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Dear Student & Parent/Guardians,

As we get into the full swing of second semester, results from our Career Technical Student Organizations are coming in fast and furious. The hard work our students are putting in will pay off for years to come. They are learning new skills, stretching their talents, making contacts, adding awards to their portfolios, and building their confidence
As they continue to put their skills up against the best-of-the-best on a regional, statewide, and even national level, we wish them the best of luck.

With the unpredictable weather, please visit our web site for information on DACC's school delays and closings policy.

If you have any questions or need to speak with someone at DACC, please don't hesitate to call us at 740-548-0708.

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Upcoming Events
January 17, 2019 - 6-7:45 p.m.
College Credit Plus Evening - Delaware Hayes' Performing Arts Center

January 21, 2019
Martin Luther King Day (Building Closed)

February 7, 2019
Parent Teacher Conferences

February 18, 2019
Parent Teacher Conferences

February 20, 2019
ACT Testing

February Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences will be held on February 7th. We welcome all parents to meet with their child's teacher. Equine Science conferences will be held at North Campus and Zoo School conferences will be held at South Campus.
Please sign up for a conference using the links below:

Phone Conferences: 4:30-6:30pm

In-Person Conferences: 6:30-8pm
North Campus
South Campus
College Credit Plus
Delaware Area Career Center Students have the opportunity to participate in College Credit Plus.  

Students must complete an assessment exam (i.e. ACT, SAT, Accuplacer etc.) to be determined ready for "college-level" courses. New this year, if a student's score is not "college-level," other conditions may be considered depending on the exam scores and if the student has: overall GPA (3.0) or can provide a recommendation form/letter. 

Students must complete the Intent to Participate Form which is due to their designated school counselor by April 1, 2019. 
ACT Testing - February 20, 2019
State law requires districts to administer the state-funded ACT to all juniors in the spring of that school year. Delaware Area Career Center will be testing all
full day juniors at both campuses on  February 20, 2019 free of charge.   Read more about the event here.
DACC Prom Information
April 6, 2019, 8pm - 11pm | NorthStar Golf Club
Mark your calendars! Planning is currently underway for this year's prom. Look for more announcements to come soon!
Flu Outbreak
Upon direction by the Delaware General Health District, I have been contacting and monitoring sick students and staff for flu and norovirus. We have confirmed cases of Type A flu (H3N2) of which are considered a communicable disease and required reportable to the Health Department (ORC 3701-3-02). I have reported and am providing additional information on students and staff daily to the Health Department for their investigation. 

Please visit these resources for more informatio:

Cynda Brause, RN
Health Care Professional
Delaware Area Career Center
1610 State Route 521
Delaware, OH 43015
ph: (740) 203-2212
fax: (740) 548-0710
HOSA Regional Results
Students in DACC's Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Health Technology and Bioscience programs participated in the Central Southeast Regional Contest on Janaury 12, 2019.
Excellent Attendance Awards
The following students have
Perfect Attendance for Quarter 2: 

