July 26, 2017                Dallas Chapter                   Volume 11
Preparing for College
Dallas ACAP:  Winning Project Team at the Closing Luncheon
Perhaps you're a recent high school graduate who is headed off to college in a couple of weeks. Or, you may be a rising senior, junior, or sophomore who is wondering what you should focus on during your remaining year(s) in high school. 
Perhaps you're a parent or relative of a high school student who is wondering what you can do to better assist your son/daughter or loved one to be more prepared for college when that time arrives. (Said another way:  WHAT should you be doing and WHEN?)
Included in this e-Newsletter are several resources for high school students and adults as you prepare for college and other opportunities that are within your reach.
Advice to Students
For All Students:  Read carefully the information included in any college readiness materials you receive from your guidance counselor and others.  Hopefully, you learn to take good notes during class or workshops.  Research shows that written notes stay in your memory longer than typed ones or no notes at all.  In addition to writing WHAT was said, you should also leave some space to go back to pause and reflect on HOW you will put into action what was said, commit to WHEN you will do what needs to be done,  and WHO might hold you accountable or assist you with your action steps. Consider the following:
          Dallas ACAP: BKD Scholarship Winners and Representatives


For the college/university you plan to attend, revisit its website and review the following areas (at least):

--  Admissions

--  Registration

--  Academic Calendar

--  Tuition and Fees

-- Financial Aid; Scholarships

-- Core Curriculum and Programs of Study

Take notes as you read the areas above.  Write questions that come to mind.  Follow with appropriate people for answers.

Know your class schedule.  Calculate your targeted GPA by anticipating what letter grade you are shooting for in each class.
Although you perhaps should not be as concerned about them your freshman year, know that internships are an essential part of your college education.  Read more here.
                               Dallas ACAP:  Rising Sophomore Class


Rising Seniors:  Make a chart with all requirements and deadline dates for application, standardized test scores, transcripts, recommendation letters, financial aid forms, etc. for each college on your target list.

Review with your guidance counselor your grades and college choices.

Work on your personal essay(s).  Have others review your essays.

Schedule any remaining campus visits and interviews.

Remain focused throughout your senior year.  You can't afford "senioritis". It's too costly in the long run.  Read "Fighting Senioritis".

Rising Juniors:  Join selected clubs and/or attend specific activities.  Take on a leadership position, create or spearhead a new project, or take an active role in the group.

Take the standardized tests.  Review your transcript and standardized test scores with your guidance counselor.

Start gathering more specific information about colleges through attending college conferences or open houses, or visiting with college representatives.  Talk to  friends, alumni and educators about possible college choices.

Campus Visits:  Schedule interviews and appointments well in advance of your trip.  Review materials about the college before you visit.  When on campus, talk to students, sit in on classes, and/or schedule an overnight visit.  Try to get a sense of the college atmosphere, both social and academic.

Rising Sophomores:  Make a strong commitment to one or more extracurricular activities.  Be sure to keep up your grades.

Attend college fairs, open houses, and programs about college admissions.  This is a time to gather general information and to get a feeling for different kinds of colleges.

Include brief college tours with family vacation plans.

Select courses for the junior year.  Consider the level of difficulty of courses, Advance Placement, and college requirements.

Financial Aid:  Start to get an overview of the financial aid process and options.  Talk to your parents about their general financial expectations and need for aid or grants.

Summer:  Think about getting a job, doing volunteer work, or attending summer school.

Consider taking a course to prepare for the standardized exam.
Dallas ACAP: Executive Roundtable/Dinner
Resources for Students & Parents
Parents and other relatives provide much needed support to high school students as they go through the pre-college years and those students who transition from high school to college or other institutions of continued learning.  Following are some resources for students and parents:
Tips for Parents/Students Career Discussions
Tips Before Choosing A College
Post-ACAP Feedback
ACAP (Accounting Career Awareness Program) is designed largely for high school students interested in going to college and majoring in accounting or other business-related disciplines.  Thus, it's important that accounting is a major focus during ACAP Week. Since Dallas ACAP Week, we surveyed the ACAP students to get feedback on their Dallas ACAP experience and to better understand their career aspirations (for accounting or other fields).  Forty (40) students responded and the results of the survey are included in the document referenced below. 
Post-Dallas ACAP Survey Results
More ACAP Pictures
Additional ACAP pictures have been posted on the Dallas ACAP website.  Click on the following links to view those pictures:  
Executive Roundtable/Dinner
Alumni Night
Building Relationships
EY's Black Professional Network Annual Kick-Off
Dr. Virgil A. Wood, civil rights activist, educator, and church leader, was the featured speaker at EY's BPN Annual Kick-Off.  Dr. Wood was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s lieutenant and friend, and marched and fought with him during the Civil Rights Movement. Pictured are DFW NABA members Jaamal Whittington, Nora O'Garro, and Darius Thompson. 
Although ACAP is typically one week in June each year, there are various events we attend throughout the year to build relationships.  Following are some of those events:

August 1, 2017
Townview Opportunity Fair
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
August 3, 2017
Townview:  Meet the Professionals
9:00 am - 10:15 am
August 12, 2017
Greenville Avenue Church of Christ--College and Career Readiness Workshop
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

September - October
NABA Student Conferences    (Registration is now open)

June 24-29, 2018

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