What's happening in and around the Park? Here's an update from the team at the Illinois Science + Technology Park.    
Cyclopure: Purefast Launch
Cyclopure Inc. announced the commercial launch of its Purefast™ filters for PFAS removal from tap water. The home filter is compatible for use with Brita countertop pitchers, and has been certified by NSF International for PFAS removal. Filters will be priced at $45 with a capacity of 65 gallons, and replace 700 single use water bottles. The company has validated the removal of 11 PFAS compounds, including PFOS, PFOA, PFNA and GenX, to non-detect throughout the duration of the 65-gallon filter cycle.

Filters are available now! Products are made and fulfilled out of Cyclopure's Skokie facility in the Illinois Science & Technology Park.

Cyclopure's development activities have benefited from years of funding and support from the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant 1831206) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (SRP Grant R44ES029401). NIEHS recently reported on the development of Purefast™ in the April 2022 edition of its online Environmental Factor newsletter. For more details, click here.
"We are thrilled to bring Purefast to market, a first-ever product for use with countertop pitchers to remove PFAS," said Cyclopure CEO Frank Cassou. "Purefast provides households with the ability to protect themselves from PFAS in a convenient and affordable manner."

Purefast is also going to be a valuable tool for communities impacted by PFAS," Cassou added. "Town health boards will now have a quick and affordable solution to offer residents in the case of a PFAS contamination event."
Soul Good Coffee @ISTP
Please join us in welcoming Soul Good Coffee, a new mobile specialty coffee service, created by a Skokie family! The Soul Good Coffee trailer and owners Kristina and Charles are at the Illinois Science + Technology Park at 8045 Lamon Avenue.

Soul Good Coffee is a mobile specialty coffee + tea experience. Soul Good serves high quality and ethically sourced coffee and tea in a fun way - along with rotating pastries and savory snacks.

Our mission is to make it easy and approachable to give back and support non-profit organizations on a regular basis. The heart of Soul Good Coffee is to help others find connection with a cause, issue and/or organization that will be long lasting.

Being a mobile business, Soul Good aims to foster community and collective purpose in a unique way. From meaningful conversations, creative drinks, shared experiences and give back opportunities.
Space Now Available @ISTP
There is laboratory and office space available in 8045 Lamon.  Suites, ranging from approximately 10,000 sq. ft. to over 50,000 sq. ft., are ready now. Options appropriately address your access and security concerns.  Interested? Click here!

8045 Lamon (Research to Commercialization)
  • 4 story, 163,000 square feet
  • Gold LEED rated “green” facility
  • Conference Center and Auditorium
  • Areas for meetings, collaboration and socialization

Design your customized lab & office facilities at 8030 Lamon. (Flexible Options for Development)
  • Flexible build to suit options
  • Up to 200,000 square feet of office and development space

“The Illinois Science + Technology Park is a significant contributor to Skokie’s employment base and economic growth,” said Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen. “The park continues to grow and contribute to Skokie’s economy while also providing economic stimulus for the state and Midwest region.”
Highpoint at 8000 North Ribbon Cutting
Community leaders from the Village and Skokie Chamber of Commerce gathered with the development and leasing teams for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Highpoint at 8000 North luxury rental building on the northwest corner of Lincoln Avenue and Oakton Street in Downtown Skokie. Leasing is well underway and new residents are already moving in.

Vetter: 2022 Value Chain - 5 Trends
As 2022 takes shape, our industry finds itself at a point few of us expected: the start of a third year in this truly extraordinary era.

Over the last two years, biopharma businesses have made an indelible impact on our world. Today, their role in shaping global health has never been more urgent or relevant. At the same time, this remarkable period has left our entire industry in a state of significant, continuing flux.

So, what’s next for these businesses and their partners as they navigate the unprecedented dynamics of today’s biopharma market? We see great promise ahead—alongside continuing major shifts that will need to be expertly managed to sustain the industry’s success. Here are some major trends we believe will shape the biopharma sector in 2022 and beyond.

Looking ahead; All told, a bright future is well within reach for the global biopharma industry. Reaching that future, however, will take keen foresight, smart strategy and expert support—as well as dedicated partners who can deliver those crucial resources.

In the coming years, look for biopharma companies to discover those partners across the entire value chain. We see service providers playing an increasingly vital role in not only helping their customers pursue the path to success, but in finding and shaping that path as well.

Together, they may create a future that’s even brighter than we expect—not just for their businesses, but for our whole world as well.
Here are the 5 trends that will shape this promising year.

1. Market stability with more opportunities for trailblazers

2. Rise of “third wave biotech” Today’s wave of novel agents isn’t simply filling a busy global pipeline; it’s ushering in a new era for our industry.

3. Sustainable biopharma; Our industry has become increasingly aware of an uncomfortable fact: we have a massive carbon footprint, one that has grown even bigger than the automotive industry.

4. Accelerating digital transformation

5. More strategic collaborations; Increasing focus on not just the function but also the value of outsourced partnerships.

