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Thank you to all who participated in the 9th D'Jammy Awards last week. Please see the list of this year's winners, as well as the student winners of the Commercial Music and Liberal Arts Music Faculty Awards, with additional detailed information about the D'Jammy's history and department changes. 

If you haven't already seen it, please be sure and check out the YouTube video of the live "Seas of Keys" performance during the virtual Covid 19 "Shelter In Place" 9th annual D'Jammy Awards -- and please share it with your friends and family (link provided below).

If you happen to be one of this year's D'Jammy winners, please be sure and send me your mailing address so we can get your framed certificate out to you right away along with your scholarship money provided by the Musical Institute for Knowledge and Education, a non-profit charitable organization 501(c)(3). We can also arrange a PayPal payment, as well.

Congratulations to all this year's winners!

Stay safe as you stay involved & informed,

Dr. Mike Bogle
Coordinator, Commercial Music Department
Cedar Valley College
3030 North Dallas Ave.
Lancaster, TX 75134

9th Annual D'Jammy Winners:

D'Jammy Winners List - 2020
Contemporary Instrumental
Long Nights - Jocelyn Garcia 
Lights Off - Eric Schmassmann  
Film Score
Star Wars - Andrew Asemokai 
We Worship You - Roxy Perkins, ft. Randolph Byrd, Jr. 
Hip Hop Instrumental
Virgil - David Jasso  
Hip-Hop Vocal/Rap
Just Let Me Know - Kristina Corona 
Shattered - Julissa Martinez 
City Sketches - Emmanuel Lopez 
Now We're Free - Andrew Asemokai 
Soaring - Kristina Corona 
No Part - Santiago Holder 
Red Suns - Emmanuel Lopez 
Spoken Word
Peppermint Park - Lee Ann Woods 
Video Game
Secret Mission of the Order 
World Music
A Story About Us - Andrew Asemokai 

Wild Card
Perdido Como Un Loco -  Jesus Pickmann 

D'Jammy Awards history and details:

T he D'Jammy Awards is a competition for student music creators. 

It was started in 2012 by Dr. Mike Bogle at Cedar Valley College as part of his Digital Music Production and Composition degree program within the Commercial Music Department. Dr. Bogle wished to create a healthy and fair competition to inspire students to create more and better songs, and to hone their critical listening and analysis skills. Each song submission must be submitted by a final deadline (typically March 31st) and then students and alumni (the voting members of the D'Jammy Awards) listen to one-minute clips of each submission during classes and in some cases online, and then rank each submission from lowest to highest. The songs that receive the highest number of points will win each category. Submissions are collected throughout the eligibility year-typically from April 1st through March 31st and the D'Jammy Awards Ceremony is usually held during the Commercial Music Recital at Cedar Valley College, coinciding with the performance of the CVC Keyboard Ensemble (aka "The Seas of Keys") which serves as the house band for the event. The event started with a single category in 2012 and has grown to 15 categories in 2020 (Hip Hop Instrumental, Hip Hop Vocal/Rap, Contemporary Instrumental, World Music, Video Game Music, Rock, Spoken Word, EDM, Film Score, Gospel, Jazz, Orchestration, Pop, R&B, and Wild Card (for entries that don't quite fit into a category). No genre is intentionally left out (such as Classical or Country). The categories fluctuate a bit each year based on the tastes, interests and entries from the current group of students. Winners of each category receive a framed certificate bearing their name and category and also a cash scholarship roughly equal to the amount of one credit hour at Cedar Valley College. The D'Jammys are supported by the Musical Institute for Knowledge and Education, a non-profit charitable organization (501c3) based in Dallas, TX, which provides the scholarship money each year as well as covering the expenses for the framed certificates and other production-related costs. Some of the D'Jammy winners have gone on to have submissions accepted by the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, although none have received a nomination yet. Dr. Mike Bogle received a Grammy nomination for his arrangement (Best Arrangement on an Instrumental category) of Chick Corea's composition "Got A Match?" in 1991/1992 and traveled to New York for the ceremony where he ultimately lost out to Dave Grusin of GRP Records fame. This experience, of being recognized by professional peers and getting an insider look at the Music Industry's biggest night, had an indelible effect on the young Dr. Bogle, and this was ultimately the catalyst for the creation of the 
D'Jammy Awards at Cedar Valley College. 

Students interested in Commercial Music production, songwriting and composition may contact Dr. Bogle about submitting entries for next year's D'Jammy Awards. 

