As I reflect on all that has occurred since the warm days of August, I realize that there has never been a more exciting time in education. 

Our district continues to seek new opportunities to ensure that every student is prepared for the world they will step into upon graduation by emphasizing the importance of both emotional and intellectual outcomes for students. Our teachers continue to adapt their instruction to stress the joint responsibility they have with the students to be responsible for their learning. Our students actively work to solve real-life, authentic problems and now have greater choice in the methods in which they show the knowledge and skills required at each grade level. 

With the educational expectations changing at both the state and national level, District 115 is actively preparing, planning, and implementing new opportunities to ensure the most effective and engaging learning environments are available to our students. The world our students are entering continues to change at a rapid pace, and so must the environments, experiences, and tools with which we prepare them. We must collectively engage in shaping the future of our schools and partner in this discussion. 

One of the first opportunities for our community to get involved in this important conversation will occur on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Yorkville Middle School. Along with our district architects, we will examine the current realities of our schools versus what we want for our students, including our school facilities, student growth and enrollment, and instructional practices and learning opportunities. The event will include both a presentation as well as an opportunity for questions and answers. I encourage all our parents to join in this important conversation and help shape the district’s future!

Have a very safe and wonderful holiday season!

Dr. Timothy Shimp
Superintendent of Schools
District 115 Holiday Wish List

This time of year, holiday wish lists are all the rage as people happily, and generously, focus their time and energy on helping to meet the needs of others. In that spirit, we ask District 115 families to consider these three District 115 wish list items as we work toward keeping our community's children safe, healthy, and happy all year long.
Wish 1:
Our first wish is for individuals to take an active role in reporting student and safety concerns, and encouraging their children to do so as well. Our district is filled with caring adults who are uniquely qualified to provide students with any necessary support and resources. Concerns (along with comments, compliments, questions, and suggestions) can be submitted to the district or a specific school using the “Y Not Say Something” icon on the app or through the district website ( Submissions are confidential. All student safety reports sent to the district are investigated discreetly, and any necessary support and resources are provided.

Wish 2:
Our second wish is for parents/guardians to review the resources on the district website to help familiarize themselves with the district's updated safety protocols and help engage their children in school safety discussions. Unfortunately, school violence is now a reality for which schools need to be well prepared. District 115 employees continuously work with local first responders and experts in the emergency management field to review safety protocols and help students and employees practice the safety responses.

Wish 3:
Our third wish is for drivers to be especially careful and considerate when driving around school campuses and near school buses. An impatient moment in a pick-up/drop-off line, parking lot, or near a bus with an extended stop arm may have devastating consequences. Please slow down, don't use cell phones while driving, follow parking lot guidelines, and obey bus safety laws. To help in this regard, the district will purchase 10 school bus stop arm cameras to install on buses that travel on the routes most at high-risk for stop arm violations. The cameras will capture pictures of the car license plates that illegally pass the buses when the stop arm is extended. These photos will then be given to law enforcement for prosecution. Article
Upcoming Events
On Point Speaker Series
Youth Anxiety & Depression
12.11.18 | 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Yorkville Middle School Auditorium
Ever wonder if your child is experiencing anxiety or depression and not sure how to respond? You are not alone. Nearly one-in-three adolescents meet the criteria for anxiety disorders.

Join Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Frampton to learn about the common signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression and how to respond as a parent. Time for questions will be provided.
Local business owners are invited to enjoy a delicious, warm, complimentary breakfast while learning about the Field Experience program at Yorkville High School. This exciting school-to-career partnership opportunity aims to match select junior and senior students with businesses in their field of interest as part of the student’s semester course offerings. Attend the Career Connection breakfast to learn more about this exciting opportunity to prepare D115 students for career success. 

RSVP to Melissa Wojowski at
12.10.18 | 8-9 a.m.
Yorkville High School Library
Presented by Yorkville High School and the
Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce
District Calendar:
The Nov. 26 cancellation of school due to the weather has changed the
last day of school for the 2018-19 school year to Friday, May 24, 2019 .
Staff & Student Celebrations
District 115 presents at Illinois Joint Annual Conference

District 115 board members and administrators were selected to present at the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. The presentation, "Making it Personal: This Isn't Where YOU Went to School" focused on D115's personalized approach to education through connected mastery learning, flexible learning spaces, and a technology-rich environment.

