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Your District 7 Newsletter
VOLUME 43 | June 1, 2018
Dear Neighbors,
This week, on the one year anniversary of swearing in as a city councilmember, I had the opportunity to recognize the work of Woodlawn Academy’s International Baccalaureate students. These students led community projects such as sending letters of encouragement and support to refugees, purchasing items and writing letters for patients at Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital, and raising awareness about sex trafficking prevention in the San Antonio area.

I learned about their efforts at the Martinez Street Women’s Center, where two of the students were distributing hundreds of dollars’ worth of needed health supplies to homeless women.
These students went beyond what it takes to be great students and became great community members. Each group’s community project sought to make life better for others, and was driven by a strong spirit of public service that they all share with my council colleagues. My thanks to their sponsor, Ms. Jocelyn Shapiro, and their principal, Ms. Karen Rose. Our teachers build character, they build communities, and I am so grateful that our community has teachers like them.

I’m proud these students and their educators represent District 7. I want to thank them all for their work to make our City a better, more compassionate place.  
Yours in public service,
P.S. My council colleagues and I spent all-day Wednesday meeting with city staff to discuss the budget for Fiscal Year 2018. You can view the presentations we received here.
Mayor's Housing Policy Task Force
Community Meeting
With your input, the Mayor's Housing Policy Task Force now better understands the pressing housing situation that is negatively impacting San Antonio's quality of life. Please join them for an update on what they have documented as well as the actionable steps that they will be recommending to the Mayor and City Council. Share with them what you believe are the most important recommendations to be implemented by the City this year and beyond. Thank you for your tremendous support.

The next community meeting is Saturday, June 2 at the Performing Arts Auditorium at Palo Alto College (1400 W Villaret Blvd.) from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The Week in Photos
In light of several recent changes of great concern to the SAISD and District 7 community, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval hosted a conversation with San Antonio Independent School District Trustee and former Mayor Ed Garza via Facebook Live. During the conversation, Mayor Garza provided an update and took questions from the community regarding recent changes at the school district. To view the video, click here.
We had another successful Conversation with Councilwoman Sandoval this past Saturday at Corazones on Fire. Our thanks go out to all who attended and to the hospitable owner's of Corazones on Fire, Bianca Sapet and Deborah Vasquez. We hope to see you at the next one planned for June 26. We'll announce the location soon.
The Woodlawn Lake Neighborhood Association hosted Councilwoman Sandoval at their meeting this past Tuesday to talk about the approaching July 4th celebration at Woodlawn Lake Park.
Councilwoman Sandoval visited with the Sunshine Estates neighborhood this past Thursday, where they discussed the City's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan and what we can do to promote sustainability in our community.
Councilwoman Sandoval met the City's Watershed Captains in Council Chambers this week. These individuals are part of a large group of people who are working to protect our city from flooding. Thank you for your work!
Ask Ana Anything
One of the ways Councilwoman Sandoval wants to give you the answers you need about city government is through "Ask Ana Anything", a recurring part of the weekly District 7 newsletter. Have a question for Ana? Email it to with the subject line "Ask Ana Anything".
Dear Ana,

Traffic congestion on Bandera Road has continued to get worse and worse, especially between Eckhert and 410. Congestion is a major headache for my neighbors and I, and we'd love an update to let us know what you've been working on in this area.

Dear Stuck,

Over the past year, I have been working to bring stakeholders in Bandera’s future together to create the Bandera Road Task Force. The task force includes representatives from the City of San Antonio and the City of Leon Valley, State Representative Justin Rodriguez, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The task force meets monthly and will craft a plan that eases congestion and strengthens the economy of the Bandera corridor. Once we have a plan, we’ll be able to request federal and state funds. As it develops, we’ll ensure there are opportunities for meaningful community input.

Additionally, I’ve made a formal request to city staff to explore potential measures the City can implement to take cars off the road by making it easier for people to carpool, take the bus, and bike to work. Staff presented their preliminary recommendations to the City Council’s Transportation Committee in April. We expect final recommendations in the coming months.

Solving Bandera’s congestion will take time. My office will keep you updated on both of these efforts.

Thank you for your question.

Councilwoman Sandoval
Connect with Your Councilmember
Upcoming Office Events
safeTALK Training for Suicidal Awareness
Please join the Disrict 7 Office of Councilwoman Ana Sandoval for a half day safeTALK training for suicidal awarenesss. This free event will be hosted by the District 7 City Commission on Veterans Affairs appointee, Ramon Gonzales (LPC) who will be teaching techniques on identifying and intervening with individuals with suicidal thoughts. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, each day around 20 veterans commit suicide. With your help, we can save lives. CEU's will be provided at no additional charge.

If you're interested in learning more about the safeTALK curriculum, please visit their website at:
Community Conversations with the Councilwoman
Councilwoman Ana Sandoval is committed to being your voice at City Hall. As a part of her ongoing efforts to make your District 7 Office accessible and responsive, we invite you to join us for a "Community Conversation with the Councilwoman". Please join your neighbors to discuss issues affecting our families and our neighborhoods.

These events are open to the public. Upcoming Conversations with Councilwoman Sandoval:

  • June 26 from 10 AM to 11 AM. Location to be determined.

If you have any questions, call 210-207-0870 or send an email with the subject line "Community Conversations with the Councilwoman" to
Coffee with Ana
Councilwoman Ana Sandoval values your input (and coffee). That's why we're inviting you to: Coffee with Ana.

