Doña  Ana Communities United
March 2018  Newsletter

Greetings DACU friends and colleagues! We have exciting updates to share with you this month, including progress on the Nevada Neighborhood Project and the appointment of one of our community members to the City's Transit Advisory Board! Read on to learn more.

Thank you for all the support you provide to us and our work. We are so grateful to have you as part of our community!

Kari and Meredith

DACU Director 
Kari Bachman
DACU Outreach Coordinator 
Meredith Severtson

Upcoming DACU Events

All events listed below will be held at our office ( 151 S Walnut Street, Unit  B13).
You'll find directions at the bottom of this newsletter.

1. Timebank Orientation
March 17, 2 - 3:30 PM

3. DACU Team Meeting
March 27, 11 AM - 1 PM

2. Timebank Potluck
March 23, 6 - 8 PM

4. DACU Community Night
April 3, 11 AM - 1 PM

Nevada Project

The Nevada Neighborhood Project is taking shape! At our most recent neighborhood meeting on February 24, residents and community partners reviewed the project ideas that had been brought up in past meetings. After ranking the ideas, we decided we will plan a neighborhood share fair in April. This exciting event will enable residents to share simple services with each other on-site. We plan to involve timebank members as well!

Between now and then, our two DACU students will team with resident volunteers to spread the word to their neighbors.  If you live in the Nevada Neighborhood (roughly the area bounded by Idaho, Walnut, Lohman, and Solano) or spend time there, contact us to get involved!
Attendees discuss next steps for the project.

LCGCC Ribbon Cutting for SBH Web Design 

On February 21, DACU hosted a  Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce r ibbon cutting for  SBH Web Design , the business of timebank member Steve Harris. Steve exchanged hours he had earned in the timebank for use of our office space. Attendees learned about Steve's expertise in web and graphic design as well as DACU's projects.

This is a great example of how the timebank can work for small businesses and other organizations. Contact us if you'd like to join the timebank!

Steve cut the ribbon with the official Green Chamber garden shears.

DACU Community Member Appointed to Las Cruces Transit Advisory Board

Cyrruss Easterlin.

We are excited to share that Cyrruss Easterlin, DACU community and timebank member, has been appointed to serve on the Las Cruces Transit Advisory Board! Cyrruss joins Charles Clements, another DACU community member, on the Board. The Transit Advisory Board reviews and makes recommendations for improvements to the City's transit system and encourages use of the system among their networks. Cyrruss will offer his unique perspectives on the challenges facing those with visual impairments, as well as his genuine interest in helping others access the services they need. Congratulations Cyrruss! 

February Timebank Potluck

We had a great time at our February timebank potluck! More than 20 timebank members gathered for an afternoon of connection and fun. We shared wonderful food and played games that got us thinking about collaboration and communication.

In addition, timebank member John Hamilton shared about his work on environmental concerns around the city, and invited timebank members to get involved by helping care for a pesticide-free neighborhood park and participating in an Earth Day reading of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. If you'd like to get involved with John's work, contact Meredith and she will help connect you!

Photos by Robert Yee
John Hamilton invited timebank members to get involved in environmental efforts. 

Attendees collaborated to build human machines.

There is never a lack of laughter at potlucks!

"Just Community" Radio Show

Kari continues to broadcast her live show "Just Community" every Thursday morning from 8 to 9 AM on KTAL-LP 101.5 FM. The show aims to highlight voices not often heard in our community. Recent episodes have included Perla Díaz on life in Chaparral, Rachael Leong on growing up outside the school system, and Kevin Moose on living on the street. 

Archived interviews are available on Google Drive. You can also stream the show live on the KTAL website If you or someone you know would make a great guest on "Just Community," contact Kari to get involved!

Perla and Kari.
Rachael at the program board.

Kevin after his show.

Directions to Our Office
151 South Walnut Street, Unit B13  map

DACU is located at the corner of Walnut and Griggs in the Walnut Business Park. We are  w alking distance from Roadrunner bus routes 6 and 7. Please call before you come by, as we are often out and about in the community!
Doña Ana Communities United (DACU) builds the capacity of communities to develop and implement policies and community-based solutions that improve social, economic, and environmental conditions that shape health and life opportunities. We work to advance health equity in Doña Ana County by addressing institutional inequities related to geography, class, gender, and race. We are a nonpartisan organization and we welcome everyone to join us!

DACU conducts two main projects. (1) Social equity mapping: undervalued community members explore their neighborhoods and work with local decision makers to develop policies that advance health equity. Current efforts focus on the Community of Hope, the Nevada Neighborhood, and Lisa Drive in Chaparral. (2) hOurTime timebank: members build social cohesion and practice an equitable form of alternative economics by exchanging services.