Barrington 220 weekly COVID-19 update
November 16, 2020

Dear Barrington 220 Community: 

As we shared last week, Barrington 220 will continue to follow our established five metrics, which means students will continue learning from home until the data shows it is safe to return to the Hybrid mode. Based on the data it is clear that we will not be returning to the Hybrid mode any time soon, therefore we will no longer refer to this as an “Adaptive Pause”, rather the district is simply in Distance Learning mode (Step 2). All students and staff will continue following the same schedules they have been following over the past couple of weeks. 

As a reminder, during this time: 

  • Staff are in their school buildings
  • Many special education students are in person
  • Extracurricular activities and IHSA approved sports are continuing
  • Students will continue to have opportunities to come into school buildings in small groups for various reasons coordinated at each school

When viewing the Northwestern Medicine dashboard, the number of new cases (Metric #1) per 100,000 persons for each of our zip codes continues to climb well beyond our Step 3 (Hybrid) threshold of 200. In addition, our positivity rate (Metric #2) continues to exceed the Step 3 (Hybrid) threshold of 9.99% in all but one zip code. Here are the latest numbers as of 11/15/2020:
New Cases

  • 60010: 903.3
  • 60021: 855.0
  • 60110:1372.1
  • 60192: 797.3
  • Total Average: 1058.2
Positivity Rates

  • 60010: 11.94%
  • 60021: 5.71%
  • 60110: 23.64%
  • 60192: 14.40%
  • Total Average: 15.15%
Upcoming Board of Education meetings
The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7pm at BMS-Station Campus. Click here to view the agenda for the meeting

Due to the most recent public health guidelines, capacity will be limited to 25 people in the room, however anyone who wishes to sign up for public comment may do so. If capacity is reached, you will be asked to wait in an overflow room and then be called in for public comment. Following district protocol, all visitors must wear masks and will be required to complete an on site COVID-19 symptom screening prior to entering the building.

As a reminder, you can view the live stream of all Board of Education meetings by visiting the Board’s YouTube channel.