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It is Carnival Tuesday! Alaaf! Helau!

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February 28, 2017

Germany's 5th season of the year is upon us! Alaaf! Helau!

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Yesterday was Rosenmontag (or Rose Monday) in Germany - the highlight of German Carnival. DAAD is based in Bonn, Germany, one of the capitals of Carnival celebrations. A key feature of any noteworthy Carnival celebration - aside from dazzling street parades -  is the tradition of political satire, with Carnival princes and princesses poking some well-intended (and/or well-deserved) fun at their government representatives and leaders.

Carnival - in some regions of Germany "Fasching" - can be quite the experience for visitors. In this blog post, an international student shares her impressions and reveals the difference between Carnival and Fasching. Just make sure you know which greeting is used where you are: Helau! for example is used in Düsseldorf; Alaaf! in Cologne. To learn more about Fasching and Carnival including resources for language learners, we recommend this article.

Alaaf! Helau!

Advertisement: Fourth Frankfurt Summer School by Goethe University

The fourth Frankfurt Summer School organized by Goethe University takes place from 17 July to 11 August 2017.
Frankfurt Summer School covers three subject areas:
Legal Studies
– Law in a Globalized World – Fundamental, international and comparative aspects Psychology - Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior
Natural and Life Sciences - Modern and Ancient Organisms in the Context of Global Environmental Change

DAAD Alumni Association - Sign up or renew your membership!

Membership growth is an important goal of the Alumni Association. Having been a DAAD grantee in the past, you are eligible for sustainable membership and are strongly encouraged to support the DAAD Alumni Association. Anyone who was a recipient of any type of DAAD grant may join. Simply fill out our membership form by visiting the this website. Contributions will be designated in part for programs and in part for the Hubertus Scheibe Memorial Scholarship Endowment. Learn more here about the various activities of the DAAD Alumni Association USA.

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Call for Applications - Join the Germany Today Tour!

Higher education representatives and administrators are invited to apply to tour Germany and gain an in-depth understanding of Germany's Excellence Strategy and Cluster policy in higher ed. The tour will introduce the participants to these funding lines in order to impart the underlying concept, the results so far, as well as the challenges and pitfalls. Opportunities for international partners, internationalization strategies, and the potential for co-operation between German and North American institutions will also be a strong focus of the tour in 2017. To learn more about the program and the application process please see the program website. Applications must be received by Friday, March 17, 2017 in order to be considered.

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Advertisement: Research Explorer Ruhr (RER)

Research Explorer Ruhr (RER) invites young academics (doctoral or early postdoctoral level) to explore the research landscape in the Ruhr Area and at Ruhr University Bochum. During the two-week program, participants discuss their research projects with professors in their fields of specialization, familiarize themselves with institutes and clusters that fit their research profiles, learn about post-doctoral funding opportunities and plan their next career move. The program covers travel to and from Bochum, visa costs, accomodation in Bochum, and lunch vouchers. Deadline for application is March 7, 2017. More information:

New Language Learning App - "Verstehen Sie Deutsch?"

How well do you know German phrases and idioms? Did you ever find yourself totally baffled in the middle of a German conversation? Oder haben Sie "nur Bahnhof verstanden” (Was it all Greek to you)?
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