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VOLUME 65 | November 2, 2018
Dear Neighbors,
Today, my colleagues and I voted to approve a new ordinance long in the marking to address short-term home rentals through platforms such as AirBnB and HomeAway. Two years ago, City leaders convened a task force made of up neighborhood leaders, short-term rental operators, and hotel operators. The group met many times and came up with a proposal that was presented at 13 public meetings. The proposal has additionally been reviewed by the Council’s Community Health & Equity and Governance Committees, the City’s Zoning and Planning Commissions, the Board of Adjustments and twice by the full City Council. I’ve met with and heard from many residents throughout the process. Not everyone is getting exactly what they want in this ordinance, but I believe we have struck a sound balance.

In 2016, City Council directed City staff to review the health, safety and property value impacts of short-term home rentals. Additionally, the Council wanted to ensure that operators of short-term home rentals were paying the Hotel Occupancy Tax, as required by existing law.

The City found that short-term home rentals did not create an additional burden for SAPD or SAFD. Staff also reviewed real estate studies conducted in other cities which indicated that short-term home rentals increased property values, and did not decrease them.

While not all parts of our City have been affected by home shares, some parts have. Residents of those neighborhoods are beginning to feel as if they’re losing their neighborhood. Without action we could lose the character of these and possibly more neighborhoods. The ordinance we approved today addresses this concern and several others. Here are some highlights:

  • Non-owner of occupied rentals: the ordinance limits non-owner occupied rentals to 12.5% of homes on the block. That is the amount neighborhoods stakeholders were willing to absorb. This limit can be exceeded by making a request to the Board of Adjustments.
  • Owner-occupied rentals: the ordinance sets no limits on the number of owner-occupied home rentals. These are rentals in which only one room, or perhaps an accessory dwelling unit, is rented out but the owner lives on the property.
  • Safety: the ordinance requires operators to comply with certain safety requirements and complete a self-inspection. In addition, the ordinance prohibits short term home rentals from providing food, beverage or event venue services.
  • Coordination with housing policies: this ordinance restricts short-term rentals from being operated in properties that received housing incentives from the City.

Our work is not done. We must monitor the effectiveness of the ordinance to make sure it is having the desired outcome. For those who are concerned about short term rentals being used as party houses or causing parking frustrations, please call SAPD and then file a complaint with the City. 

It is also important for our City to monitor how short-term home rentals affect housing affordability for our residents.

I want to thank the task force members for their hard work and the many neighborhood leaders whose input proved crucial in developing this ordinance.
Yours in public service,
P.S. Please join us on November 10 from 9:00 a.m. to noon for Puppies & Pumpkins at Nani Falcone Park. The flyer is included below.

Office note: Our office will close at 4:00 p.m. on November 2, on November 12 in observance of Veterans Day, and from November 19 to 23 in observance of Thanksgiving Week.
Welcome the fall weather with Councilwoman Sandoval and Animal Care Services at this year's Puppies & Pumpkins!
On November 10, make your way to Nani Falcone Park for bouncy houses, a pie-eating contest, live music, free microchipping and low-cost vaccinations for your pets! Thanks to Parks and Recreation Department, we'll have free trees up for adoption.
Consider giving back! The San Antonio Food Bank will be on-site to collect donations of non-perishable food and pet food.
The festivities begin at 9:00 a.m. and run until noon. For more information, please contact our office at 210-207-0870 or
The Week in Photos
Councilwoman Sandoval visited Finesilver Ranch's Fall Fest this past weekend to speak with residents and welcome the lovely fall weather. Residents who didn't recognize Councilwoman Sandoval can be forgiven--she attended the fest as La Calavera Catrina!
Our office is proud to support the mission of Bully Prevention Month by sponsoring SA Bully Free Zones in schools and encouraging students to take the "Be Nice" pledge. Thank you to all the dedicated parents who take this issue seriously and are working to ensure that our schools are the learning environments students deserve.
The Madison Elementary School PTA welcomed Councilwoman Sandoval to their most recent meeting. They discussed how the school has evolved since Councilwoman Sandoval's days at the school (a long, long time ago!) and how it will evolve in the future.
The District 7 Volunteer Team rolled up their sleeves this past weekend to beautify Seeling Park. Thanks to them, you'll notice a cleaner park and freshly painted bollards. Love your neighborhood? Join the District 7 Volunteer Team today and help us beautify areas in your neighborhood! Contact our office at 210-207-0870 to sign up.
The City's Transportation & Capital Improvements Department held a community meeting to prepare residents for phase 3 of the Seeling Channel project. Councilwoman Sandoval reiterated her commitment to ensuring the project goes smoothly.
The District 7 Office was proud to work with the YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park for this year's Trunk-or-Treat! Knowing full well that kids would receive plenty of candy, we opted to distribute rubber duckies dressed in Halloween costumes.
Ask Ana Anything
One of the ways Councilwoman Sandoval wants to give you the answers you need about city government is through "Ask Ana Anything", a recurring part of the weekly District 7 newsletter. Have a question for Ana? Email it to with the subject "Ask Ana Anything".
Hi Ana,