Bridgestone & LanzaTech Partnership
Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone), a global leader in tires and sustainable mobility solutions, announced an exclusive partnership with Carbon Capture and Transformation (CCT) company, LanzaTech NZ, Inc. (LanzaTech) to address end-of-life tire waste. The two companies will co-develop the first dedicated end-of-life tire recycling process leveraging LanzaTech’s proprietary CCT technology, creating a pathway toward tire material circularity and the decarbonization of new tire production.

Bridgestone and LanzaTech seek to develop a new business model that will create a post-consumer waste management strategy for end-of-life tires, while also driving increased adoption of sustainably sourced chemicals for commercial applications. Applying LanzaTech’s carbon capture and gas fermentation process to end-of-life tires yields sustainably produced chemicals such as ethanol that can be converted to materials such as PET for packaging, polyester yarn and surfactants used in consumer home goods like laundry detergent. In addition, Bridgestone and LanzaTech will jointly explore opportunities to co-develop proprietary microbe technology to produce more efficient pathways to produce butadiene, a key ingredient in new tire production, realizing true circularity for end-of-life tires.
“LanzaTech and Bridgestone are working together to find solutions to some of our world’s greatest challenges,” said Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, Chief Executive Officer, LanzaTech. “We have already proven that we can convert unrecyclable, unsorted municipal solid waste to ethanol and then make products we use in our daily lives. With our partnership with Bridgestone, we are developing a circular pathway to use tires to make tires. This partnership exemplifies what we call a Post Pollution Future.”
Cour Pharma Expands at ISTP
To meet the increasing demand for medical research space in the Chicagoland area, Cour Pharmaceuticals' life science and emerging biotechnology footprint is expanding within the Illinois Science and Technology Park in Skokie, Ill. With the addition, Cour Pharmaceuticals now leases around 25,000 sq. ft. in the park.

COUR Pharmaceuticals is developing first-in-class therapies designed to reprogram the immune system to achieve antigen-specific tolerance for immune-mediated disease. COUR's platform of immune-modifying nanoparticles treats the root cause of immune disease, unlike traditional approaches, which only minimize symptoms using toxic immune suppression.
"Continued rapid growth for high-potential life science startups are emerging in Chicago and in addition to talent, life sciences companies like COUR will continue to need access to more specialized wet and dry lab space along with capital," said COUR Pharmaceuticals CEO John Puisis.

NorthShore Sets New Direction, Trajectory for Opportunities, Success
Like all healthcare organizations during the last two years, the Sterile Processing department at NorthShore University HealthSystem faced a number of pandemic-related challenges.

“Instead of dwelling on the negative we turned our attention to opportunities and found ways to seize the moment to drive change,” said Courtney Mace Davis, Director, Sterile Processing. “This started with posting and reinforcing our department’s strategic plan. With NorthShore’s mission, vision and service values as our guide, our team identified additional values that were important to us as an SPD department. Using ANSI/AAMI ST90 as guidance, we collectively defined our quality policy, quality objectives and core values."
”“With the patient at the center, clinical excellence is key to our health system’s culture,” said Gus Granchalek, Vice President, Perioperative Services & Anesthesia. “With this guiding our way, we have been able to build upon our expertise and talent to provide differentiated care to our patients and communities by continuously asking ourselves how we can be incrementally better.

Big Thinking at the Nanoscale: IIN Symposium
The 2022 IIN Symposium will, for the first time, exclusively feature luminaries from Northwestern delivering TED-style talks on their research and its impact across areas of importance to everyone. The winners of the 2021 Kabiller Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine, Kabiller Young Investigator Award, and Kabiller Rising Star Award will also present their work.

Hosted by Chad Mirkin, George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry; Director, IIN

-Nanotechnology’s Importance to the World and Northwestern
-Regenerative Medicine
-Nanotechnology and Cancer
-Nanotechnology for Human Performance
-Nanotechnology Mimicking Living Systems
-Nanotechnology for Air and Water Security
-Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology
-Kabiller Award Presentations
October 27, 2022 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Illinois Science + Technology Park (ISTP) is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event. To Learn more, click here.
Charles River Laboratories: 75 Years of History
Seventy-five years ago, Dr. Henry Foster, fresh out of veterinary school, purchased several thousand Sprague-Dawley rats from a farm in Virginia and started breeding them on the second floor of a Boston area loft. His business quickly grew into the largest supplier of research animals in the world, and the largest provider of rodent health monitoring services.

Today, Charles River Laboratories is much more than that. It is Fortune 500 company that in addition to being a global provider of research models for medical testing, also delivers expansive, soup-to-nuts contract drug discovery and safety assessment services, as well as manufacturing support from biologics production to microbial testing to generating chicken eggs for vaccine.

Over time, Charles River sites have contributed to an increasing percentage of the new drugs approved yearly by regulatory authorities. In 2021, the percentage was 86%.
Vetter Development Service @ISTP
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