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Monday, Aug. 10, 2020

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Here on the eve of the 2020-2021 school year, I wanted to send out a few last minute Day One reminders for our Bears and their families. This past week we finished our annual pre-planning period and all of our faculty and administrators are now looking forward to a successful start to the new school year on Monday morning. While for the moment the delivery method of instruction is different than at the beginning of any past school year, we are still getting underway with our rigorous curriculum and very talented educators. I want to thank our students, their families, our teachers, our administrative team, and our support staff for all their work over recent weeks to get us to this point. I am confident our students will do just fine. Let's make it a great week #1! 
Welcome back Bears! 
Dr. W. John McHale
Cypress Creek High School

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Dates to Watch For
August 7-9: Florida Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday - Details
August 10: First day of school for ALL students via LaunchEd
August 10:
NEW!! Curbside meal program begins today - please click here to read about adjustments
August 10: Back-to-School Spirit week kicks off
August 21: Face-to-Face instruction begins for some students

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Cypress Creek community footnote: OCPS' "Skyward Family Access" came online during the past school year. It allows our students and families to view  students' educational progress. It provides information on schedules, assignments, calendar events, grades, attendance, discipline, test  scores, and more. Skyward essentially serves as a total student information application and now comes into play again as the students begin classes from home on Monday. More insight on the application can be found here.
Student Servicesstudentservices

Ms. Talani Nelson, Cypress Creek's College & Career Specialist, has published another of her excellent newsletters with very helpful back-to-school material - click here. The following topics can be found in her latest edition:

* Student Services Inquiry Form for student questions
* Schedule Changes
* Contacts
* Transcripts
* Valencia Dual Enrollment
* FLVS Course Approval
* Community Service Pre-Approval AND Submitting Completed Hours
* Course Selection Forms by Grade Level
* Stay Connected!

Food for thought from Student Services: Historically, workers who lose jobs in a recession (light gray bars in the chart) often suffer consequences that reverberate for years, through lost wages and delays in career advancement, research shows. Enrolling in college and graduate school during this time in the past has shown to help mitigate or overcome that damage, as newly acquired skills give workers greater earning potential. And a better educated labor force benefits the economy, boosting productivity and growth potential!
Source: The Wall Street Journal; Read full article 

Communications: Dual Enrollment Student REMIND
Please send a text to 81010 (code below)
* Orlando Campus: cchsotech
* Mid Florida Campus: cchsmidfl
* Westside Campus: cchswest

Senior Photosseniorphotos

This Week's Motivational Moment!mm

Major League Baseball legend Willie Mays was always prepared over 22 seasons earning him a number of MLB recognitions: Rookie of the Year honors, two World Series championships, 24 All-Star appearances (in two years there were two games a season), 12 Golden Glove awards, and two National League MVP trophies. He won a National League batting championship. Mays also was the League's home run and stolen base leader for four seasons and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

As we get ready to start the 2020-2021 school year under the LaunchEd program tomorrow, there a few lessons from Mr. Mays' approach to success that we would like to share with our Bears:

1. Prepare for every game (school day): Mays once said, "First you have to know the pitcher. That'll determine how you play the batter. You don't want surprises." Mays spoke with his team's pitchers before games, so he could prepare for what the opponents' batters might do. "They told me how they're doing so I'd know how to play the (batters). You want to be ready for what happens before it happens."

For our Bears, this can mean making sure they don't fall behind starting with Monday's first day of school. Keeping balance in your life while at home is very important, but when the school day comes to a close, be prepared for great start the next morning having completed any assignments. This can also mean that if there is something that concerns you or that you don't understand, reach out for help right away. Don't delay.

2. Compete with joy (don't panic or worry about learning via LaunchEd for now; you will get the hang of it pretty quickly): Willie Mays had all the physical skills. But there was more. He played with joy and abandon. He wanted to win, but also to have fun doing it. As an example, to entertain the fans he wore a hat a little too small for his head so it would fly off as he ran the bases!

For our Bears, this can also mean taking advantage of all the tips you will be getting from your teachers about learning from home for now. For example, be sure to read the announcements as you get ready to begin a class online. And don't worry, you will succeed plus all along you are building a vital character trait that will stay with you the rest of your life - self discipline.

3. Don't give in (do not get discouraged and do not yield to temptation by drifting off class schedules): Mays always focused on the job at hand, he never let other factors distract him from being the best he could be.

For our Bears, this suggests self confidence. Your teachers know you can do it, the entire Cypress Creek administration knows you can do it, your friends know you can do it, and your parents/families know you can do it. Take each day one at a time, but give it only your very best!

Welcome back Bears!
Dr. McHale, Principal
Cypress Creek High School
Sunday, August 9, 2020

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