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D1 Sports & Athletics (D1SA)  is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, established in 2011, that specializes in providing competitive and developmental sporting opportunities for youth primarily in the Loudoun County area.

  • promotes opportunities for athletes to play year-round basketball with both developmental teams, and on competitive regional and national travel teams, as well as seasonal football.
  • develops impact players by instilling ideals that include concepts that promote self-confidence, leadership, integrity, good sportsmanship, teamwork, excellence, and social responsibility. 
  • provides sponsorship opportunities for underserved youth to participate in D1SA programming.
  • works to showcase talent through exposure opportunities guiding college-bound athletes toward their future.
 D1SA spring developmental and travel team tryouts will be held in mid- February for boys and girls from 1st to 12th grade.  

Tryout schedule coming soon.

Preparation is a key component to all what a Spartan does!

 Are you ready for your game?
"The key is not the 'will to win'... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important" - Bob Knight

Spartan Indoc 
Winter Sessions in Progress 
Thursdays in January

The Spartan Indoc furthers the development of training the
Spartan Way. 

These ongoing sessions provide intense training that focus on the individuals' will to compete. The Indoc allows athletes to use their skill-set in this fast-paced practicum without the pressure of game-time situations resulting in the development of Spartan Warriors, ready to battle on our courts.

Each week Spartan Athletes are recognized by the Coaches as athletes that demonstrate the will and spirit of a Spartan warrior.
Max Stafford, Graydon Munsey,  Kevin Worley
Riley White, Jonathan Newton
Justin Jordan, Colin Harris
Cole Forbrich, Jack Bailey
Sadie Shores, William Beck
Nicholas Atkinson, Christian Ratliff

Xavier Wimbush, Colin Byrd
Oscar Svenningsen, Angela Nice
Buddy Forlenza, Michael Clark
Garan Harmon
Carter Burns, Taylor Williams
 January 2019
OFF THE COURT             By The Athletic Director
S pirit of a Nation:
The dream was to build a program that would be sustainable in the community I lived in. Providing opportunities beyond the typical scope of what the general resources had to offer for my family and community. D1SA has provided me with such a vision and purpose to continue the mission to improve our resources not just from a sports standpoint but overall opportunities for our athletes to be successful in all aspects of their lives. 

My hope is to inspire pride in our young people so they can be proud of where they come from and represent that as a badge of honor. D1SA Spartan life wasn't meant to feed into the illusion that everyone gets a medal or that life itself is going to be easy. The spirit of our program has been created to arm our young athletes with a mindset of working hard, intelligently, and with a high level of emotional content that places them above the challenges of fear. 

In terms of basketball, I grew up in historic times watching the greatest basketball player to ever play the game which in my opinion would be Michael Jordan. To see the fury in his eyes even when I was a child let me know that that there was something different about him. He was relentless in his pursuit to achieve mastery. That mastery was forged through his preparation and consistency. That ultimately led to breathe taking performances on the highest stage due to his preparation. That preparation minimized and or eliminated his fears. This is a message worthy of passing along to our young Spartans.  This is one of the reasons why we break the huddle with the statement "No Fear".  

We are now living in the time of Lebron James who is shattering all statistical records. I have been alive to see a lot of the greats but between Michael and Lebron in terms of basketball it has been great to see greatness at its peak with these two athletes. The historical times that I have had the opportunity to witness has been tremendous and this is why today I feel that it carries a great responsibility to continue to write Spartan history. Creating real live success stories of our own athletes in our own community as representation of a relentless pursuit to achieve success within ourselves. 

Writing the history of our collective community efforts to raise our youth is so that they never forget where they come from. This message hopefully will speak to them in times that they will need that self motivation to give them that edge to overachieve.  That is our goal here today which is to create and continue the narrative of our efforts into raising aspiring young people to be the best they can be. The impact of the ones who came before those that are here today have left a tremendous influence. Without those efforts we would just be another group passing the time in our community in my opinion.

In closing I just wanted to say that I am thankful for all of the support that has been given to the program overall. I am thankful for the leadership, administration, parents, coaches, athletes, and for all those that make-up the D1SA Nation. I will always be grateful.

                                                     Coach Eric Williams  

D1SA has made progressive strides in providing a quality program for its community overall. Many tournaments and league games played. Many roads travelled on a local, regional, and national level. Coaches creating schemes while players were chasing dreams. 2018 marked significant milestones for the organization as we hope to continue to provide quality programs for our community in the future.

This past spring in May, D1SA hosted the Loudoun Invitational Tournament (LIT). The tournament itself started seven years ago. In 2018 the LIT made history with 178 teams in attendance. This marked a record for the tournament in terms of team registration. According to PRCS it also marked the largest event for Loudoun County indoor space usage for 2018.

