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VOLUME 90 | May 11, 2019
Dear Neighbors,
When I requested the City explore ways to better engage our residents, I didn’t anticipate that we’d be able to take our City Council meetings on tour and into the communities we serve. This coming Wednesday, we’re doing just that!

Join us at Port San Antonio for a City Council B Session, where the council receives presentations and briefings, and then for Citizens To Be Heard, where anyone can address the council on any topic they wish.
Yours in public service,
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The Week in Photos
Seeing so many residents at our Bandera Road meeting was great. We had over 600 residents join us—a record-breaking number for a public meeting! 

As I said at the meeting, the corridor planning process to start with you and your neighbors. Whatever we do to Bandera Road, we’ll have to live with for years to come. That’s why I’m committed to a community-driven process.
Ask Ana Anything
One of the ways Councilwoman Sandoval wants to give you the answers you need about city government is through "Ask Ana Anything", a recurring part of the weekly District 7 newsletter. Have a question for Ana? Email it to with the subject "Ask Ana Anything".

I missed the Bandera Road Community Meeting (ironically enough, I was delayed by traffic on another road). Where can I get a copy of the presentation?

Wondering on Wickersham
Dear Wondering,

Thanks for the question (and I'm sorry you couldn't make it!). Both the presentation and survey results are available on the City’s webpage. You can take the survey for yourself here.

Through polling, we received feedback that we’ll use to inform development of the plan. Some of the feedback we received:

  • Reducing congestion is the top priority for residents, of course, but safety and enhanced connectivity are important to residents as well.
  • About a third of the attendees reported spending over an hour on Bandera Road every day.
  • Slightly more residents reported using Bandera to run errands and shop than to commute to and from work.
  • Protecting water and air quality and expanding connections to the Leon Creek Trailway are priorities for the community.

I hope you'll make it to the next meeting!
Yours in public service,

Connect with Your Councilmember
Have Coffee with Ana!
Spots are available for upcoming Coffees with Ana! This is an opportunity available each month for District 7 residents to schedule a twenty minute, one-on-one meeting with the Councilwoman.

Coffees are held on the first Saturday of the month. The next Coffee will be held on June 1 at our field office at the Maverick Library, 8700 Mystic Park.

To make an appointment, call 210-207-0870 or send an email to
District 7 in the News
"Off Guilbeau Road near Bandera Road, there's a senior living home with an H-E-B next door. They were so close, yet so far apart - separated by a gap in the sidewalk in front of an undeveloped property."

“Our team did a great job of inviting the public to a discussion that everyone wants to have. Bandera Road has been a problem for residents since the days of stagecoaches,” Councilwoman Ana Sandoval said. “Our residents have been clamoring for engagement and an opportunity to shape its growth.”

"San Antonio and Leon Valley's portion of State Highway 16 – better known as the Bandera Road corridor – is a problem area for drivers."

"'There isn't one silver bullet that is going to solve this, Bandera is home to businesses and it's in the backyards of many communities in our district,' Councilwoman Ana Sandoval said."

"Economic development, land use, traffic, and urban design are the next phase for the future of the Bandera Road Corridor."

“Studies have shown that this type of configuration enhances safety. There are less crashes in intersections like this," [a TxDOT representative] said.

"A St. Mary’s University police officer was off duty but still in life-saving mode when he rescued a woman from her crashed and burning car early Wednesday."

Neighbor of the Week:
Michael Marcum
Construction in the Community
Right Turn Lane Coming to Mainland Road
The City's Transportation & Capital Improvements Department (TCI) is beginning construction this week on a right turn lane on eastbound Mainland Road. The goal? Improving the flow of traffic onto Bandera Road.

TCI anticipates completing this project by the end of this summer.

For more information, contact Epifanio Ruiz at 210-207-7767 or
Safety Improvements Coming to Hillcrest Dr
A “Merge Left” sign and pavement marking are coming to Hillcrest, just south of the Babcock / Hillcrest intersection!

Residents brought this safety concern to our attention and are happy that the City’s traffic engineers have a solution to help alert drivers that the lanes are merging.
Braun Station East & West: Google Fiber Update
Google Fiber asked us to notify you that their vendor, BComm, will be conducting boring work in the following areas:

  • Just north of New Guilbeau
  • London Heights
  • About 250 feet north of Queen Heights
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Wickersham

