Barrington 220 weekly COVID-19 update
February 8, 2021

Dear Barrington 220 Community: 

Today we began Week #4 of the Hybrid 2.0 implementation. As of this week, all Barrington High School sophomores, juniors and seniors who wish to attend school in person are able to do so five days a week for a full day. 

The district is currently developing plans for five day/week attendance at Prairie and Station, as well as full five day/week for the entire school day at the elementary level. However, due to current higher in-person attendance at these grade levels, key mitigation issues must be resolved before this happens including: staff vaccinations and the Illinois State Board of Education/Illinois Department of Public Health requirement of six feet social distancing. We will implement these plans as soon as the opportunity exists.  

We are excited to share that all Barrington 220 staff are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Many staff members began receiving their first dose last week and vaccinations will continue throughout February and March. 

In addition, we are also excited to report that when viewing our key metrics on the coronavirus webpage, we are headed in a positive direction. This is the first week we are able to report that all metrics, except for Metric #1, have reached Step 4 (Reopen). 
Upcoming Board of Education meeting
The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 7pm. The meeting will be held in person at Station Middle School. The number of people in the room will be limited to 50, as suburban Cook County and Lake County have moved from Tier 1 mitigations to Phase 4 under the State’s Restore Illinois Plan. The livestream of all meetings are viewable via the Board's YouTube channel.