Board President Dr. Lynn Burks, Board Vice President, Dr. Robert Brenart, Superintendent Dr. Timothy Shimp, Associate Superintendent Dr. Nick Baughman, and Director of Technology Ryan Adkins presented the district's story to educators and board members throughout the state.
Early Childhood teacher honored with a Heart of the Fox recognition

Early Childhood Teacher Karen Maldonado was honored with a Heart of the Fox recognition based on a parent submission. "Mrs. Maldonado is a shining example of what the teaching profession can be and there is no way to describe the respect and appreciation we have for her with what she has done for our son. ... Our son now has a deep love for learning and a solid academic foundation to help prepare him for kindergarten."

Employee and student recognition nominations can be made through the website at

Article authored by D115 teacher to be published in educational journal

An article written by Jennifer Waldvogel was accepted for publication and is scheduled to appear in the February 2019 issue of Educational Leadership. Waldvogel's article is titled "Alice in Tech Wonderland: How and Why EdTech is a Transformation Trip Work Taking."

Waldvogel serves the district as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) specializing in technology integration.
YHS athletes sign to play
Division 1 college sports

Congratulations to the following students: Skyla Baldwin, Northwood University (Softball); Olivia Borowiak, DePaul University (Cross Country); Dani Evans, University of Wisconsin/Parkside (Softball); Elias Flowers, Jacksonville University (Baseball); Colleen O'Connor, Indian State University (Swimming); Katelyn Orisek, University of St. Francis of Pennsylvania (Bowling); and Bella Zeman, Wofford College (Volleyball)
YHS hosts another
successful Career Fair

The Yorkville High School College and Career Center partnered with 65 neighboring business, representing all 16 career pathways, to host YHS' annual Career Fair. Students interacted with individuals representing law enforcement, business, education, engineering, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and all branches of the military. Students gained information about the education, skills, and job outlook in these various career fields. 
YHS student earn
All-State Musician Honors

Congratulations to Yorkville High School's All-State Musicians: Jason Wilcox, Caitlin Annunzio, Madi Childs, and Katie Friel

These four clarinetists successfully auditioned into Illinois Music Educators Association's (ILMEA) State Music Festival.
Board of Education
Board of Education information is available through the district website at with meeting agendas/documents and Board policies on the eGovernance System site.
Goal 1: Student Success
The Board of Education approved:

  • the items to be purchased for the 17 teachers piloting classroom technology resources for the district's K-3 technology expansion

  • the multi-year Cohort Student Achievement Summary report, which included student achievement results from state and national tests (PARCC & PSAT)
Goal 2: Community of Learners
The Board of Education approved:

  • 3 employee transfers, 6 co-curricular hires, and 1 resignation

  • the hiring of Erin Montgomery, kindergarten teacher at Circle Center Grade School, and Ramon Lazarit, computer technician at Bristol Bay Elementary School and Bristol Grade School

  • starting a custodial substitute pool to maintain service levels in times of staff shortages

  • the addition of a part-time special education teacher to meet student needs at Bristol Bay Elementary School
Goal 3: Partnerships with Home & Community
Circle Center Grade School's Heart of the Fox presentation was rescheduled due to the weather.

Circle Center students will present about their school at the December 17 regular meeting of the Board of Education. Students from Yorkville High School will also present that evening.

Grande Reserve Elementary School students helped open the October Board of Education meeting by showcasing their school and its students during the monthly the Heart of the Fox presentation.
Goal 4: Operational Excellence
The Board of Education approved:

  • the purchase of 10 bus stop arm cameras to be used in high-risk areas to capture pictures of violators for prosecution by local law enforcement

  • the tentative tax levy for tax year 2018 (final levy approval slated for Dec. 17)

  • changes to 31 policies as recommended by the Illinois Association of School Boards