Dear DAM J.A.M. Fans,

It’s 2020, The Great Unknown,
events are adjusting,
including our own.

We’re keeping our distance
and wearing our masks.
We don’t want to harm you,
and so we would ask
you to celebrate life,
make your own ride,
Just load up your bike
and make the short drive.

Yes, DAM J.A.M. is canceled
but you don’t have to stay home;
your weekend in Pryor
doesn’t have to be blown.
So rather than moan,
you can go it alone
because this year for DAM J.A.M.,
you can Roll Your Own!

- Jim Beach

That’s right, just head to Pryor, any time in September after Labor Day and ride like it’s any other fine fall day in Northeast Oklahoma.

The 53-mile and 72-mile routes will be surface marked. You can find them on Ride with GPS as “2019 ½ DAM J.A.M.” and “2019 ¾ DAM J.A.M.”, or record your ride on Strava and share with your friends.

There’s no registration, no fees, no shirt, no service. But friends, it’s a beautiful place to ride at a perfect time of year, and there are plenty of convenience stores to meet your needs.

After your 2020 ride, please share your pictures, short stories, videos, testimonials, even a haiku or two on our Facebook page. We’ll watch for your posts and celebrate the best of the best. If you record your ride on Strava or Ride With GPS, we’ll keep an eye on those too. And, if you don’t feel like posting - just email your info and pics to We will post on Facebook for you; and, share them on the DAM J.A.M. page on the Chamber’s website.

Don’t forget, wherever you post, please use the hashtags: #DamJam2020RollYourOwn or #RollYourOwnDJ2020.

We’re all in this together, so let’s make 2020 a DAM J.A.M. to remember!