Barrington 220
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An update from Barrington 220: October 19, 2020
Barrington 220 weekly COVID-19 update
Dear Barrington 220 Community: 

Today Barrington 220 successfully implemented its 1st day of the Hybrid mode for all grade levels. It was great to see more of our students in our schools and we are excited to welcome back another group of students later this week. 

Unfortunately, our region is currently experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases. This rise in cases is reflected when looking at our health metrics on the Northwestern Medicine dashboard. For each of our four zip codes, the number of new cases per 100,000 persons within the last 14 days has either exceeded or is nearly at our Step 3 (Hybrid) threshold of 200.

  • 60010: 222.4
  • 60021: 204.5
  • 60110: 443.5
  • 60192: 199.3 
  • Total Average: 299.9

As of today, the Lake County Health Department advises schools to remain in their current mode of learning for at least 7 days before making any transition. Over the next 7 days we will be monitoring the weekly cases for all of our individual zip codes, as well as our average of the four zip codes, to determine if specific schools or the entire district can continue with the Hybrid mode, or must revert back to Distance Learning. The district will give families approximately one week’s notice if there is any change of plans. Please keep in mind, when making decisions to manage the risk of exposure, we are looking at trends over time.

We cannot stress enough that in order for us to continue bringing students into our buildings, it is critical for our community to maintain vigilance during this time and follow the 3W’s:

  • Wear a mask
  • Watch your distance
  • Wash your hands
Our COVID-19 dashboard shows the daily number of positive cases and quarantine cases among students and staff at each building in the district. 

  • A positive case is counted on the day it is reported. Every day after, it is placed in the quarantine category. 
  • Quarantine cases are students and staff not attending school due to testing positive or exposure to a positive case. 

*Please note, the dashboard only counts positive and quarantine cases for students who are in our school buildings. Students who are Distance Learning from home are not counted.*
Upcoming Board of Education meetings
The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 7pm in the BMS-Station cafeteria. At this meeting, the district will provide an update to the Board of Education about the first couple of days of the Hybrid implementation. 

Due to public health guidelines, capacity at the Board meeting will be limited to 50 people in the room, however anyone who wishes to sign up for public comment may do so. If capacity is reached, you will be asked to wait in an overflow room and then be called in for public comment.

As a reminder, you can view the live stream of all Board of Education meetings by visiting the Board’s YouTube channel.
Samantha Ptashkin
Director of Communications
515 W. Main Street, Barrington, IL 60010
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