Zachary Johler, ADP1, Delaware Hayes HS
Alexander Kolev, ADP1, Olentangy Orange HS
Kyle Maroscher, ADP1, Big Walnut HS
Sean Mott, ADP1, Big Walnut HS
Jackson Uhl, ADP1, Olentangy Orange HS
Ashton Westrick, ADP1, Olentangy Berlin HS
Nick D'Eredita, ADP2, Buckeye Valley HS
Adam Huddle, ADP2, Westerville Central HS
Dante Lizama, ADP2, Westerville South HS
Joseph Neighbors, ADP2, Delaware Hayes HS
Dominic Slone, ADP2, Westerville North HS
Breeann Hall, DA1, Buckeye Valley HS
Micah Burton, DD1A, Thomas Worthington HS
Maggie, Chafin, DD1A, Olentangy Orange HS
Autumn Imhoff, DD1A, Big Walnut HS
Andrew Miller, DD1A, Delaware Hayes HS
Andrew Persinger, DD1A, Delaware Hayes HS
Courtney Quickel, DD1A, Worthington Kilbourne 
Alexandria Savon, DD1A, Delaware Hayes HS
Anna Stricklin, DD1A, Buckeye Valley HS
Johnna (Jay) Husvar, DD1B, Thomas Worthington 
Kyle Kemp, DD1B, Thomas Worthington HS
Hannah Leist, DD1B, Buckeye Valley HS
Madison Niemeyer, DD1B, Buckeye Valley HS
Alisa Stricklin, DD1B, Buckeye Valley HS
Sydney Waller, DD1B, Thomas Worthington HS
Cyrus Adkins, DD2A, Olentangy Liberty HS
Sara Coghlan, DD2A, Olentangy Liberty HS
Avery Latta, DD2A, Delaware Hayes HS
Jake McComb, DD2A, Delaware Hayes HS
Jordan Plas, DD2A, Westerville Central HS
Shyanne Biffle, DD2B, Olentangy HS
Matthew Hanks, DD2B, Delaware Hayes HS
Hannah Peterson, DD2B, Home Schooled
Megan Zalenski, DD2B, Thomas Worthington HS
Nicholas Cannon, ENGR10, Buckeye Valley HS
Hannah Dennewitz, ENGR10, Buckeye Valley HS
Maximus Hook, ENGR10, Buckeye Valley HS
Chase Hunter, ENGR10, Ohio Virtual Academy
Matthew Hurst, ENGR10, Olentangy Berlin HS
Matthew Slater, ENGR10, Home Schooled
Jacob Koch, ENGR11, Delaware Hayes HS
Jacob Reitz, ENGR11, Olentangy Berlin HS
Julia Macklin, EQS1, Westerville North HS
Cameron Campfield, FS1, Westerville Central HS
Diamon Strickland, FS1, Westerville South HS
Comfort Kamara, FS2, Westerville Central HS
Paige Dudley, HOSP1, Westerville North HS
Heaven Floehr, HOSP1, Delaware Hayes HS
Oshoke Igonor, HOSP2, Olentangy Orange HS
Chidima Anaraodo, HT1, Worthington Kilbourne 
Hailey Gilbert, HT1, Delaware Hayes HS
Noah Cavallaro, LE1, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Jacob, DeWees, LE1, Thomas Worthington HS
Alayna Smith, LE1, Olentangy Orange HS
Zavier Waggoner, LE1, Olentangy Orange HS
Nathan Matteson, NET1, Buckeye Valley HS
Fatima Alzaki, PHARP, Buckeye Valley HS
Judith Amponsah, PHARP, Thomas Worthington 
Clarice Foster, PHARP, Olentangy Orange HS
Mary Meineke, PHARP, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Faith Mowry, PHARP, Delaware Hayes HS
Stephanie Oduro, PHARP, Thomas Worthington 
Chase Arrigo, WRM1, Thomas Worthington HS
Michael Barone, WRM1, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Ethan Yorke, WRM1 ,Worthington Kilbourne HS
Emma Hutchinson, WRM2, Westland HS
Lawrence Walker, WRM2, Olentangy Liberty HS
Spencer Williams, WRM2, Olentangy Liberty HS
Madison Anderson, ZOO1, Marysville HS
Caylee Bennett, ZOO1, TRECA
Elizabeth Childers, ZOO1, Delaware Hayes HS
Morgan Kenner-Aspery, ZOO1, Dublin Coffman HS
Anthony Marino, ZOO1, Grove City HS
Ava Oberle, ZOO1, Thomas Worthington HS
Sophia Sutton, ZOO1, Olentangy HS
Rachel Taylor, ZOO1, Grove City HS
Lila Xenakis, ZOO1, Olentangy Orange HS
Jake Olenick, ZOO2, Olentangy HS
Samuel Ryba, ZOO2, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Christopher Shell, ZOO2, Home Schooled
Camille Stanton, ZOO2, Olentangy Liberty HS
Tacey Vaterlaus, ZOO2, Dublin Coffman HS
Anne Whitfield, ZOO2, Grandview Heights HS
William Henderson, ACT2, Westerville South HS
Cameron Mattox, ACT2, Delaware Hayes HS
Levi Frazier, AT2, Westerville Central HS
Joann Chen, CA1, Thomas Worthington HS
Grace Huffines, CA1, Westerville South HS
Jocelyne Nerio, CA1, Westerville Central HS
Diala Omran, CA1, Westerville North HS
Patrick Strapp, CA1, Westerville Central HS
Derek Orsburn, CBI10, Delaware Hayes HS
Caleb Berry, CBI9,Big Walnut HS
Joseph Matthews, CBI9, Delaware Hayes HS
Alex Beaty, COS1, Westerville South HS
Sarah Esker, COS1, Westerville South HS
Melinda Howlett, COS1, Westerville South HS
Harold Strapp, COS1, Westerville Central HS
Trinity Rhoades, COS2, Worthington Kilbourne HSMelita Sanders, COS2, Olentangy HS

Angel Garcia, CT1, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Kyle Henry, CT1, Delaware Hayes HS
Mostafa Hussein, CT1, Olentangy HS
Brandon Perez, CT1, Worthington Kilbourne HS
Aaron Kennedy, CT2, Delaware Hayes HS
Michael Mallon, CT2, Westerville Central HS
Connor Paykoff, ECE1, Olentangy HS
Ryan Born, FST1, Olentangy Berlin HS
Gabe Kerscher, FST1, Olentangy Liberty HS
Angelite Boes, FST2, Westerville South HS
Gregory Yoakam, LTM2, Olentangy Liberty HS
Hunter Moffatt, PSDT1, Buckeye Valley HS
Ty, Puckett-Brode, PSDT1, Delaware Hayes HS
Matthew Chapman, PSDT2, Buckeye Valley HS
Joseph Harsh, PSDT2, Delaware Hayes HS
Matthew Wingert, PSDT2, Olentangy Orange HS
Sydney Bower, WSM1, Olentangy Berlin HS
Mason Bryant, WSM1, Delaware Hayes HS
Irie Kern, WSM1, Westerville South HS
Ryan Meddles, WSM1, Olentangy Orange HS
Hogan Ries, WSM1, Olentangy HS
Shea Sooley, WSM1, Westerville Central HS
Charles Boor, WSM2, Westerville North HS
Tylor Ratliff, WSM2, Delaware Hayes HS

