May 29, 2021

Dear LFHS Staff, Students, and Parents/Guardians, 

On Monday, May 24th, the D115 Board of Education held a special meeting focused on the LFHS Fall 2021-2022 Opening Plan. During the meeting, key areas of focus were highlighted and discussed to ensure that students, families, and staff know what to expect in the fall. There may be some areas that change, due to potential updates to guidance announced over the summer. This plan represents our current direction for the fall. Here are some key highlights from the presentation:


In-Person Learning
  • All LFHS students are expected to engage in in-person learning. Students will not be able to opt for remote learning. Students with Covid-related medical vulnerabilities will be accommodated through an approval process managed by the school administration. 
  • Remote learning will be reserved for students who are medically fragile due to Covid-19 (i.e. health conditions, Covid-19 positive, or a close contact). 
  • Students are expected to attend school and normal attendance parameters will resume.
  • Students and staff will follow the LFHS Hybrid Schedule. This is the schedule that was in place prior to the pandemic. 
  • The schedule consists of M/T/F Scout Days, with an 8:15am - 3:20pm day and W/Th Blue and Gold (block) days, with a 9:00 a.m. - 3:20 p.m. day. 
Classroom Arrangements
  • As of now, classes will be set-up with normal (pre-pandemic) distancing. In the case that we are required to implement 3 ft. distancing in classrooms, we will provide the details of that plan over the summer. 
  • Teachers will be encouraged to seat students in pods and to have seating charts in each class.
  • Tech set-ups will be maintained to support approved remote learners only (see in-person learning section).


  • LFHS will continue to provide lunch for students during the lunch periods. 
  • Due to the removal of masks, 6 ft. social distancing will be maintained in all designated eating areas.
  • The Student Cafeteria, The Grind, commons, lower commons, Competition Gym, outdoor patio, and tents will be used for eating. 
  • Students will need to use their student ID card to purchase food. To protect the accounts of each student and to efficiently manage the time, students will not be able to type in ID numbers. 
  • For additional information about food services, please visit our D115 Food Services webpage.
Other Times/Spaces
  • Food consumption will not be permitted in classrooms. 
  • Extracurricular activities and before/after school events will be expected to adhere to our food consumption expectations and make aligned arrangements for food consumption. 


Departmental Resource Centers
  • All of our Departmental Resource Centers will be open for in-person student support.
  • Although all students will be in-person, there will be virtual options for students who want to access support while in other areas on campus. 
Personalized Learning Time (PLT)
  • PLT, which is weekly time for students to meet with their teachers for support, will occur on Wednesday mornings from 7:45 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. PLT will be in-person. 
  • Students may also arrange other times to meet with their teachers. 
Freshman Supports 
  • Freshman Advisory will be embedded into the student experience in the fall. Additional information is forthcoming.
  • Freshman Orientation will occur in August and will continue to be supported by Link Crew leaders and LFHS staff. 
Other Supports
  • Peer Tutoring, Executive Functioning (EF) Check and Connect sessions, EF After School Tutoring, and other support opportunities will also be provided and communicated with families.
Core Teams
  • All students are assigned to Core Teams, which include student service and support professionals, who assist students with academic, social, and emotional needs. 
  • Core Teams meet weekly to discuss ways to provide support for students and work with families to arrange support needs. Core Teams may also recommend and arrange supports that are tailored to the individual needs of students. 
  • If students and families have questions about any of our supports, services, and/or general questions about navigating various aspects of school, they can reach out to a member of their Core Team. 


  • LFHS plans to offer a full menu of sports to students. Sports will be scheduled as normal.
  • Athletes will not be expected to participate in weekly Covid-19 testing.
  • The Athletic Department follows the All Sports Policy and will continue to provide updates to the school community regarding expectations for participation. 
  • Clubs and activities will be offered in-person, with some virtual options for students. 


Covid-19 Guidance 
  • LFHS will continue to review and follow guidance from IDPH, ISBE, LCHD, All-Sports Policy, and the CDC. 
Mitigation Efforts
  • As of now, mask-wearing will continue to be an expectation for students and staff in the fall. Updates will be communicated, prior to the return. 
  • As of now, we will continue to expect students and staff to complete the "self-certification health screener" every day. This is an additional layer of mitigation that will assist with keeping the building safe. This mitigation effort will also continue to be reviewed.
  • PPE for students and staff will be readily available throughout the building.
  • We will continue to provide Covid-19 related communication and updates to the school community. 
  • Our Health Services Department will continue to provide support and services to students with and without Covid-19 related needs. 


Bus Transportation 
  • Families should request bus transportation through the registration process. 
  • To better serve our bus riding community, we are requesting bus registration and payment be received by June 23, 2021. A $50 fee will be assessed for late payments and we cannot guarantee that the student will be assigned a route before the first day of school. Please email Melanie Walsh ( for routing information.
  • NO transportation refunds will be issued after September 30th.
  • You can visit the LFHS Transportation webpage for information. Otherwise, you can contact Melanie Walsh (
Student Parking 
  • Information about Student Parking timelines, processes, and alternative parking options is provided on our LFHS Parking webpage. You can also reach out to Ashleigh Malec ( for additional information. 


12 month employees will be available throughout the summer to provide assistance. Please contact the following people, based on the scope of your inquiry. The building will be closed on Fridays throughout the summer. 
Administrators/Admin Assistants
Contact Information 
Summer School
Dr. Alan Wahlert
Dr. Patrick Sassen 
Cindy Rogna
Extended School Year (ESY) and Special Education Services
Dr. Jenny Sterpin
Joey Kowalik
Dina Lepczynski
Student services and supports, 504 coordination, Core Teams, student schedules, registration, guidance counseling inquiries, family services and supports, graduation
Dr. Patrick Sassen
John Maher 
Cindy Rogna
Department/course-related questions, grades, assessments, course information, textbook and instructional materials
Dr. Alan Wahlert
Elizabeth Del Fava
Tiffany Smith
Technology Help Desk
Tech Department
Athletics, summer camps
Tim Burkhalter
Dan Vosnos
Jean Leccesi
Safety and security, health mitigation inquiries, building access
Lane Linder
Health services, nursing, immunizations, physicals, required health information
Jo Kudla
In closing, the district will continue to work through the details of the plan and will also continue to monitor health and safety guidance to ensure that the district’s practices are appropriately aligned and in support of a safe and positive return for students and staff. The district will continue to communicate with the school community to ensure that everyone is well-informed and students are prepared to return in the fall. 

Have a wonderful summer!

Dr. Chala Holland