D1SA hosted 38 teams which was another record breaking number for team participation within the organization in the spring.

This last summer D1SA held the Loudoun Summer Basketball League (LSBL) which allowed athletes to compete throughout the summer in our very own Loudoun County schools. 

The Spartan Indoc has become our most popular signature training program.  This summer and fall the Spartan Indoc promoted competitive yet fun participation with over 200 athletes developing the Spartan Way! 

Supporting the model that D1SA provides basketball opportunities year-round, this fall  we had a record breaking 28 basketball teams participating for the fall season within the organization. 

The official start to the Spartan Elite program was implemented during this fall. The goal of the program is to provide more D1SA athletes exposure to Spartan preparation and developmental methods from our collective coaching leadership. The goal is to have a at least one Spartan Elite team for each age group within D1SA.

This winter the Spartan nation is participating in events all over the DMV for competitive play. From Alexandria to Germantown the Spartan Nation seeks competition in preparation for its most anticipated 2019 spring season. Not only does the nation's influence span across the DMV, D1SA boasts over 75 Spartans participating on their middle school teams here in Loudoun County.



With the D1SA brand growing rapidly and attracting so many multi-sport talented athletes, D1SA decided to expand its offerings to include tackle football in fall of 2017. The D1SA football program for ages 7-14 is committed to building the total student athlete. We have created an innovative program where expectations for academics, work ethic, accountability, and sportsmanship help to guide our athletes in becoming top tier athletes, scholars, and citizens on and off the field.
D1SA has compiled a staff of well trained, experienced, and certified coaches who have both played and coached at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels who care about the wellbeing of our kids as well as the sport of football.

D1SA Football competed in the Fairfax County Youth Football League, the largest youth football league in the DMV area. D1SA Football had an impressive inaugural season. Both our 80lb and our 115lb teams made great playoff runs, which was unheard of for a first year organization. 

In our second campaign this past fall D1SA Football continued in its strive for excellence, putting together a historical season. Our 80lb team went undefeated on their way to become FCYFL 80lb Champions. Meanwhile our 90lb team rolled into the championship game having only lost 1 game during the season and finished as the 90lb Runner-up Champions.
CHAMPIONS 80 lb Division
2019 Football Registration Opens February

Spring Training Camp Workouts
July Summer Practices
September Fall League

Runner-Up Champions 90lb Division
D1SA graduated the original class of Spartans in 2018.  These young men and women set the bar for all aspiring Spartans that follow.  It has been eight years since Coach Williams started coaching this graduating class to result in 11 active athletes from that class moving on to participate in collegiate athletics.  These are some of the highlights of their accomplishments:
  • Jalen Williams - Potomac State College; All time 3 point shooter; Most 3 point shots made in a game; 1,000 point scorer; Virginia State High School Champion at Loudoun Valley
  • Kennedy Middleton - Millersville University - All time leading scorer, rebounder, assists, and steals at Tuscarora High School
  • Jordan Miller - George Mason University - All time leading scorer at Loudoun Valley; Virginia State High School Champion.
  • Zyan Collins - California University - All time leading scorer, rebounder, assist leader, steals at Freedom High School; 1,000 point scorer
  • Dominic Peterson - Hood College - Virginia State High School Champion at Loudoun Valley
  • Mark Melbourne - Shenandoah University  
  • Madi White - Shepherd University basketball
  • Jayde Pierre - Howard University football
  • Jadan Pierre - Howard University football
  • Billie Walker - Lackawanna College
  • Joshua Foote - Wheeler and Jesuit University
  • Alexander Bailey - Combine Prep; All time leading scorer, assists in a game, season, and career, most FT for career and season, 1,000 point scorer at Tuscarora high school.
Jalen Williams was the cornerstone and one of the original Spartans from the Class of 2018.  Quiet, friendly, with an unassuming attitude, but let him hit the court and he is everything his dad and coach wants in a Spartan Warrior.  "Fearless, whether he goes to his signature baseline drive or his aggressive, pressing defense for 94 feet full court, never worrying about the competition, he competes on every possession,' says Coach Williams.

Memorable highlights from his D1SA career include winning the AAU State Championship in the fifth grade which was the mark of the groups first state title. Another outstanding milestone was when Jalen hit the game winning, buzzer beater shot to lead his team to back-to-back Championships in the very competitive DMV tournament, the MIT (Maryland Invitational Tournament).   The leadership of Jalen as starting point guard since the team began in 2011 was culminated in repeat Championship wins at the  Big Foot Classic in Las Vegas, the final tournament during the summer travel ball seasons of 2015 and 2017.