District 7 residents have the opportunity to have a 20-minute, one-on-one conversation with Councilwoman Sandoval. These conversations are by appointment.

To make an appointment, call 210-207-0857 or send an email with the subject line "Coffee with Ana" to
Councilwoman in the News
"'What’s really important to me is making sure that District 7 residents are out of the floodplain [and] that they’re not experiencing any additional drainage issues that can be avoided with responsible development,' Sandoval said Thursday after the Council’s Community Health and Equity Committee meeting."

"Brockhouse and Councilwoman Ana Sandoval (D7) both prefer the “greatest need” method to allocate the $11 million, but only Brockhouse suggested using the second $35 million-by-district funding similarly – citywide."

Share Your Thoughts
Public Input Meeting: CPS Energy's Flexible Path
On June 13 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m., CPS Energy will host a Flexible Path PUBLIC INPUT SESSION! CPS Energy's Board of Trustees and multiple members of the CPS team will hear from the community about the Flexible Path Plan to meet the future energy needs of the community.

We are encouraging the community to come and learn about the Flexible Path and broader efforts to directly engage with the Board of Trustees, CPS Energy senior leadership, and staff.
Additionally, the day directly prior to the PUBLIC INPUT SESSION, CPS Energy will host a Simple Summer Savings event from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. for customers to learn more about their programs and savings tips, as the extremely hot summer months approach.
Access the New York Times for Free through the San Antonio Public Library
San Antonio Public Library is now offering access to online content from the New York Times for free from any San Antonio Public Library computer or from home though the library’s website at This service adds to the Library’s more than 100 databases. 

San Antonio Public Library visitors are invited to use any public computer at any library location to access online content from the New York Times. Users only need an email address to access the site, or can sign in using a Facebook or Google account. Users who would like to access from home simply need to visit to access the newspaper under “databases”. From there, cardholders will create an account and redeem a special code for one-day access that renews each day, so Library customers can access the New York Times every day!  

Visit or call 210-207-2500 for more information and a map of all 30 San Antonio Public Library locations.
300for300 San Antonio: Pledge to Plant a Pollinator Garden to Celebrate San Antonio’s 300th Birthday
Butterflies, bees, bats and birds…you can help these important pollinators to thrive in your yards and gardens while celebrating San Antonio’s Tricentennial. The Texas Butterfly Ranch ( is working with the community to plant 300 pollinator habitats in honor of San Antonio’s 300th birthday—30 in each of the city’s 10 City Council Districts. This initiative, called 300for300, will help pollinators and will beautify our city.

Residents and businesses in each City Council District are being asked to promote the 300for300 initiative by pledging to plant host and nectar plants important to the survival of pollinators in our community. Butterflies and other insects lay their eggs on host plants so they have plenty to eat as they develop. Nectar plants provide food for pollinators during their adult lives.  

What can you do to take the pledge and help District 7 meets its 300for300 goal of 30 pollinator gardens? Take the pledge by completing a simple form at the Texas Butterfly Ranch’s website at At this website you will find all the information you need, but here is some basic information to get you started. 

Minimum requirements for a pollinator habitat:
  • At least six different native and/or well adapted, noninvasive plants, including
  • At least two larval host plants (the plants on which butterflies lay their eggs)
  • At least two spring nectar plants (plants that bloom in the spring, providing energy/fuel)
  • At least two autumn nectar plants (plants that bloom in the fall, providing energy/fuel)
  • A diverse mix of spring, summer and fall blooms
  • Try to buy plants at a nursery that does not use pesticides.

For more information about gardening for pollinators, check out the resources located on the Texas Butterfly Ranch ( website.
Proposed Comprehensive Land Use Categories
The Planning Department invites the community to review the Proposed Comprehensive Land Use Categories.

The City of San Antonio Planning Department has been working with the community to update the City's future land use categories. The updated future land use categories will implement the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan and provide the City with an easily understandable and flexible land use framework.

For more information, or to schedule a meeting to learn more, please contact Shepard beamon at or 210-207-0244. More info available here.
The Parks and Recreation Department is registering kids for their 2018 Summer Youth Program. You may register online or in person at a participating community center. The Gilbert Garza Community Center is hosting the Summer Youth Program, but is currently full and offering a wait list for interested residents. For more info, click here.
Upcoming Events
To view more events, visit the calendar on the Your District 7 website here.
Hora de Cuentos - Spanish Story Time
Date: June 1
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Forest Hills Library (5245 Ingram Rd)
Project Linus
Date: June 1
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Forest Hills Library (5245 Ingram Rd)
Mayor's Summer Reading Club Kickoff
Date: June 1
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Forest Hills Library (5245 Ingram Rd)
Date: June 2
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Performing Arts Auditorium at Palo Alto College (1400 W Villaret Blvd)
*Councilwoman Sandoval will be in attendance.*
Summer Reading Kickoff
Date: June 2
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Maverick Library (8700 Mystic Park)
Date: June 6
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: VIA Metro Center, Eskridge Community Room (1021 San Pedro)
San Antonio Coalition for Veterans & Families Mini-Informational Seminar
Date: June 6
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: PTSD Foundation within the Warm Springs Hospital Complex (14747 Jones Maltsberger Rd)
Date: June 13
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: Villita Assembly Building (401 Villita St)
Community Input Meeting: Bond Funding for Nani Falcone Park
Date: June 28
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Maverick Library (8700 Mystic Park)
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