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The LIFE Foundation has introduced a new marketing program entitled "Insure Your Love".  The tools and resources being made available for this marketing program will help you connect with clients and prospects.  


Visit the LIFE Foundation's website to explore all the many resources available.  Visit the LIFE Foundation at

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IYLWhat do love and life insurance have in common? More than you might realize. The motivation behind purchasing life insurance is love: We buy it because we love people and want to protect them financially. Think of it as the ultimate act of enduring love.  

Begin by reviewing the Marketing Guide for the "Insure your Love" Campaign being provided by the LIFE Foundation.  Both you and your clients can participate in the Insure your Love Campaign by reviewing the consumer information available online.

Then continue on by getting your very own Producer Tool Kit.
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What fruit flies can teach us about
life insurance.
The Fruit Fly Fables - Lesson 1
The Fruit Fly Fables - Lesson 1


Fruit flies Frank and Fran are LIFE's newest power couple. Because of their famously short life spans, fruit flies are very aware of their mortality and the need to protect the ones they love with life insurance.
LIFE uses spokespeople for all of    its awareness campaigns to help anchor our communications, and generate excitement and interest in our campaign messages. This year we've turned to the insect world for creative inspiration.  Visit the entire inspiring series at
The Fruit Fly Fables - Lesson 2
Lesson 2
The Fruit Fly Fables - Lesson 3
Lesson 3


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