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February 23rd, 2021

Dear DACC Families,

On March 15th, DACC will be returning to Plan A: Fully In Person. This means all students will attend classes on campus five days a week. I know from speaking with many of you that there are going to be emotions about this decision, both positive and negative. I want to assure you that I do not make these decisions lightly. I have reviewed data from DACC, districts that have remained all-in, data for both Delaware and Franklin counties, the Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation and other medical studies. I also meet regularly with the Delaware Public Health District and our surrounding school districts to review data, weigh our options, and choose the plan that is in the best interest of our students and staff.

The cornerstone of career and technical education is in-person, hands-on learning. It has always been our goal to bring students back to campus as long as it can be done safely. We continue to practice safety protocols and can safely move forward with Plan A, beginning March 15th. I ask that you continue to talk with your son/daughter about the importance of practicing the safety protocols to avoid any potential contact. 

Between now and March 15th, we will be working to prepare for this transition. Our teachers will use this time to adjust curriculum for a fully in-person environment and our maintenance team is installing additional partitions where needed. Our leadership team will continue to monitor traffic flow through the building and during lunch.

When your child chose to attend DACC, you expected a fully in person learning environment. None of us expected a global pandemic that prevented us from teaching the way students learn best. Our staff has done an outstanding job delivering a remote and blended educational experience over the last year and for that, I am grateful. We are all looking forward to returning to a fully in-person model so that our students can take full advantage of the best parts of DACC’s educational experience. 

If you are feeling excitement, apprehension, nervousness, or relief, please know that you are not alone; I fully understand. Every student and family has experienced this pandemic differently. I appreciate our families and staff for working together so that we could get to this point of welcoming back all of our students every day. Because of your perseverance, we have come so far. Spring is around the corner, the snow will be gone, and we will soon be able to get outside for some much needed fresh air and exercise. 

As a reminder, if your child exhibits any symptoms as listed on our web site, please keep your son/daughter at home and contact the school via the online form.

Best Regards,

Mary Beth Freeman
Delaware Area Career Center
Data Used to Make Decisions
There are many sources of data that provide insight as to the best course of action for DACC. These sources include DACC district data, data for both Delaware and Franklin counties, Ohio and area districts that have remained all-in. In addition, results from medical studies and the Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation were considered. The Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation Report can be accessed here.

The mental and emotional health of our students is an important part of their ability to learn, remain engaged, and even to maintain their physical health. According to a study, cited in the American Association of Pediatrics, “Rates of positive suicide risk screens for youth seeking care in a pediatric Emergency Department during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic were statistically elevated, as compared with the same period the year prior. These data indicate that the effects of the pandemic, broadly defined, may be associated with increased rates of suicidal ideation among youth, ages 11-21. Future research should evaluate how various social, emotion, behavioral, and cultural factors may be associated with increased rates of suicide-related behavior during a global pandemic.” The full report can be accessed here.
Mitigating Risk
As we prepare to transition to Plan A, please be aware of our safety protocols, which include:
  1. Masks - Everyone will wear a mask, covering the mouth and nose.
  2. Hand Washing - Hand washing continues to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. Students and staff are encouraged to wash their hands under hot water for at least 20 seconds after touching shared surfaces.
  3. Continuous Sanitizing - The DACC facilities department maintains a rigorous sanitizing schedule each evening after students leave. In addition, both staff and students are sanitizing work stations throughout the day.
  4. Plexiglass Barriers - Additional plexiglass barriers are being installed to create additional barriers.
  5. Staff Vaccines - The weekend of February 6th, all educators in Delaware County had the opportunity to receive the first vaccine. At DACC, 89% of staff opted in to receive the vaccine.
Reporting Symptoms or a Positive Case
Please take a moment to review the list of symptoms to monitor for on a daily basis. If you have tested positive for COVID 19 or are being quarantined due to exposure or contact, please fill out this form to inform us as soon as possible. This form will take the place of calling our school nurse, but does not take the place of calling the attendance line to report an absence.
Frequently Asked Questions
We are continuing to add to the FAQ on our web site. Below are some of the most recent questions we have received:
What is the latest guidance for schools regarding social distancing, close contacts, and quarantines?
Please note that the standards for schools are not the same as the standards for public places. Those revisions include:
  • As long as individuals are properly wearing a mask and maintain 3’ of distance, neither person will be considered a contact. The mask must cover the mouth and nose at all times. 
  • When a student is eating lunch and maintains 6’ or more distance, they will not be considered a contact. 
  • Fourteen days after an individual receives the second vaccination, they will not need to quarantine if exposed, for at least three months. However, they will be required to continue following all safety protocols including wearing their mask and practice social distancing. 
  • For individuals who are flagged as a contact, we will follow the Delaware Public Health District guidance which is to continue the14-day quarantine process.

What are you doing to keep my child safe?
Our safety and cleaning protocols are outlined in the Return to School Guide that we shared at the beginning of the year. We continue to follow strict adherence to these guidelines, as well as ensuring that staff or students who are symptomatic, exposed, or positive, remain at home.
Mental & Emotional Well-Being
DACC is committed to supporting the whole student. If you notice that your child needs support in dealing with all the changes, has excessive fears and anxiety, or are dealing with depressive feelings, there are services available for them. We are offering telehealth visits on your child’s home learning days or an in-person session can be arranged after or before their DACC school day. 
Please contact CJ Soliday at 740-203-2262 or

The Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) affirms that equal opportunities are offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, military status, national origin, disability, age and ancestry of person. No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity conducted under its auspices. This shall extend to employees therein and to admission thereto. Inquiries concerning the application of the policy may be referred to the Superintendent or designated coordinators. This policy shall prevail in all Board Policies concerning school employees and students.