"Seas of Keys" virtual performance for the D'Jammys:
Roxanna Perkins

The "Seas of Keys"

The 2020 D'Jammy Awards were held online via Zoom, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide shelter-in-place order. The "Seas of Keys" ensemble performed their first-ever virtual performance (via Zoom) of the song "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. Hebb wrote the song in 1963 after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and also, the same day, the murder of Hebb's own brother outside of a nightclub. Hebb said of the composition that it "represented his preference for a sunny disposition rather than a lousy one" even in light of the tragic events of those days in late November of 1963. The "Seas of Keys" ensemble adopted this song, "Sunny", to be their un-official theme song, since the mascot of Cedar Valley is the "Suns".

CVC Music Department -- Recent changes:

In addition to the conference of the D'Jammy Awards, this year at the D'Jammy Awards ceremony (2020), the Music and Commercial Music faculty (now two separate departments) recognized outstanding achievement in each of the four Commercial Music degree areas plus a separate award for Classical Music. 

Outstanding Achievement Awards:

Business, Workforce, and Skilled Trades Division
Dr. Ruben Johnson, Dean
Outstanding Music Business Student:
Michael Taylor
Outstanding Digital Music Producers & Composers:
 Emmanuel Lopez, Andrew Asemokai, Kristina Corona
Outstanding Vocal Performer:
Jakoby Barlow
Outstanding Instrumental Performer: 
Wynton McClain, drums
Outstanding Recording Tech Student:
 Jocelyn Garcia, recording technician
Liberal Arts Music Faculty Award to Outstanding Student:
(Liberal Arts and Transfer Division - Dr. Solomon Cross, Dean)
Outstanding Classical Performer:
Roxanna Walker-Perkins, vocalist

Student Recordings:
"My God's got the Power" 

Contemporary Gospel at its finest, Bernadine Hulbert's music shows her New Orleans roots with great appeal combined with her love of God. 

"Aunque Paguen Mal" 

Jesus Pickmann is a Tropical Latin recording artist from Peru, r ecognized for his catchy lyrics and poignant or funny stories. He is a vocalist, guitarist, pianist and producer/songwriter.  

"Dr. Middy and the Gheddo Genius" 
Dr. Middy and the Gheddo Genius is the collective brainchild of Chris Johnson and Mike Bogle, blending rap/hip-hop vibe with jazz instrumental exploration.

"SouLah The Legend" CD
Creative spoken word artist, SouLah, is a wordsmith and soul songstress. Musical performer/ extraordinaire, SouLah the Legend is SouLah's debut release.

Faculty Recordings:
"Let There Be Light"

Latin-influenced Contemporary Jazz at its finest blending Piano, Trombone, Vocal, Vibraphone, Steel Pan, Bass and Drums to bring to life beautiful melodies and engaging/funky rhythms.  Dr. Mike Bogle not only produced this album, but plays Piano, Trombone, Synthesizers. and vocals, too. It also features Buddy Mohmed on bass, Harrell Bosarge on drums, Dana Sudborough on vibes, and Andy Barrus on steel pan/percussion. 

"Dr. B!" 
Swinging jazz music from Dr. Mike Bogle on Hammond B3 Organ, Richard McLure on Guitar, and Ivan Torres on Drums-mostly instrumental, with one vocal on "Route 66" and spoken word on "Walkin".

"Live at Stoney's" 
"Live at Stoney's" is instrumental jazz at its best and received RAVE reviews across the country. Recorded at Mike's birthday party at Stoney's in 2014. Along with Mike's magical fingers on the keys, it also features Lou Harlas on bass and Steve Barnes on drums. 

"Hipness Oasis" 
The "Hipness Oasis" CD is a  perfect storm of jazz tunes and songs. State-of-the art straight-ahead jazz trio-- interpretation, performance and composition-- plus Afro-Cuban and Brazilian influenced samba and bossa nova, combined with vivid songwriting. It is available on iTunes and CDBaby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

"Eternal Family" 
This CD is full of s winging and dreamy original and standard jazz tunes and songs, played and sung eloquently on trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums by four superb jazz musicians: Mike Bogle, Tom Burchill, Lou Harlas, and Harrell Bosarge.  All arrangements by Mike. It is available on iTunes and CDBaby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

"Other Life" 
This CD combines a unique jazz blend, fusing elements of latin jazz, straight ahead, and ethereal jazz utilizing the trombone, piano, guitar, and bass. It is available on iTunes and CD Baby, along with single digital releases for easy download. 

Mike Bogle Jazz

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