Have any questions? You can contact Google Fiber directly on their 24/7 service line at 1 (877) 454-6959.
Share Your Thoughts
What does the future of San Antonio’s Hemisfair look like to you? Share your vision for Tower Park! Survey closes May 15.
What are your bright ideas for San Antonio’s future? Take the @SASpeakUp FY2020 Budget survey today and make your voice heard. It’s our city. Let’s talk! SASpeakUp
¡Cuéntanos tus ideas brillantes para el futuro de San Antonio! Toma la encuesta de @SASpeakUp AF 2020 y ¡haz contar tu voz! ¡Alza tu voz, San Antonio! #SASpeakUp
The City of San Antonio would like to hear from you on Air Quality in our community. Please complete this brief survey. Thank you!
La ciudad de San Antonio le gustaría saber de usted sobre la calidad del aire en nuestra comunidad. Por favor complete esta breve encuesta. Gracias!
*DEADLINE EXTENDED* City Seeks Applicants for the VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority Board of Trustees 
The City of San Antonio continues to seek applicants to fill one (1) slot on the VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority Board of Trustees. The term of office expires December 31, 2019. The VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority Board of Trustees is comprised of 11 members, of which five (5) members are appointed by the City Council for staggered two-year terms. Members must be qualified voters residing within the VIA Metropolitan Transit Service Area.

Members receive compensation of $50.00 per meeting of the Board attended, not to exceed five meetings or a maximum of $250.00 any calendar month. Board meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM at the VIA Metro Center.
The application deadline has been extended through Monday, May 20, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. Applications are available at:
For assistance with the application process, please contact Brandon Smith, Boards & Commissions Coordinator, at (210) 207-7253.
May is National Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
According to the National Safety Council, motorcycles make more road appearances during the Spring months than any other time of the year. Four-wheeled drivers play a major role in responsibility for keeping cyclists safe on the road because it is usually other drivers who violate the cyclists’ right of way, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The San Antonio Municipal Court cares about all drivers’ safety, regardless of the number of wheels you’re traveling on. We encourage everyone to look twice, share the road, drive defensively and courteously, and take all steps to have a distraction free ride. Drive safe San Antonio!
Metro Health Recognizes May as Trauma Informed Care Awareness Month
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) is recognizing Trauma Informed Care Awareness Month throughout May. The City of San Antonio and Bexar County have collaborated on the first annual observance of a month of inspiring events, conversations and presentations for the local community.
Metro Health aims to raise awareness about Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) and Trauma Informed Care by connecting directly with the community through marketing campaigns and multiple community events. ACEs are traumatic events that include abuse, neglect, exposure to mental illness and substance abuse, and witnessing violence at home or in the community that disrupt a child’s healthy development and alter the way their brains and bodies respond to stress. Trauma Informed Care approaches refer to ways of providing services to people that understand and recognize the role that trauma could play in their life. These types of programs ask the question “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?.”
Utilizing a Trauma Informed Care approach can reduce the impact of ACEs on the individual, the individual’s family, friends, neighbors, and their entire community. More than 20% of children in Bexar County have experienced two or more ACE’s. A reduction in ACE score from one generation to the next can dramatically improve health.
In August 2018, the South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium was formed to bring together organizations and systems across sectors committed to addressing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and building Certified Trauma Informed Care Systems. Currently, the Consortium consists of 11 Sectors that include 158 total organizations and over 300 community members.
Throughout the month of May, the Consortium has scheduled events to raise awareness about ACEs and Trauma Informed Care approaches. A calendar of free events is available on the Metro Health website. To learn more about ACEs and Trauma Informed Care please visit:
Doorbell video captures heartbreaking pet abandonment; ACS investigators seeking identity of person seen tying up bewildered dog
SAN ANTONIO (May 1, 2019) - The doorbell security camera captured the sad scene as it unwound in front of a Northwest side home: A confused and scared pet seemingly abandoned after being tied to a driveway basketball hoop. It happened the morning of April 24th at a home on Pioneer Gold. Video of the brazen abandonment showed the individual dropping a small plastic bag of food next to the young terrier before tying her leash to the metal pole. The person appears to cast a brief glance backwards before walking down the street while the dog struggles to follow.

While the dog in the video is safe, Animal Care Services stresses animal abandonment is not only inhumane; it’s also against the law. Cruelty Investigators are seeking the identity of the individual pictured and urge anyone with information to call 311. ACS reminds residents there is a wide array of community resources available for those not able or willing to care for their pets any longer. In addition to local shelters, area rescue groups and even individuals provide ongoing opportunities for people to humanely re-home unwanted dogs and cats. Depending on the circumstances, pet abandonment charges can range from a Class C misdemeanor to a State Jail felony.

