August 11th, 2018
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Stay up to date on DAAD's activities in the US - from news about scholarship programs to opportunities for study and research in Germany. Fun facts, tips on living in Germany, and application advice for scholarships included! 
DAAD Programs, Scholarships, and Grants
Call for Project Proposals
RISE Worldwide

Research groups, labs and doctoral students can apply to host a motivated and well-qualified student from Germany. The German intern will assist in research and lab work for the proposed project. The students have academic training in the STEM fields, and receive a DAAD scholarship to help cover expenses and travel costs.  Submit by October 15th, 2018. 

Call for Applications
EMGIP Bundestag Internship

EMGIP (Émigré Memorial German Internship Program) offers internship opportunities for U.S. and Canadian students in the German parliament, the  Bundestag . The internships are two months long and student interests are matched with the position.  Application by September 15, 2018.

Job Opportunities
Internship Opportunity
IT Internship Network Administration at DAAD New York

Our DAAD regional office in New York is offering an internship in network administration. We are seeking  Information Technology majors  who are nearing the end of their studies   or  IT-graduate students . The internship will take place in New York City. Apply by August 31st.


Mark your Calendars
Career Days

Representatives of DAAD, German business, universities and foundations will inform about study and career opportunities with German and in Germany. Take a look at the link below to learn when a Career Day in your area is taking place and get in touch with the listed point of contact to plan the attendance for yourself or your entire class of students.

Higher Education in Germany
Refugees in Germany
How DAAD and Higher Education are helping

More than half of the refugees arriving in Germany are younger than 25 – in other words, an age when education is most needed. With funding from the  Federal Ministry of Education and Research  (BMBF), DAAD has developed a set of measures to offer those who wish to study and possess sufficient academic qualification access to higher education.

German Culture
Summer BBQ
Sustainable BBQs in Germany

Germans are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the charcoal used for barbecuing in the summer contains many rain forest woods. Instead, consumers are now turning to maize, briquettes made from olive pits, coconut waste and grapevine wood. Learn more about sustainable barbecuing in Germany at the link below.


Application Tip #53
Can I receive a graduate scholarship more than once?

It depends. If you've previously received a Study Scholarship or a one-year Research Grant, you may not receive another. However, you may receive on short-term Research Grant per 12-month period.

Fun Fact
Did you know that...

...since DAAD was founded in 1925, it has supported more than 2.0 million academics in Germany and abroad. In 2017 the DAAD funded 139,758 people from all regions of the world – 50 percent of whom were women. Funding and scholarships went to 61,528 foreigners and 78,230 Germans.


3-week Winter University Program at Darmstadt University

The Winter University Program at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is a short-term program taught in English. Choose between “International Marketing” and “Socio-Economics of Smallholder Farming in the Tropics.” End your year with a bang and join us for 3 weeks of academic seminars, a German language course, a New Year’s Eve celebration in Berlin and lots of new friends
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