DAOM Fellow Newsletter | 4/4/19
Medical Presentation Updates
Summer Quarter 2019
July 2019
(Contact First Name) 

SUMMER 2019 MEDICAL PRESENTATIONS.  The topic of the Quarter is  ACUTE CARE . Please prepare your presentations accordingly. If you have any questions, please email your faculty, Dr. Thornton ( drwthornton@hotmail.com ) and Dr. MoraMarco ( jacques@emperors.edu ).

As a reminder please read the whole email so that you don't miss any important details. This is where we will include useful links and other information. If you think something is missing that should be included in the newsletter please let us know. 


The DAOM Program Office
General Announcements
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It is recommended that you turn on notifications for your Google Drive. This is done in Google Chrome. That way you will be notified when changes or addtions are made to the general folders or to you individual folders. To turn on please refer to the image below.
Uploading Presentations
Please upload your SUMMER 2019 MEDICAL PRESENTATIONS into your Medical Presentation folders in Google Drive, i.e. John Smith (MP) .  Remember to either begin you presentation in Google Slides format or when you upload it to CONVERT it to Google Slides format. The topic of the Quarter is  ACUTE CARE

Please prepare your presentations accordingly. If you have any questions, please email your faculty, Dr. Thornton ( drwthornton@hotmail.com ) and Dr. MoraMarco ( jacques@emperors.edu ).
how to upload medical presentations | Emperor's College DAOM

As a reminder, please LOAD your Medical Presentations to Google Drive. You should edit the versions already on Google Drive. We want everyone's presentations in Google Drive. Your folder will have your name, followed by (MP), i.e. " John Smith...

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Evaluations and Revisions
Medical Presentation Evaluations PDF can now be found in your Medical Presentation folder "John Smith (MP)" in a folder marked "Medical Presentation Evals."

After you present, please open the PDF for your evaluation, the forms are marked either PASS OR REPEAT. REPEATS will present again in SEPTEMBER .

Details can be found on the syllabus page found here:  https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/  
Remember to make your revisions to Google Slides presentations.  

Make sure that the version that you revise is in your Medical Presentation folders, i.e. John Smith (MP). 

If you have any questions please email the faculty, Dr. Thornton ( drwthornton@hotmail.com ) and Dr. MoraMarco ( jacques@emperors.edu ).

Presentation Order
The presentation order and checklist can be found in Google Drive ( 3_ SUMMER 2019 (Acute Care) -> 1_Schedules (Clinic Didactic) -> Summer 2019 - DAOM Medical Presentation ).

This is used to help faculty and students to know the presentation order and also allow the faculty to track who presented during their required times.
Resources and Important Links
DAOM Course Syllabi | Emperor's College DAOM

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DAOM Newsletters (Archived) | Emperor's College DAOM

I can case you missed you missed a newsletter, you can find an archive of them here.

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