The Rockend Berlin New Music Opera Award is an annual award, offered by The Opera Foundation for Young Australians. This award is unique in enabling young Australian artists to work and  further develop their skills by undertaking studies in Berlin. Different fields of the world of opera are involved, such as a conductor, director, designer or repetiteur, and each year a winner is picked from many candidates of these different professions. The DAAD program "Künste und Medien" (Art and Media) by the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD (DAAD artists program Berlin) is one of the sponsors of the outstanding award, and is happy to welcome 
the 2016 winner Aleisa Jelbart for three month in Berlin. Aleisa works as a set and costume designer, and will broaden her professional career  at  Komische Oper Berlin.

Until January 2017, Aleisa will work as a design assistant on "Petrushka/L’Enfant et les Sortilèges"- a co-production between UK based theatre company "1927" and the Komische Oper Berlin. "1927" ’s approach to theatre making is highly innovative and fast paced: working alongside them  will be a priceless experience for Aleisa. She is excited to observe the "1927" collaborative process and the influence of movement and physical theatre in their work. Aleisa will also attend a number of opera productions and performances, and visit museums, art galleries and concerts to embrace the dynamic artistic scene that Berlin offers.

For more information about Aleisa visit her homepage