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Your District 7 Newsletter
VOLUME 20 | Dec. 14, 2017
Dear Neighbors,
I hope you’re having a great holiday season!

I’d like to take a moment from the end-of-the-year flurry of activity at City Hall to announce our first State of District 7 Town Hall meetings next month. For the convenience of residents, we’ve scheduled two events.

  • The first Town Hall will be Tuesday, January 23, at Braun Station Elementary from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

  • The second is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, at Jefferson High School, also from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Braun Station Elementary is located at 8631 Tezel Road. Jefferson High School is at 723 Donaldson Ave.

I look forward to talking with you about our community’s future and how we will strengthen District 7. Please plan to attend!

Thank you.
Yours in public service,
P.S. The District 7 Office will close December 20th in observance of the holidays. It will reopen on January 2nd.
Ask Ana Anything
One of the ways Councilwoman Sandoval wants to give you the answers you need about city government is through "Ask Ana Anything", a recurring part of the weekly District 7 newsletter. Have a question for Ana? Email it to with the subject line "Ask Ana Anything".
Dear Ana,

I strongly favor changing the rules for affordable housing projects to have developers meet with nearby homeowners. We deserve to know about projects planned for our community.

What’s happening with the policy changes you mentioned in your letter last week?

Talk To Us
Dear Talk,

Good news! Earlier today, City Council adopted policy changes – which I fought for – to increase transparency in the way the City awards Letters of Support or No Objection for proposed affordable housing projects.

Under the City’s new Low Income Housing Tax Credit policy, developers earn points for holding community meetings to inform the public about their planned projects before securing Letters of Support or No Objection from the City. They’re required to notify plan team members and property owners within 200 feet of the site and all neighborhood associations and community organizations within a half-mile of the planned development.

This is a big step in ensuring that affordable-housing developers talk openly with residents of the communities in which they want to build their apartments.

Councilwoman Ana Sandoval
EDITOR'S NOTE: A unit is considered affordable if somebody only has to pay one-fifth of their income on rent.  In Texas, owners of low-income, tax-credit properties set rents that are affordable for people who make less than 60% of the area median family income. For example, in San Antonio, an affordable unit charges $445 in rent from a single person who makes $26,700 per year. For a family of four that makes $38,100, an affordable unit charges $635 in rent. Click here for TDHCA's 2017 Low Income Housing Plan and Annual Report.
Councilwoman in the News
"'Without doing something different, we're going to be stuck in the same place,' said District 7 City Councilwoman Ana Sandoval."

Attendees of San Antonio’s first official event on responding to climate change came outside to find fat flakes of snow falling on downtown.

District 7 Holiday Open House Photos Available on Facebook
Construction Project Updates
1604/Bandera — Displaced Left Turn Interchange
The first phase of work and is scheduled to finish up in late January. The second phase, which will close the south-to-north turnaround, will begin as soon as the first phase wraps up and will take about five months to get done. Traffic won't switch into the new configuration of the displaced left-turn until after both the first two phases are complete.
Ongoing Projects
Share Your Thoughts
District 7 Office Holiday Hours
The District 7 Office will close December 20th in observance of the holidays. It will reopen on January 2nd.
Salda ña and Sandoval: Working Group to Develop Alternatives to 'One Vehicle, One Driver' Commutes
Under the direction of City Council members Rey Saldaña and Ana Sandoval, the City is organizing a working group to recommend ways to make car- and van-pooling, and other alternative transportation options more convenient for employees. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion on San Antonio roadways ahead of the expected influx of one million new residents by 2040.

Saldaña and Sandoval won unanimous support on Tuesday from Council’s Governance Committee for their initiative to work with employers on alternatives to the “one vehicle, one driver” commute. About 80 percent of San Antonio employees drive alone to and from work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The working group will include representatives of public entities, such as VIA Metropolitan Transit and Alamo Area Council of Governments, and the private sector, including chambers of commerce, large employers, and small and midsize businesses.

“We want to work hand-in-hand with employers,” Councilwoman Sandoval said. “Their commitment to promoting carpooling, bicycling, or walking to work, and to sharing information about VIA bus routes and schedules, will be crucial. Our success in making rush hour more tolerable – and less damaging to our air quality – will depend on the strength of our partnership with the private sector.

The working group will make its recommendation in mid-2018, and report its initial findings to Council’s Transportation Committee in March or April.

