March 8, 2023
D220 to expand flexible learning opportunities for students
At the March 7 Board of Education meeting, district leaders shared a presentation with the Board about providing more flexible learning opportunities to Barrington 220 students. As the district develops its strategic plan Framework 220, stakeholders have identified Personalized Learning and Future Readiness as two of its six strategic priorities. This year the district created a Flexible Learning Cohort at Barrington High School in order to research and envision the kinds of programs the district might offer to bring these two strategic priorities to life. The cohort includes BHS teachers and administrators, as well as district administrators. Although this group is currently imagining flexible learning programming at the high school level, group discussions have already indicated the necessity to examine flexible learning opportunities at all grade levels.

The Flexible Learning Cohort has received support from the Board to launch an optional flexible learning program for high school seniors during the 2023-24 school year. The program will provide students with an opportunity to expand their learning through flexible, project-based learning options and field experiences during the school day. Click here to view examples of what the school day could like for students in the program. More information will be shared by the high school, and the Flexible Learning Cohort will provide another update to the Board this summer. Click here to listen to the discussion.
Board holds public hearing on school calendar
At the March 7 Board meeting, the Board held a public hearing about changing a Board policy related to the school calendar. The current policy states that the target first day of school will be no earlier than August 20. The proposed change is to make the target first day of school no earlier than August 18 and no later than August 22. This change would allow more flexibility in designing the school calendar each year, which would ensure greater continuity of instruction throughout the school year for students and staff. Click here to view two examples for the 2024-25 school year. The Board will take a vote on whether or not to change the policy at its next regularly scheduled meeting on March 21. Click here to listen to the discussion.
Board approves 23-24 Instructional Materials Report
At the March 7 Board meeting, the Board approved the 2023-24 instructional materials report, which is the district’s annual list of core instructional materials that are being used in classrooms. The district has a robust curriculum review cycle in order to ensure the curriculum is dynamic and meets the needs of students. You can find the 2023-24 instructional materials report on the district's teaching and learning department page.
Board approves sale of former district office
At the March 7 Board meeting, the Board approved a contract for the sale of the former district office located at 310 E. James Street in Barrington. Staff moved into the current District Administrative Center, across from Barrington High School, in May 2019. The contract allows for an appropriate due diligence period for the buyer, with a potential closing after 60 days.
D220 receives prestigious financial award
In his Superintendent's Report at the March 7 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that the district recently received the 2022–2023 Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO). The award reflects Barrington 220's commitment to sound fiscal management and budgetary policies. Barrington 220 has had a balanced budget for the past 26 years and is one of less than 90 school districts nationwide to earn a AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor's. Congrats to Dr. David Bein, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services/Chief School Business Official, and Sarah Lager, Director of Fiscal Services & Asset Management! Click here to view the award-winning budget report.
Board to receive Framework 220 update at next meeting
In his Superintendent's Report at the March 7 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared an update on the district's strategic planning process, Framework 220. Design teams for each of the district's six strategic priorities worked during the first half of the school year to establish objectives within each priority. The Board will learn more about the objectives under each priority at its next regularly scheduled meeting on March 21.
Board to tour high school fine arts centers next month
In his Superintendent's Report at the March 7 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that Board members will tour various high school fine arts facilities next month. The tours are part of the process to create the design work for a potential new fine arts center at BHS, which was an identified project within the $147 million dollar referendum that Barrington 220 area voters approved in March 2020. Although the cost to build a new fine arts center was not included in the referendum, creating the design work will provide the Board of Education and community with the necessary information to determine appropriate next steps.
Build 220 construction expands opportunities for BYBS
At the March 7 Board meeting, the Board approved an agreement that would expand the number of district ball fields Barrington Youth Baseball and Softball (BYBS) is able to utilize. Previously, the district had an agreement with BYBS, providing the organization access to fields located at the Fields of Dreams, Arnett C. Lines Elementary, and Station Campus. The new agreement would also provide BYBS access to the newly renovated varsity baseball field at BHS and utilization of scoreboards, which were made possible by the Build 220 initiative.
North Barrington student selected as Star-Spangled Student
At the March 7 Board meeting, North Barrington Elementary 5th grade student Thomas Blanke led meeting attendees in reciting the pledge of allegiance. This is part of an initiative at Board meetings called the "Star-Spangled Student" which recognizes exemplary students. Staff describe Thomas as kind, intelligent, competitive, athletic and goal-driven. He meets challenges with determination and perseverance, resulting in academic achievement and athletic achievement on his wrestling team. Congrats Thomas! Click here to view the recognition.