October 2012
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We wanted to thank you for being a loyal D4 customer. We want to help you be the best that you can online and stay up to date with the constantly evolving and ever changing climate on the web. You are receiving this newsletter because we think this information will help you stay intune and aware of change, new technology and how it can apply to your business. Part of our goal at D4 Web Design is not only help you build a strong Internet presence, but to monitor your progress and continue to help you grow as a company.


That being said, we are very excited to introduce the D4 Download newsletter! In every issue of the D4 Download you can expect to find information that we think will help keep your website and online presence fresh and up to date. We will feature social media tips, search engine optimization advice and some of the latest industry trends so that you can stay on top of your online presence. We will also share with you our latest site launches, design work and show examples of you might apply new strategies to your marketing efforts. We look forward to bringing you the latest news and updates. Thank you for your support throughout the years. We look forward to many more to come!

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You need this...
Are you taking advantage of blogging and social media? These days almost everyone has a social media account. There are now roughly 100 million active Twitter users and 900 million Facebook users.  Your customers are using social media and if you are trying to reach them, this is one place you need to be.

Practical Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media
This article from Social Media Today explains why social media can be a vital part of your online strategy. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can reach your customers in ways you otherwise couldn't. Learning to use social media as a powerful tool can help you stay fresh in the consumer's mind.

We can help with this

Did you know that D4 manages the social media and search engine optimization for more than 30 businesses and organizations? We can help you develop a search engine optimization and social media strategy. It's unique to you, your goals, and your budget. Let us explain how you can utilize social media towards your marketing goals. Contact us today to add social media to part of your overall marketing strategy.


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New to D4

This has been an exciting year at D4 Web Design. We've welcomed more than 40 new business and organizations to D4 this year, some of which include Western Bariatric Institute, Pro-Soil, Crucial Life Science, G7 Power,, and Safe Shot Indoor Range, Our team of industry leading design, media and programming experts has also grown. Meet the team!     


Latest Projects
TKO Motorsports

We are excited to announce the launch of the TKO Motorsports website! TKO motorsports wanted an update, they loved their site, but found that it was too hard for them to change up the HTML...

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Western Bariatric Institute

We proudly announce the launch of the Western Bariatric Institute website! Their website features a BMI calculator, easy consultation sign up, events calendar, as well as a before and after gallery...  

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Important Fact


Did you know that Google released a complete change of how their search algorithmic works in April 2012 with an update called Penguin? Find out how this can affect your business here.



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