Sheri Dougherty
 Dr. Sherilyne Dougherty, CEO

I was honored to be featured in Sarasota's 941CEO magazine discussing how to put a management consulting A-Team together. At DAI Solutions, the top job candidates are problem solvers who apply critical thinking along with technical expertise to solve the complex challenges our clients face. 

Successful hiring initiatives require candidate sourcing tactics that span from grassroots to strategic, behavioral interviewing approaches to predict future performance, and an investment of time and resources from senior leadership. To be effective, these initiatives must also be anchored in your organization's culture. A couple of years ago, we began tracking our approach to hiring. The results show a greater return on our hiring investments and a major uptick in employee engagement and retention. And when our employees are thriving, our business thrives.

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Do you know what a responsive website is?

Well, let's boil it down to the basics: a responsive website adapts to all screen sizes no matter what kind of device it is displayed on. So instead of building multiple websites -- one for mobile devices, another for desktop computers -- a responsive website provides easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices. 

Awesome, right? It truly is because now you can deliver the same content to all visitors through one website, one of your most valuable communication tools.

Click here to learn more compelling reasons to invest in a responsive website now from our own Cindy Nguyen, DAI Solutions digital guru.

Congratulations to three DAI Solutions clients who recently received awards for marketing materials and graphics. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services won a Platinum Hermes for marketing materials supporting a unified approach to recruiting for mission-critical positions across all divisions of this complex agency. A Zeiders Enterprises recruitment brand designed to align with the military-centric company's corporate brand won a Gold Hermes.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infographic, developed in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture Office of Communications, that communicates the complex concept of antimicrobial resistance to a broad, diverse and international audience won a Silver Award of Distinction in the 22nd Annual Communicator Awards. DAI Solutions is proud to have partnered with our clients on these important initiatives.

Federal proposal season is under way, making now the perfect time to check out the DAI Solutions A-to-Z primer on how to strategically prepare for and successfully position your business to win federal contracts. The U.S. government is the largest purchaser of goods and services on the planet and competition for a piece of the federal pie is fierce. Ten Steps to Becoming a Federal Contracting One Percenter provides sound advice that can be referenced year after year when preparing proposals. Familiarize yourself with a typical year then watch our blog to see how an Administration change can affect the best laid plans.

While our client engagements are always a collaborative effort, it's our creative department that makes us look good ... and their job is not easy. It takes the right mix of business acumen and artistry to translate transformational concepts into award-winning communications and learning programs that get results. Enter Steve Shreve, DAI Solutions' newest addition to the creative team. Steve brings 20 years of experience working with public and private sector clients. His expertise spans concept to production and he has developed branding solutions for government, nonprofit and private sector clients. Welcome Steve!

Working at DAI Solutions is more than punching a clock; it's pushing every day to reach beyond what you thought possible. 

We are executives, project managers, communicators, artists, analysts, teachers and techies. In our diversity we share a passion for people, and the people part of transformation. If you want to be challenged and stand apart from the crowd, we want to hear from you.

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