Former teammate and original Spartan Jayde Pierre during a football college recruitment interview was asked who is the teammate he will always remember. Jayde without hesitation emphatically said, "Jalen Williams" When asked why, he said, "he's the most selfless, self-assured athlete, always leading and rallies his team to win with shear will and determination."

Jalen attended Loudoun Valley high school and started all four years there. His confidence came from a foundation that was laid during years of competing at tournaments locally, regionally and at the National level. Through countless hours practicing with his team, the Original Band of Brothers, Jalen then helped lead his high school team to a Virginia State Championship title in 2017. His numerous high school accolades include:  1,000 point scorer; Most 3's scored in one game (11); broke the Viking record with most career 3's 169 made on January 12, 2018.

Since playing in high school Jalen has moved on making a significant impact on his collegiate team at Potomac State College for the Catamounts as a Freshman.  His team is having a historical school run in this early part of the season being 11-0. D1SA salutes Jalen as he has not only paved the way for his brothers, Payton and Dylan and sister, Taylor, but has left a legacy for all Spartan warriors to aspire to be on and off the courts.

Class of 2018 
Bigfoot Hoops Las Vegas Classic 
July 2017
Support D1SA Programming with a donation.  Donations may be directed to a specified team or athlete .  Each season D1SA has qualified student athlete applicants that need financial support to join our programs.   Take this opportunity to support our programming, sponsor D1SA, a team or an Athlete.  You can make a difference; no donation is too small.  

If your company, affiliates, or any professional or community-based organizations have grant programs that may be applicable for D1SA, please let us know.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, 
but we can build our youth for the future. "
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Jonah Ulloa, Jenn Wood Ulloa,
TJ  Duggan, Adrianna Duggan, Travis Duggan, Delaney Duggan
D 1SA Athletes and Families Giving Back...

This holiday season D1SA families participated in a Holiday Season "Survival Kit" Collection and Used Clothing drive for the homeless as part of the New Hope Housing initiative. "The wrapping party has been held for the past 22 years by a group of our friends and families in Arlington, " says D1SA parent Adrianna Duggan.  This year the Ulloa and Duggan families joined with others to help support the cause.  D1SA hopes to initiate this program in our Loudoun County community this next holiday season.  D1SA's Community Outreach Committee will begin work early this year to develop quarterly programs for our Spartan athletes to participate to help teach civic responsibility. 
New Hope Housing - an innovative, award-winning non-profit agency in Northern Virginia committed to finding creative and lasting solutions to end the cycle of homelessness by offering homeless men, women and children the services they need to change their lives and succeed.

D1SA seeks to highlight Spartan athletes that exemplify the Spartan Way of Life. 
D1SA honors the following student athletes for exemplifying the Spirit of a Spartan.

On and off the court these athletes have admirable qualities that  
personify the Spirit of a Spartan.

Read more about the Spartan Philosophy Here.  
Sami White, 4 th Grade, Waterford ES 
Sami White is the youngest sibling of a founding D1SA family. Her oldest sister Madi, Class of 2018, was on the Inaugural Lady Spartan team followed by brother Josh and sister Riley, who plays on the 2024 Lady Spartan team with Coach Mason.  Sami started playing for D1SA at the end of her second grade year. Her mother says Sami loves being a part of the D1SA program, "she's been on the sidelines since the day she was born awaiting her turn to be a part of the action." 
Music is Sami's other passion, as she has played the violin for over two years and is now learning to play the piano. Gifted with musical ability helps her in basketball too.  "Sami will only continue to get stronger as a player because of her hustle while on the court; she learned by watching her sister play all these years, Madi set the bar high," said Coach Williams.
Sami has become a more confident player,  as well as learning how to use her voice on the court.  DISA is helping to shape Sami as a student athlete, her mother adds.   She has had to balance a busy basketball schedule  along with her school work and music lessons. Sami practices hard with her teammates and she is learning that it also takes a great deal of time and commitment on her own to get better. 
Amari Page,   5 th Grade, Discovery ES

Amari started playing D1SA basketball in the spring 2016.  His parents said they were looking for a more competitive program than local house leagues and one that would teach him key fundamentals. He has gained so many new skills, ones he would not have been able to get from playing house league. 

D1SA has brought him out of his shell more with his teammates and has helped him realize his skill potential. The coaching staff has really The coaches have been really supportive in his development and are pushing him to see his potential. 

Amari is a multi-talented athlete and has played football for the past five years and for the past two years in the new D1SA football league. Amari says being in D1SA, "it's like a brotherhood."  Many of his teammates have transitioned to the football program which also helps continue to build relationships.

