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Most advanced LMS100s, LM6000s in service power year's first GT plant


Black Hills Corp's world-class Pueblo Airport Generation Station became the first gas-turbine-powered generating facility to begin commercial service in 2012. The 380-MW combination simple-cycle/combined-cycle plant, began serving load on January 1. The plant is unique. It features two LMS100 peakers owned by Black Hills Energy, a regulated electric utility serving 94,000 customers in southeastern Colorado and two LM6000PF-powered 2 x 1 combined cycles owned by Black Hills Colorado IPP, an independent power producer.  more

Tracking cycles on LM engines an OEM requirement


The term "cycles tracking" got special emphasis in the plant manager's lexicon about seven years ago when the OEM assigned life limits to hot parts and required owner/operators to track engine cycles-specifically normal start/stop, trip from load, and partial cycles (step change). This followed a somewhat similar directive from the FAA for on-wing engines. Goal: To achieve the highest level of operational safety by assuring that design-life limits of critical parts-rotors and disks, for example-are not exceeded.  more


One way to quickly remove water, particulates from turbine oil


Plant managers are challenged to deal with the unexpected during virtually every outage. For Roger Bishop, the person responsible for a LM6000-powered 3 x 1 combined cycle and other assets at South Texas Electric Cooperative Inc's (STEC) Sam Rayburn Power Plant (Nursery, Tex), it was lube-oil contamination caused by a violent rainstorm in the middle of a January 2012 outage. more

Pick wisely from among special technical presentations to maximize the value of WTUI 


It's often tough to gauge the content of a presentation by its title. The abstracts below should help you choose the two technical presentations on Tuesday afternoon that will benefit your plant most. A quick look at the technical program shows three special presentations scheduled for the 3:30 to 4:30 time slot and three more for 4:30 to 5:30. Outlines of what the six speakers will discuss are below. Details of all presentations will appear later this week in CCJ ONsite. more  

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