail.   It's all FREE, doesn't cost a penny!
May 2017 "I Don't Want To Work" Sale  

These Items Are On Sale For The Next 14 Days
FREE SHIPPING - Orders over $199* 
 Get 'em while you can, supplies are limited.

Motorcycle Recovery System (MRS)
Save $20-30
CyclePump Tire Inflator

EZAir Tire Gauges
Save $7 - $10
Save $4

Battery Jumper Cables 
Save $4
Fuel Transfer Kit
Save $4
Nemo Chain Oiler
Save $30
Ortlieb Bags
Save 25% 
Coupon "MAY 17" 
Jumper Cables

Ortlieb Rack Pack
Use Coupon Code "MAY 17" and get 25% OFF
TireIron BeadBrakR

Tire Changing Mat
Save $5 
BMW F800GS Shock Support Save $40
Gotcha Straps 
Save 50% OFF 
TireIron BeadBrakR

Tire Repair Kit
Tubeless Save $4
Tire Repair Kit
Tubed Save $4
Tire Repair Kit
Universal Save $6
Joey Chairs
Save 20%

Univ Tire Repair Kit

Velocity Chain Cleaning Tool
Save $10
Clip-On 90°
Air Chuck
Save 20%
Nuke Tape
Save 20%
SleepRite Cot
Save 20%

Sleep like a baby when you're on the trail

Sale ends May 17.  Sale does not apply to previously placed orders.  Limited to stock on hand. Free ground shipping for domestic orders over $199.  International orders get 30% off the shipping fees shown on the invoice.  If you specify an expedited shipping method (Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day) then shipping is not free.  We'll assume you need your gear in a hurry so you'll pay those costs.
CyclePump© TUBED Tire Repair Kit

By popular demand we've added a tire repair kit that repairs TUBED tires ONLY.  We reduced the size and we cut the cost from our Universal Kit which repairs all types of tires. This kit will make FOUR tubed tire repairs.  Kit includes all the tools, 4 patches, 1 tube of vulcanizing glue, a pair of caps and cores, full instructions, and a hard plastic storage tube.  Only 2" x 5.25", weighs 5 ounces.  $25

CyclePump© TUBELESS Tire Repair Kit
By popular demand we've added a tire repair kit that repairs TUBELESS ti r es ONLY.  We reduced the size and we cut the cost from our Universal Kit which would repair all types of tires.
This kit will make FOUR tubeless tire repairs.  Kit includes all the tools, 4 strings, 1 tube of vulcanizing glue, a pair of caps and cores, full instructions, and a hard plastic storage tube.  Only 1-3/4" x 7-3/4", weighs 5 ounces.  $30

CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator
If you want the best motorcycle tire inflator in the world then you've come to the right place.  We invented the CyclePump.  We carefully manufacture it here in Seattle at our sprawling industrial facility known as "BestRest World Headquarters". Watch the video at right  to learn more.

Too much rain....  And Social Security

Spring has been wet here in Seattle...  we got over 45" of rain between October to April, beating every record since they started keeping track in 1895.  I'm not afraid of riding in the rain, but after a while it gets old.  Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.   Rain, mud, snow at higher elevations.  But at least everything is green.

The forecast for the next 5 days calls for sunshine, glorious sunshine!  And for that reason I'm chomping at the bit to get on the bike and wear out some tires.   If you come in the shop you won't find me at my desk, instead I'll be on the F800GS and the KTM 450, riding the hills of the Olympic Peninsula.  Why 2 bikes?  I have a cabin on the Hood Canal, so I ride the 800 on the highway and the ferry, then I transition to the trail bike.  It's the best of both worlds.

A couple friends will join me at the cabin and we'll act like hooligan children for a few days before we're forced to return to civilization...  or perhaps I'll just stay there when they have to go home. You see, I just applied for my social security benefits.  I'm a "senior citizen" now and I'm trying to figure out that that means.  Am I getting old?   No, I don't think so.  Am I slowing down?  No, I don't think so.  Am I ready to retire?   Well, maybe someday. I'm chewing on that idea, trying to come up with a plan.  In the meantime I'll go riding because that makes everything come into focus.  You ride a motorcycle so you know what I'm talkin' about.  

We'll see you on the trail.
David Petersen
Mr. BestRest

We work extra hard to get YOUR order out the door ASAP.  If there's going to be any delay we'll let you know. We sell gear that we make ourselves, and some gear made by others that we personally use; gear we've tested, gear that works the best. If it's not the best, we won't sell it.

If you have ideas or comments about our newsletter, our website, or the products we sell, please email me. I promise I'll respond to every message: Info (at)

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