D1SA coaches have been great about stressing the importance of academics as well as sports, say Amari's dad.  Amari strives hard in all he does on the court, on the field and in the classroom where he consistently maintains at least a B average and has developed a keen interest in math and science. D1SA applauds Amari for getting his work done both at school and on the field and court.
Hunter, Christian, Jordan
C hristian Ratliff,  Jordan Ratliff,  Hunter Ratliff
6th grade, Brambleton MS

Christian, Jordan, and Hunter started with D1SA by attending the Spartan Indoc training the summer of 2017.  This prepared them well for tryouts in the Fall 2017, when they first joined the 5th Grade D1SA team under Coach Chad Osterhaus and Coach Eric Williams.  The brothers have continued to be with the D1 Spartans every season since then.

The Ratliff triplets are D1SA's own triple threat.  Coach Williams said these boys did not start off as the strongest athletes on the court, but through hard-work and repetition they are showing tremendous growth.  "They take a drill from practice and with the luck of having each other, they are then able to emulate the drill over and over at home, until they master the skill. This kind of hard-work develops Spartan warriors," Coach Willia ms states.  

"Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise" 
                                                                                                                            - Michael Jordan

Hunter Ratliff

Kelli Ratliff was asked what D1SA means to her sons?:

By providing Jordan with so many great opportunities he has become a more aggressive, quick, and skilled athlete. He has developed into a versatile player on the team that can fill multiple positions. He now feels more confident than before to steal the ball from his opponent and go on a fast break! Jordan also has better court vision to move the ball, make smart passes, or take a good shot. His coaches have motivated him to keep pushing himself beyond what he thought he was capable of, to develop new skills, and to be a leader in all aspects of his life.

The D1SA program is a big part of Jordan's life and he is grateful to a part of the Spartan family. One of the best parts of the program is the awesome friends he has made. He looks forward to every practice, training, and game and views it as an opportunity to keep getting better. He is so grateful to the D1SA coaches for spending so much time training and motivating him and his teammates. At every game when his team does the Spartan clap, Jordan feels hyped, determined, and focused. During these moments, he is reminded that he is a part of an elite group that share a common goal to stand proudly together as Spartans.

Christian Ratliff

Hunter through D1SA has become more confident and is embracing playing the center position. He has developed strong post moves, rebounding skills, and strives to finish strong. His coaches have helped him to improve his shooting techniques. Overall, the D1SA program has instilled in Hunter the courage to become a leader on and off the court.

When Hunter thinks about D1SA, he realizes how much the program affects his life in a positive way. The program has not only provided him the support to become a stronger athlete and basketball player, but it has also provided him to form strong friendships. He feels supported by his teammates in every game and strives to show support to them too. Hunter also feels inspired and motivated by his talented coaches to have NO FEAR and to keep being the best basketball player he can be.

Jordan Ratliff

greatest strength is putting the points on the board! The D1SA program has really helped Christian to advance his sharp- shooter skills and the ability to drive it in against opponents.  In addition, the program has taught Christian to be tough on defense and has pushed him to improve his ball-handling skills. The dedicated D1SA coaches have instilled in Christian to be confident and to keep pushing himself to be a fierce competitor on the court.

Christian views D1SA as an incredible opportunity for him to train and succeed with the best program in the region. Being a part of D1SA means that you have to have NO FEAR and be willing to put in a lot of hard work and preparation to succeed.  He has been inspired and motivated by his coaches that has deepened his passion and respect for the game. Christian also believes that being a Spartan means that it is important to help elevate your teammates to be the best they can be too. His teammates are not just teammates on the court, but his true friends that he supports and trusts. They are forever linked as fellow Spartans.

2024 LADY SPARTAN (7th Grade)

 6th GRADE SPARTANS (Lesando)


BCWB Challenge, Frederick

Champions 5th Grade Division
D1SA Spartan 5th Grade
BCWB Tournament, Frederick
Gregory Spiller 
Get Ready for Spring Season!

Cole Perez
" Our son, Gregory has been has been part of the D1SA family under Coach Eric Williams for nearly two years and has been training at LST for over a year.  While athletic, his basketball skills were minimal at best.  He has improved tremendously and his confidence continues to build due to the training at LST.  The coaches are absolutely unequalled in the DMV...PERIOD.  They teach the power of a strong work ethic through commitment.  He will carry this through college and his profession.  Gregory looks forward to his training at LST and is always eager to stay longer to get in a few more shots and spend time with the other athletes and coaches."
Greg and Teri Spiller
" Great, athletic-child focused facility run by caring coaches with great rapport with the kids.  
Perfect balance of homework and activity.  THANK YOU to the program for Cole's "Outstanding" on Homework Completion on his report card.  
He also made the honor roll for second quarter and I know that is due in part to focus on homework when he is at LST. Y ou guys are absolutely the BEST after school program we have ever participated in!"
Felicia Perez

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