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Help keep Sierra Vista clean this spring

As we welcome the official start of spring on Sunday, we also know to expect some windy days when it’s easy for litter to be carried near and far. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to not only spruce up around your own properties but also to help keep your community clean this spring!
1. Bag and tie your trash – Loose trash can easily fly out of your bin on windy days, littering areas near and far from your home. Please remember to always bag and tightly tie your trash before placing it in your bin for collection. On especially windy days, you may want to wait until the morning of your pickup to roll your bin to the curb.
2. Adopt an Area – It’s the perfect way to volunteer to help keep your community clean! Individuals, groups, or organizations are welcome to participate in the City’s Adopt an Area program. The City will provide you bags for cleanup efforts and collect them when you’re done. Just head to the Adopt an Area webpage to learn more and see what areas are available. You can also call (520) 417-4413 or email for assistance.
3. Mind your litter – Use a little extra care as you’re traveling around town in the spring. During Sierra Vista’s windy season, it’s easy for little scraps of trash to get carried out of your vehicle or even your hands.
4. Schedule a green waste pickup – Did you know City refuse customers can schedule pickups for yard waste free of charge? It’s true! Pickups can be scheduled for most Wednesdays and must be arranged by 5 p.m. the Monday prior. Schedule them online or by calling (520) 458-7530. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up and the City can help!
5. Report litter bugs – While most litter is a nuisance, discarded cigarettes can cause dangerous fires, especially when winds are high. And illegal dumping of hazardous household waste is a public health and safety concern. If you witness any littering or illegal dumping, do not hesitate to report it by calling the non-emergency dispatch line (520) 803-3551. Never approach someone who is littering or dumping.