“With hundreds of millions invested to expand highways by a single lane, it only makes sense for us to look for alternatives that are affordable and focus on moving people rather than just single-occupancy vehicles,” Councilman Saldaña said. “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is a costly and ineffective way of addressing traffic congestion. My fear is that 10-15 years into the future, our city and policymakers will sit in unbearable gridlock and ask why we didn’t try to expand our transportation options."
AAMPO Seeks Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee Members
Do you ride a bike or care about bicycle mobility and safety? If so, then apply to join the Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee (BMAC)! Hear updates on bicycle plans and projects, and participate in discussions on improving bicycling in the region.

Open positions include:
  • Bicycling Organization
  • Citizen At Large
  • Professional Organization

Learn more and apply at:
Winter Tips from SAWS
With below-freezing temperatures possible this winter season, San Antonio Water System reminds homeowners and businesses in our area to be aware of the dangers of water pipes freezing or bursting in cold temperatures.

One of the most common hazards in San Antonio is freezing run-off from irrigation systems, so turn them off now before they become a liability. When water from spray irrigation systems run off onto sidewalks and roadways, the resulting black ice can cause major problems for drivers and pedestrians.

Plumbing is another issue SAWS would like you to keep in mind.

"While it rarely gets cold enough to cause harm to pipes in our area, it's important to know the steps you can take to help protect your pipes from freezing or bursting," said Anne Hayden, SAWS Communications Manager. "Investing a little time or money now can prevent costly plumbing repairs."

In very cold weather, ice begins to form in plumbing exposed to cold air. This can cause a blockage and excessive water pressure, ultimately causing the pipe to burst. Temperatures rarely drop low enough to cause plumbing to freeze or burst in this area, so many people are not aware of what they can do to help.

Seal openings where cold air can reach unprotected water pipes, like outside faucets. Cold winds can speed up the freezing process. Cover exposed pipes with foam or fiberglass insulation sleeves - the thicker the better.

In cases when there's no internal heat, or if there are extended freezing temperatures, leave cabinet doors open under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warmer room air to circulate around pipes.

While not preferred, you can let faucets drip slowly to keep water flowing through the pipes. Ice might still form, but an open faucet allows water to escape. Note: If you choose this option, SAWS will not be able to credit your account for the excess water use.

Also, please be sure to bring inside or protect plants and pets from freezing temperatures.
ACS's Cold Weather Pet Tips and Zero Tolerance
With the forecast calling for freezing, wet conditions over the next several days, Animal Care Services will have ZERO TOLERANCE for weather related violations. Local pet owners who do not provide adequate shelter and/or who use inappropriate tethers for their outdoor pets face criminal citations from patrolling Animal Care Officers. Remember, it is illegal to use chains as tethers for pets in San Antonio. ACS strongly urges all pet owners to take these simple precautions during foul weather conditions:

  • The best way to protect your pets during bad weather? Bring them inside! Pets (especially cats) are safer indoors. Can’t have your pet inside the house? Purchase an insulated dog house or build a protective enclosure that shields your pet from the elements and gives them a safe, warm place to rest.
  • Certain pets are more vulnerable to the rain and damp than others but no pet likes being outside in a storm. Shorthaired dogs, very young or old dogs and all cats should be brought inside during rainy weather.
  • Always provide fresh, clean water regardless of the season. Check water daily.
  • Be mindful of your pet’s curiosity when bringing them into the garage to ride out the stormy weather. Store all chemicals, paints and other potentially harmful substances out of reach. Antifreeze especially can be deadly to pets.

Residents can report possible animal ordinance violations by calling 3-1-1.
Upcoming Events
To view more events, visit the calendar on the Your District 7 website here.
San Pedro Creek Subcommittee Monthly Meeting
Date: December 14
Time: 8:30 AM - 10 PM
Location: San Antonio River Authority, 100 E Guenther St.

The San Pedro Creek Subcommittee provides input, review, and comments regarding the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project. The committee convenes monthly, and its meetings are open to the public.
Winter Wonderland
Date: December 15
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Forest Hills Library, 5245 Ingram Rd.

In San Antonio, we always wonder if winter will really come. But regardless of the weather, we are celebrating the idea of snowshoes, ice skates, fast sleds and warm mittens. Join the Forest Hills Library for a special family time celebration.
OP Schnabel Trailhead Tour & Bike Rodeo
Date: January 6
Time: 10:00 AM - 12 PM
Location: OP Schnabel Park

Enjoy a fun kid's bike rodeo and a guided trail walk that will highlight points along the Leon Creek Greenway Trail System. Come cheer on the kids and learn about the many ways to enjoy your trail green space.

Learn more about the system plan and how you can get involved at:
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