Volume 21, No. 6 | January 29, 2018
News From the January Board Meeting
Coding Club Shares Fun with Board Members
The line between education and entertainment is blurred for 4 th- and 5 th-grade students who spend their lunchtime with computers, “invention kits” and robotic toys.

One result is certain: the students who participate in Coding Club are all ‘makers’ in their own right, having fun and learning new technology at the same time.

Nine members of the Coding Club demonstrated their skills for the Board of Education at the Jan. 23 meeting. Each elementary school has a Coding Club, where 4 th- and 5 th-grade students spend lunch one day a week exploring technology tools such as Scratch, Makey Makey, Sphero, and Little Bits.

Transportation Only Fee Increase for 2018-19
Student curricular and kindergarten fees will remain the same in 18-19 as the previous year as economic conditions stabilize the district’s revenues.

The only fee to increase for 18-19 is the transportation fee, which will increase by $10 to $315 for the year in the wake of a new contract where costs increased. The fee is only charged to families who don’t qualify for busing under state guidelines.

Two economic forces have improved to stabilize the district’s revenues over the last two years. The Consumer Price Index, which controls property tax revenue increases, is set for 2.1 percent for the second year in a row after three years at or below 1 percent.

Additionally, the rate of return on the district’s investments has increased and is projected to continue increasing during 2018.

The full-day kindergarten enrichment fee is $420. The curricular material fee is $120 for K-5 and $125 for junior high. Other fees, including milk: $12 per year; summer school: $105 per class; Young Explorers, $4,100 per year; and before- and after-school care, are also unchanged. 
District Happenings
Science Fair Showcases Students' Talents
Forty students qualified for the Illinois Junior Academy of Science regional competition after receiving gold awards at the Northbrook Junior High School Science Fair on Saturday, Jan. 20.

The science fair showcases the semester-long projects created by students who are enrolled in the Independent Science Research class. A total of 56 student participated with 40 receiving gold awards and advancing to regionals, and 16 receiving silver awards. There are three levels of awards. Students' excitement and pride is on display in this short video above of the event. See the full story on our website.
District Expands Special Education Programming

District 28 is embarking on an exciting new program that will enhance staff collaboration and access to services for students with special needs.

There are five Educational and Life Skills (ELS) classrooms within District 28 schools that are currently staffed and operated by the North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED). These classes serve students who require a highly individualized educational plan. These classes will be integrated into the District 28 Special Education services.

Faculty Recital January 31

Enjoy the musical talents of our staff at the annual Faculty Recital, which will be held at 7 p.m Jan. 31 at Northbrook Junior High.
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