The following students will receive a certificate for Excellent Attendance because they missed less than 1 school day during the second quarter of the school year:

Ashley  Mendez Diaz,  DA1,  Worthington Kilbourne 
Rose  Altizer,  DD1A,  Thomas Worthington HS
Joshua  Slawson,  DD1A
Worthington Kilbourne HS
Jacob  Fisher,  ADP2,  Buckeye Valley HS
Matthew  McKay,  DD2A,  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Nicholas  Holdcroft,  ADP2,  Olentangy Orange HS
Veronica  Leist,  ADP2,  Buckeye Valley HS
Nate  Steele,  DD1B,  Olentangy HS
Derek  Stacy,  DD2B,  Big Walnut HS
Tamas  Eder,  ENGR10,  Delaware Hayes HS
Lucas  Hurst,  ENGR10,  Olentangy Berlin HS
Sarah  Friend,  EQS1,  Buckeye Valley HS
Lauren  Gilaspy,  BIO1,  Olentangy HS
Josephine  Carcamo,  BIO2,  Olentangy Orange HS
Sydnie  Wright,  EQS2,  Big Walnut HS
Aketzaly  Mendez,  HT1,  Worthington Kilbourne HS
William  Baran,  ADP2,  Olentangy HS
Cassondra  Leonard,  DD1A,  Buckeye Valley HS
Natalie  Barcus,  DD2B,  Olentangy Liberty HS
Destiny  Flannery,  LE1,  Westerville South HS
Jason  Sturgell,  LE2,  Westerville North HS
Clayton  Fesenmyer,  ADP2,  Westerville South HS
Lee  Morris,  ADP2,  Olentangy HS
Andrew (Drew)  Quick,  DD1B,  Olentangy Orange 
Daisy  Dart,  HT2,  Buckeye Valley HS
Bryce  Klamfoth,  WRM2,  Big Walnut HS
Alyssa  Ranney,  DD2A,  Olentangy HS
Brian  Whitesel,  DD1A,  Big Walnut HS
Nicoly  Anicio,  BIO2,  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Victoria  Barnes,  HT2,  Olentangy Orange HS
Catherine  Cox,  HT2,  Westerville North HS
Brian  Rodriguez,  LE2,  Buckeye Valley HS
Paige  Riegel,  DD1A,  Olentangy Liberty HS
Christopher  Fratianne,  PHARP,  Westerville North 
Ethan  Ramsey,  ADP1,  Big Walnut HS
Kaelyn  Starkey,  EQS2,  Delaware Hayes HS
Brionna  Corder,  CBI10,  Buckeye Valley HS
Mackenzie  Lehnert,  COS1,  Westerville North HS
Kierstyn  May,  COS2,  Big Walnut HS
Benjamin  Sharp,  AT1,  Westerville North HS
Alfred  Hewlitt,  CA1,  Westerville Central HS
Abby  Morris,  ECE1,  Thomas Worthington HS
Morgan  Coe,  CA2,  Buckeye Valley HS
Olivia  Reed,  ECE1,  Delaware Hayes HS
Hannah  McCormick,  COS1,  Delaware Hayes HS
Dena  Parsons,  COS2,  Olentangy Orange HS
Caitlin  Helvey,  COS2,  Olentangy HS
Leticia  Gonzalez Flores,  COS2,  Westerville South 
Anthony  Boles,  AT1,  Olentangy HS
Isis  Price,  COS2,  Delaware Hayes HS
Jacob  Ferguson,  FST1,  Delaware Hayes HS
Zachary  Wallace,  WSM2,  Highland HS
Amanda  Carroll,  ECE2,  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Gavin  Harper,  FST2,  Olentangy Liberty HS
Michael  Doellinger,  WSM2,  Delaware Hayes HS
Christopher  Dible,  PSDT1,  Big Walnut HS
Zoe  Festge,  FST1,  Delaware Hayes HS
Shad  Stephens Jr,  COS1,  Westerville Central HS
Michelle  Southall,  CT2,  Buckeye Valley HS

Theme of the Month
Each month, DACC staff and students will be celebrating a positive theme in an effort to inspire a positive and collaborative environment.
This month's theme is Work Ethic.

Monthly Themes for the 2018-19 School Year
o Positive Attitude - Sept
o Team Player - Oct
o Strong Communication - Nov
o Work Ethic - Jan
o Consistent Performance - Feb
o Continuous Learner - March
o Support Others - April
*Note: No theme for the month of December
Online Resources
Below are resources on the DACC web site that may be helpful to you. If you have questions that these resources do not answer, please don't hesitate to contact us at 740-548-0708.

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