I have to say, I’m a bit confused about who you chose to open the council meeting a few weeks ago. A secular invocation? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Confused on Culebra
Dear Confused,

Thank you for your message. My office has received several questions over my choice of guest invocator at a recent City Council meeting. I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to call my office to share your views and ask for mine.

As a council member in the City of San Antonio, I am lucky to have many privileges. One of the most special is inviting an invocator to open a City Council meeting. Invocations are one of those are moments in which we overtly bring our personal spirituality into our role as public servants.

In my view, the invocation is a moment to pause and consider what my purpose is and who I serve. It’s a reminder to act with virtue and fairness, regardless of religious affiliation. For previous council meetings, I invited the Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, Reverend Josh Snyder from the Universalist Unitarian Church, and Pastoral Associate Virginia Valenzuela from St. Paul’s Catholic Church. All of them have shared great words with our council. You can see their invocations here. [LINK]

According to the Pew Research Center, 70% of the U.S. population identifies with a Christian religion, while nearly three in ten residents identify with a non-Christian faith or no particular religion. Our City also works for them and must also represent them.

Earlier this year, Nick Lee and a group of multi-faith ministers came to me with a simple request: to let Mr. Lee perform the opening invocation at a City Council meeting—to let residents know that regardless of their faith, they were represented at Council. I agreed. Thus, on September 13, Mr. Lee delivered the invocation at Council. He came supported by pastors of various faiths and individuals who don't practice religion. He spoke respectfully and eloquently on the importance of exercising fairness in all of the City’s affairs. You can view his remarks here

The invocation had significance to more than just the non-faith community. The following day, I received this message from an attendee: 
I just wanted to let you know I that I really appreciated your thoughtfulness and courage in your selection of the gentleman who gave the invocation. I thought it was really powerful and inclusive. I’ve been in many city council meetings across Texas with a partner of mine who is Jewish and she always feels like the invocation doesn’t really speak to her so I thought it was a great message those of all religion and no religion as well.  I hope it’s not the last secular invocation and applaud you for being the first.
Mr. Lee's invocation is a call that stretched across faiths and affirmed that people of any faith deserve respect and dignity and should be welcome to participate in their local government.

Even if we do not always agree, please keep in mind that I represent District 7 residents, regardless of political views, ethnic backgrounds, and religious practices. My office and I work to ensure that you are represented at City Hall, that your neighborhood is safe, and that your City works for you.
Yours in public service,

Ana E. Sandoval
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Upcoming Office Events
City Services Friday: Meet with Code Enforcement on November 9
Councilwoman Sandoval has heard your feedback and now seeks to give residents an opportunity to speak directly to the city services you call about most. Schedule a 20 minute meeting with a representative from Animal Care Services, Code Enforcement or 311. Take your concerns directly to the city department, learn more about their processes, and gain a better understanding of how city services work together to address the needs of our community.

Call 210-207-0870 or email us at to reserve an appointment. Representatives will only meet with pre-scheduled constituents of District 7.
Coffee with Ana: Make an Appointment Now!
Appointments are available for the upcoming Coffees with Ana! This is an opportunity for residents to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Councilwoman.

