Sheri Dougherty
 Dr. Sherilyne Dougherty, CEO

As consultants, our clients rely on us to help analyze their problems, develop strategies to solve them, and implement solutions to improve organizational effectiveness. A key aspect of implementing a new solution is ensuring those affected by the change are ready, willing, and able to adopt new ways of working. In this month's DAI Solutions Advisor, we discuss steps you can take to ensure your audiences are equipped to embrace transformation.
Resistance to change is commonplace. While a proposed solution may result in revolutionary gains in operational efficiency, dramatically reduce costs, or drive effectiveness, if audiences are unwilling to adopt the behaviors required for the change to take hold, the solution will fail. Read on to learn some tips on how to avoid failure.
In an increasingly digital world, user experience is a critical consideration in any technology transformation. You may think some of the user experience tools employed by Google are too complex or expensive for smaller organizations or IT investments to use, but thanks to advances in technology, these types of tools are readily available and easy to use. In this issue, we offer three tips to help your audience navigate through your digital environment.

We hope you enjoy this month's DAI Solutions Advisor.

Managing large-scale technology transformation is fast-paced, exciting, and truly challenging. As consultants, we are asked to discover underlying organizational problems and develop and implement tailored solutions that solve those problems and improve business practices. However, the biggest obstacle in the work we do isn't conducting research and analysis, or devising complex solutions. The biggest challenge is often overcoming resistance to change.

Learn how to understand, recognize, and overcome resistance to change.
These days, nearly everything we do is online. You enroll online in a game theory course through Coursera. You order your dinner through GrubHub. You hitch a ride with Lyft. You even buy an app to fall asleep. All of these online transactions have become second nature, but have you stopped to think about the user experience for these platforms?

For the heavy hitters in the online world, such as Google, the user experience is so ingrained in every product (and in the company culture) that "no instructions required" is their M.O. The goal is simple: make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate from A to B. Online help is available, but rarely needed, since the user's path to success is so clear.

Of course, Google has the resources to ensure a seamless user experience, but what about the rest of us - those of us who partner with companies to revamp legacy IT platforms or work with organizations to translate manual processes into streamlined digital systems? Our solutions, too, rely heavily on user experience, and we can use some of the same tricks online giants use that you may not even notice.


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