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VOLUME 110 | October 24, 2019
Dear Neighbors,
San Antonio Honors Fallen Firefighter Greg Garza

Our men and women in the fire department risk their well-being and their lives each and every time they respond to an alarm. Regardless of the size of the fire or emergency, dedicating one’s life to protecting our community is an inherently dangerous path to follow.

Last week’s tragic passing of Firefighter Greg Garza was a tragic reminder of this fact. Today, we commemorated Garza’s life and honored the sacrifice he made for our city.

While this is a devastating loss for our community, let us not forget how much it has impacted our firefighters and Garza’s loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Yours in public service,
Honoring Firefighter Greg Garza
The San Antonio Fire Department marched in solidarity through the heart of our city to honor the memory of Firefighter Greg Garza.