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The Age Change Marketing System (ACMS) is a systematic and simple way for any Multi-Line Agency to market Life Insurance direct to their existing customer base.




If you would like to request a hardcopy of ACMS (The Age Change Marketing System) which features the slides included in the presentation  please send your request to dai@dworkin.com.


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Efficient and Profitable Marketing for the Multi-Line Agency

Unlike auto insurance, life insurance is a discretionary purchase. But since death is inevitable, why is there a consumer disconnect between it and the importance of life insurance? It seems to be an issue of lack of communication, at least in part. 


 Presented by DAI Life Brokerage Services:

The Age Change Marketing System


According to a "Life Insurance Consumer Dynamics Study," four out of 10 adults have no coverage. And one of 10 relies solely on policies from others, including employers. Nearly half of adults fall into one of two categories: uninsured or underinsured. 


Although Boomers are the most likely to respond, the study also found that Millennials, Gen-X'ers and Gen-Y'ers are still responsive to direct mail pieces about life insurance...


The Age Change Marketing System (ACMS)
The Age Change Marketing System (ACMS)




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