To make an appointment, call 210-207-0870 or send an email to
Neighbor of the Week:
Michele Dalbis Robledo
With a hint of an East Coast accent, a robust laugh, and a twinkle in her eye, Michele Dalbis Robledo is a force of nature. This District 7 resident has resided for over 30 years in Braun Station East and West (current/former president) and draws on her Italian roots and Connecticut upbringing to engage those around her in animated conversation and delectable food. Not shy to tell you her opinion or to listen to yours, Michele is passionate about her beliefs but is even more concerned about making other people’s burdens lighter. In fact, she feels that it is her calling in life as expressed in the poem “Let Me Give” that she memorized as a child and lives by today. And baking….a love and a much needed therapy (Just ask her!). But her greatest love is her family, her kids. She is extremely proud of their social awareness and what amazing, good people they are. And we in D7 are extremely proud—to call her friend and neighbor.

Michele is pictured above with her husband Richard.
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Exercise Your Civic Duty! Go Vote!
Early Voting by Personal Appearance begins Monday, October 22 and ends Friday, November 2. Early Voting sites include the Bexar County Elections Office along with 42 other locations. Election day is November 6. To view a complete list of sites and hours of voting as well as ballot information, please visit

City of San Antonio registered voters will have the opportunity to vote on three Charter Amendments.

For more qusetions, call the Office of the City Clerk at 210-207-7253 or the Bexar County Elections Department at 335-8683 (VOTE).
Ride VIA to Vote on November 6
VIA Metropolitan Transit reminds the community to “Ride VIA to Vote” on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 for the Joint General, Special, Charter and Bond Election. The “Ride VIA to Vote” initiative provides free public transportation on municipal, state, and federal election days for passengers who present a valid voter registration card to the bus or van operator. The complimentary service will be available for regular bus service and VIAtrans paratransit service throughout the VIA service area on Nov. 6. Registered VIAtrans customers should schedule their trip in accordance with VIAtrans policies and procedures.

Customers can plan their trip to vote at their respective precincts with the VIA goMobile app. With VIA goMobile, VIA is continuing its commitment to offer convenient and helpful passenger amenities and resources. Use VIA’s free systemwide 4G LTE WiFi to manage your goMobile account while making a trip or visiting one of our Transit Centers. The free app is available on Apple and Android smartphones.

For additional information regarding routes and schedules on Election Day, call (210) 362-2020. Visit The Bexar County Election Site to find your polling location.
Apply for the VIA Board of Trustees
We’re seeking applicants to fill slots on the VIA Metropolitan Transit Board of Trustees! Members meet monthly to discuss policy issues & hear comments from the San Antonio community. Apply by Nov. 2 at:
Treecentennial Give Away at UTSA on Saturday, Nov. 3
In honor of the City's Tricentennial and Arbor Day, the City has teamed up with UTSA to host a Treecentennial tree giveaway this Saturday, November 3, at UTSA's Main Campus beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Volunteers will plant 100 trees on the UTSA Campus and provide 300 trees for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Limit one tree per household.
Displacement Prevention & Assistance Survey
The City of San Antonio’s Neighborhood and Housing Services Department (NHSD) is developing a new policy to tackle displacement and eviction causes. As part of the departments’ outreach endeavors for this policy, they would like to hear from people on the issues that impact the lives of those suffering from/or at—risk of displacement to help them allocate the 2019 FY Risk-Mitigation Fund. The new policy is intended to combine preemptive and re-housing approaches to end displacement and provide a safe and stable housing for families and individuals across the City.
The survey will close on Friday, November 16th at 5:00 PM.
O.P. Schnabel Park Expansion Meeting -- November 7th
The City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a third public meeting to continue the community discussion about the future development and expansion of O.P. Schnabel Park on the grounds of the former Alamo Golf Club.  

Dunaway Associates, a statewide professional design firm specializing in landscape architectural services, has refined two schematic design concepts based on public input provided at the previous meeting. The consultants will present these alternative concepts and solicit feedback from the audience.

The meeting is scheduled Wednesday, November 7th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Carl Wanke Elementary School located at 10419 Old Prue Road.  

For any questions, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (210) 207-8480.
Open Houses on Climate Action & Adaptation Plan
The City of San Antonio's Office of Sustainability is hosting several open houses throughout the community. Residents are invited to share their thoughts on San Antonio's first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. The Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will lay a road map to reduce carbon emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and ensure San Antonio remains a healthy, vibrant place for generations to come. Visit for more information.

