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Bike share is coming to Waterloo Region
Drop Mobility Bike Share
The Region of Waterloo and the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo are planning a 2019 pilot with Drop Mobility . Drop Mobility provides affordable mobility solutions for residents and visitors in communities across North America. Bike share technology is built into bicycles instead of docking stations, so no special or costly infrastructure is required for stations. This allows for smaller and more flexible stations and the use of regular bike racks as stations.

The Drop Mobility app is used to find and unlock bikes. Once the bike trip is completed, the bike can be left securely at a marked station using the provided lock-to technology equipped on the bike. Users are charged per hour of use. The Drop Mobility pilot is planned to begin in spring 2019 and end in fall 2019.

Potential station locations will be evaluated by staff from the Region, cities and Drop Mobility and is based on the feedback from residents.
Spurline Trail crossing at Union Street
Spurline Trail Union Street Crossing
Staff will be recommending the construction of a pedestrian island on Union Street East, where the Spurline Trail crosses, at the March 4 City of Waterloo council meeting. If approved by council, construction of the pedestrian crossing will take place in the spring of 2019. Trail users will be able to cross one lane, wait on the refuge island, and then cross the other lane as safe gaps in traffic allow. Thanks to everyone for their patience with this project!
Snow clearing our trails and segregated bike lanes
Winter Bike to Work Day Illustration
Winter weather and road conditions are monitored by the city's operations staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff clear roads, sidewalks and trails according to provincial maintenance standards and municipal bylaws.

Clearing and salting begins on uptown and commuter trails with a minimum of 5 cm of snowfall. The following priority trails are cleared first as they connect people to major transportation networks: Spurline Trail, Iron Horse Trail and Laurel Trail. Once staff have cleared the priority network of commuting routes, other city-cleared sidewalks, trail links and park pathways are cleared. Service is usually completed 48 hours after snow has stopped falling.
Can-Bike courses are coming this spring
Can Bike logo
The Can-Bike program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling, to ride safely, effectively and enjoyably on the road. The City of Waterloo will once again be offering a variety of Can-Bike courses this spring and into the summer. For a full description of the courses offered visit .
ION and cycling safety
ION safety
Grand River Transit is currently testing the ION trains. Now, as well as when the ION service starts, it's important to practise safety.
  • Look both ways and only cross at designated crossings.
  • Some intersections have been modified; please follow new restrictions (e.g., no left turns in some areas).
  • Treat ION trains with the same caution as any other vehicle. The trains may not always be heard against typical street noise so make sure you look both ways before cycling across light rail tracks.
  • Always cross the tracks at a right angle. If the tracks are at an angle to the road you may need to use a full lane to cross. Remember, in Ontario, bicycles are considered vehicles and cyclists have the same rights and duties as motorists. For more cycling tips, please visit Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling.
  • Never ride along the light rail tracks.
  • Stay alert - continue to use the correct hand signals and please follow the rules of the road around the ION route.
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Drop Mobility
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