For information on this and other city animal laws, residents are encouraged to visit
Jefferson Outreach Seeks Volunteer Drivers
Jefferson Outreach is an organization that offers assistance to people over 60. One of its important services is to provide free transportation to seniors having medical and other appointments. Currently the organization has fewer drivers than people needing the service. If you are interested In assisting, call (210) 734-5016 or go by 2201 St. Cloud
SAWS Impact Fees Being Discussed at City Council
You may have heard recently about discussions of impact fees at council. What are they, and how do they affect you? Here is the scoop to give you a better understanding.
Impact fees are one-time fees charged to builders by San Antonio Water System when a builder or developer is connecting new businesses or residential developments to the city’s water and wastewater system. The impact fees charged to the builder pay for the costs of expanding the system to serve the future customers that will live or work in the new developments. Impact fees are not charged to existing SAWS customers.
Impact fees are reviewed every five years. They are based on the cost of providing service to the future customers, and the distance of the building or business from the central infrastructure. Generally, impact fees are higher in the far northwest portion of the city, and lowest in the central and southern portions.
After a citizens’ committee review of proposed new impact fees, SAWS Board of Trustees approved the new fees in April, and City Council is currently considering them and is scheduled to vote in May.
For more information, please visit
This Weekend at San Antonio Public Library
Maverick Writer's Group
Maverick Branch Library (8700 Mystic Park, 78254)
Saturday, May 11
10 – 11:30 a.m.
Each month, the Writer’s Group will present a new topic about the craft or the business of writing. This will be very informal and can even be an article or video one would like to share. Then, we will discuss! (Suggested topics: Book Titles, Working with an Illustrator, Marketing a Non-Fiction Book, or the Role of an Editor.) Each person will also have an opportunity to share what he or she is working on, and of course, critiques can be part of this! All participants will be asked to offer constructive and respectful critiques.
Qi Gong for Wellness
Forest Hills Branch Library (5245 Ingram Rd., 78228)
Saturday, May 11
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Qi Gong is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training. Join us for a weekly Qi Gong session led by a certified Qi Gong instructor!
Classical Bharatanatyam Dance
Maverick Branch Library (8700 Mystic Park, 78254)
Saturday, May 11
11 a.m. – Noon
Bharathanatyam is among the most subtle and sophisticated dance forms in the world. Each of these 1 hour professional dance performances, presented by Kaveri Natya Yoga Center dance group, will be followed by an informal, interactive demonstration. Bharatanatyam Dance features classical Indian Dance embodying music and storytelling based on the theme.
Fantastic Bunnies and How to Make Them
Forest Hills Branch Library (5245 Ingram Rd., 78228)
Saturday, May 11
2 – 3:30 p.m.
Attend a Workshop taught by Amy Jones of the Fiber Artists of San Antonio (FASA). Learn about making small felt bunnies and more by using a "wet felting" technique. Instruction and all supplies are included. Limited space is available in the workshop. There is no registration, only first-come, first-serve. This is an adults only class.
Japanese Daily Life and Customs
Maverick Branch Library (8700 Mystic Park, 78254)
Saturday, May 11
4 – 5 p.m.
Maverick Library will celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with Chinatsu Oku, of East Asia Institute – UTSA, as she will discuss Japanese daily life & customs. Mark your calendar!
May 4: Woodlawn Pool, Regional Pools Open to Public
May 15: Community Meeting on Billboards
May 16: Community Meeting on the Berta Almaguer Dance Studio
May 18: Discover Nature at Lee's Creek Park
May 21: Westside Creeks Restoration Oversight Committee Meeting
Join us for the Westside Creeks Restoration Oversight Committee Meeting
May 21, 2019 

6:00 p.m.

San Antonio River Authority Boardroom
100 East Guenther Street
San Antonio, 78204
Agenda to Follow
For more information, please contact Hillary Lilly at (210) 302-3641 or
May 24-26: Museum Reach Decennial Fest 4 All
June 1: 4th Annual Neighborhood Day
Mark your calendars for Neighborhood Day on June 1, 2019 at UTSA Downtown - Buena Vista Building. Author of the Turquoise Table, Kristin Schell, will deliver the keynote address - Putting Neighbors back in the Neighborhood. 

This half-day summit will feature workshops on prime issues facing neighborhood leaders including engaging with local officials, building leaders from within, understanding and working with city and county services, and networking with each other. Coffee and breakfast tacos will be served.
Upcoming Events
Wonder where your District 7 Team is headed next? Join Councilwoman Sandoval and/or District 7 staff at any of the following events!
Jefferson Neighborhood Meeting
Date: May 13
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Jefferson United Methodist Church, 758 Donaldson Ave.
D7 staff will be in attendance
Date: May 15
Time: 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Location: Port San Antonio, 907 Billy Mitchell
Braun Station East Neighborhood Board Meeting
Date: May 15
Time: 6:45 p.m.
Location: 9350 Knighthood
Public Meeting: Bertha Almaguer Dance Studio & Proposed Multi-Generational Center
Date: May 16
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Bertha Almaguer Dance Studio, 138 S Josephine Tobin Dr.
Maverick Neighborhood Meeting
Date: May 20
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: St. Brigid's Convent on Loma Linda
Culebra Park Neighborhood Meeting
Date: May 21
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Esparza Elementary School, 5700 Hemphill Dr.
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project -- Willie Velazquez Benefit Dinner
Date: May 24
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Brooks Hotel & Spa, 7610 South New Braunfels, 78235
Register here.
San Antonio Great Debate Panel
Date: May 25
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: St. Mary's University, University Center Ballroom
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