July 1st, 2018

Dear Toastmaster,

Building up skills is what brought me to join my Toastmasters club. At every meeting, I polish my delivery, deepen my vocabulary and share experiences with my club members. I trust you are gaining similar skills in your own journey.

I noticed I had gained the most when I went beyond my club's walls: I visited a club that had different customs than mine. Since then, I visited even more and attended District events that I had never considered before - the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) being one of them. This opened the door to a new set of goals above those I had initially set for myself. New opportunities opened and my comfort zone expanded. 

I invite you to experience the same: going  Above and Beyond , our theme this year. Every Toastmaster has a desire to become a better speaker and/or leader. The motivation of going  Above and Beyond  is what will set this year apart for you. Going  above  your original goals, going  beyond  your club's atmosphere to discover more of the benefits from your Toastmasters membership.

July 1 brings a new start in our clubs: new goals are set to ensure every member gets their chance to deepen their communication and leadership skills. I encourage you to set goals for yourself and go  Above and Beyond  those to measure your progress.

To get the year off to a strong start, our TLI on July 14 will offer you many learning opportunities with educational sessions. Join us to learn and stay to celebrate our accomplishments during the Leadership Luncheon

Stay on top of the news by connecting with us on  Facebook , check out  d101tm.org  often and join our  Meetup  group. Participate by penning articles for our newsletters or creating videos for our  YouTube  channel. Contact  PR@d101tm.org  for details.

The continuous learning journey we are sailing is like a pot of gold: there can never be enough. Toastmasters has a lot to offer that you may not have yet discovered. To learn more about these, do not hesitate to contact me at  DD@d101tm.org .

Françoise Muller
District Director, 2018-19