November 11, 2019
DACA Discussions Go to the Supreme Court!!
Nov. 11, 2019–The Supreme Court begins discussion on November 12th on whether it was legal for DACA program to have been ended in September 2017. Before and following that time, follow here  for ways you can partner with DACA recipients locally and nationally to support their efforts for a permanent solution to end anxieties and potential family separation.

RIM Director, Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea and Disciples Immigration Response Specialist, Rev. Valeria Bejar, joined DACA Marchers in the final leg of their 230 mile march from NY City to the Supreme Court on Nov. 10 (see images above, and read here  about the march), and at the Supreme Court on Nov. 12. Christian Temple Church near Baltimore and University Christian Church in
Hyattsville, Md. hosted and few dozens of marchers on their long route!

What Are the Top 5 Ways Disciples Congregations & Individuals Can Support DACA Recipients in This Critical Time?
1. Read and share these voices from the many DACA recipients in our “Disciples Family”:
Read here for reflections from Disciples DACA Recipient Tania Diaz on the question, “What Would Happen if DACA Ended?”
Read here  for reflections from Disciples Immigrant Response Specialist, and DACA recipient, Valeria Bejar, who imagines what might happen to her life and family if DACA were to end.
Read also here to understand more deeply the experiences of family members who are living in mixed status families, and facing fears of deportation. Again, these perspectives are offered by Disciples Immigrant Response Specialist, Valeria Bejar, a DACA Recipient.

2. Support a Permanent Solution for DACA, TPS, DED Recipients by TAKING THIS ACTION :   Call your SENATORS through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 NOW, and urge their support for the Dream Act of 2019 (S.874) and the SECURE Act (S.879), which would provide a pathway to citizenship for people eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), as well as persons who hold Temporary Protected Status, and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status. Similar legislation has already passed the House of Representatives.

3. Invite Interested DACA Recipients to Share their Wisdom and Stories with your community and congregation . Coordinate to invite guest speakers through your local immigrant rights group, or contact  UnitedWeDream  for suggestions for ways your congregation can offer support.

4. Raise Your Faith Voice Publicly in Support of DACA Recipients.  Learn more about DACA and faith communities in this #Faith4DACA powerpoint:  IIC DACA 2019 Presentation . See this #Faith4DACAToolkit   for pages of suggestions and resources about how your faith voice can help influence permanent solutions and join the #Faith4DACA campaign!

5. View These Film Resources, & Help Lead Conversations in Your Community About DACA:
–Looking to help your congregation learn more about the benefits offered by DACA recipients, and also the challenges and fears faced by DACA recipient families? Consider showing The Unafraid video, about DACA recipients in Georgia. Reserve the DVD through Valeria Bejar at:
–Sign up here to host a screening of the film “Stories Beyond Borders” to promote action for immigrant justice in your community:
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