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Winter 2020
Snow clearing trails and bike lanes
Cycling sign
Winter weather and road conditions are monitored by the city's operations staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff clear roads, sidewalks and trails according to provincial maintenance standards and municipal bylaws.

Clearing and salting begins on uptown and commuter trails with a minimum of 5 cm of snowfall. The following priority trails are cleared first as they connect people to major transportation networks: Spurline Trail, Iron Horse Trail and Laurel Trail. Service is usually completed between 24 and 48 hours after snow has stopped falling.

Once staff have cleared the priority network of commuting routes, other city cleared sidewalks, trail links and park pathways are cleared.

During continuous snowfalls, primary routes may require multiple passes before staff can move into the lesser-used secondary routes. For residents and property owners residing on city-maintained sidewalks and trail routes, we ask that vehicles not be parked over the city maintained areas to allow crews to complete their passes.

As a reminder, please do not deposit snow from private properties onto sidewalks/trails and roadways as this can be very dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

For more information about the city's snow clearing priorities for roads, sidewalks and trails and some safety tips, visit View our short video with Kevin, one of our snow plow operators to learn more about the plowing process and challenges.
Region of Waterloo's separated bike lane pilot project - tell us what you think!
Sample of the pilot bike lanes - Borden Street
The Region of Waterloo has identified and designed a network of separated cycling facilities as a pilot project. The network, measuring approximately five km, includes linkages along University Avenue, Columbia Street, King Street, Albert Street and Erb Street with connecting links along the Laurel Trail through Waterloo Park (see image of pilot network, above).

During the next 18 months, regional staff will be gathering data and information on the usage, maintenance and operation practices.

Please take a few moments to complete a short survey and let the Region of Waterloo know what you like, don't like and ways the separated cycling network can be improved. The cycling facilities will be adapted over the course of the pilot project based on resident input.

In the winter of 2021, regional staff will report back to regional council to present finding of the pilot.
Can-Bike courses will be back this spring!
Can-Bike logo
The Can-Bike program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling from riding safely and effectively to increasing a rider's enjoyment of the road. The City of Waterloo will once again be offering a variety of Can-Bike courses this spring and into the summer.

The city is excited to offer two new courses this year - the Commuter Cyclist Skills program and Women Only Can-Bike Level 3 program. For a full description of the courses, visit
Try a fat bike at Winterloo this weekend!
Winterloo is the city's annual cold weather festival. This family-friendly event takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday January 25 and Sunday January 26. Visit our Winterloo web page for more information.

Interested in trying out a fat bike? Check out the 'winter cultures' activity zone in uptown Waterloo where King Street Cycles will be offering free fat bike test riding during Winterloo.

Photo is courtesy of King Street Cycles.
A reminder to our driving community - please slow down in a school zone
This is a friendly reminder that the maximum speed limit allowed in a school zone in Waterloo is 40 km/h. We ask that all drivers in and around schools, obey this speed limit and be extra vigilant for young pedestrians and families crossing the road. Be extra cautious if there is construction taking place in the area, as pedestrian visibility may be limited.

If you are a parent dropping off or picking up a student, please park in the appropriate designated parking spots, use the crosswalks and do not stop or park in areas marked 'no parking' or 'no stopping'.

Let's all do our part to ensure our children arrive and leave school safely.

If you are concerned about the traffic safety on your road or any city road, we encourage you to submit a traffic calming request.
 Tell us what you think!
Separated bike lane project
Tell us what you think about the Region of Waterloo's separated bike lane pilot
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