La Oficina de Sostenibilidad de la Ciudad de San Antonio está organizando varios open houses en toda la comunidad. Los residentes están invitados a compartir sus opiniones sobre el primer Plan de adaptación y acción climática de San Antonio. El Plan de adaptación y acción climática establecerá un plan para reducir las emisiones de carbono, adaptarse a un clima cambiante y garantizar que San Antonio siga siendo un lugar saludable y vibrante para las generaciones futuras. Visita para más información.
Join The SApreservation Rehabber Club for their first-ever Donuts & DIY event focused on wood window repair! This FREE workshop will be a crash-course on window terminology, condition assessments, and essential tools for DIY repair. This course is best for novices, those looking to brush up on their knowledge, or those looking to obtain basic information on tools needed to get started. 

This event is outdoors and interactive. You bring the questions, they'll bring the donuts (and coffee)!

Saturday, November 3
9:30am - 11:00am at Villa Finale
401 King William St, San Antonio
In 2017, Councilman Roberto Treviño initiated a Council Consideration request in response to demolition penalties and neighborhood concerns in San Antonio. One of the recommendations from the Council Committee was for the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) to further explore deconstruction as an alternative to traditional demolition.

OHP invites you to attend a Public Meeting taking place on Monday, November 5, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, to learn about the initiative and share your input! The meeting will be held at Eco Centro, 1802 N Main, in the Tobin Hill neighborhood.

The meeting will feature a presentation from city staff, a deconstruction case study from a historic district resident, and an interactive exercise.

This event is FREE and open to the public!

Can’t attend the meeting? Your input is still important to us! Please take time to email your comments to Written comments will be documented on the project website:
Visit Historical and Cultural Landmarks throughout San Antonio for FREE
The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department is excited to partner with The Cultural Landscape Foundation in connecting people with places. You are invited to explore San Antonio's diverse cultural landscapes during the What's Out There Weekend San Antonio tours on November 10 - 11, 2018

Come learn more during expertly guided tours of some of our city's most significant public spaces. 
All tours are free. Space is limited and registration is required. Go to for more info.
Apply for Under One Roof Funds
The Under One Roof Program repairs or replaces worn and damaged roofs with new, energy-efficient roofs for qualified homeowners. This year, the program is accepting applications city-wide.

The eligibility requirements for the program follow:
  • Property must be within San Antonio city limits and have Homestead Exemption
  • Property taxes must be current (no prior year taxes due)
  • Be a US citizen or Legal Resident with no prior liens or Judgments
  • Property must be SOLEY owned and occupied and less then 1500sqft
  • Must meet established HUD Income limits income guidelines,
  • Gross income must not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI)
Upcoming Events
To view more events, visit our calendar on the website here.
Guilbeau Park Neighborhood Meeting
Date: November 1
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Guilbeau Park Community Center (9214 Caen)
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
Planet K's 11th Annual Dia de los Muertos Fireworks Celebration
Date: November 3
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Woodlawn Lake Park (1103 Cincinnati Ave)
Kaboom! Playground Installation
Date: November 3
Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: Salvation Army -- Catherine Booth (2710 W Ashby Place)
*Councilwoman Sandoval will be in attendance.*
Braun Oaks HOA Board Meeting
Date: November 5
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Braun Oaks Clubhouse (10555 Tezel Road)
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
Thunderbird Hills NA Meeting
Date: November 5
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Powell Elementary School (6003 Thunder Dr)
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
Donaldson Terrace NA Meeting
Date: November 5
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: 326 John Adams
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
Ingram Hills NA Meeting
Date: November 5
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: 2639 Benrus
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
Northwest Alliance Meeting
Date: November 7
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Braun Station West Clubhouse (8630 Tezel Road)
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
O.P. Schnabel Park Expansion Meeting
Date: November 7
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Carl Wanke Elementary School (10419 Old Prue Road)
*District 7 Staff will be in attendance.*
The District 7 Office Presents: Puppies & Pumpkins
Date: November 10
Time: 9:00 a.m. to noon
Location: Nani Falcone Park (7625 Mystic Park)
*Councilwoman Sandoval will be in attendance.*
Date: November 15
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: VIA Metro Center (1021 San Pedro Ave)
VetStrong's Operation Cold Front
Date: November 17
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Location: VetStrong (1735 Babcock Road)
*Councilwoman Sandoval will be in attendance.*
Tween Night with the YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park
Date: November 17
Time: 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Location: O.P. Schnabel Park (9606 Bandera)
Tween Night with the YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park
Date: December 8
Time: 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Location: O.P. Schnabel Park (9606 Bandera)
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