February 2020 | Issue 1
Healthy School Communities Certification Pilot
DASH has enrolled 11 schools to take part in our Healthy School Communities Certification pilot program for the 2019-2020 school year. The initiative, based on  Ontario Physical and Health Education Association’s program , recognizes and celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community.

Schools complete the  6-Step Healthy Schools Process  over the course of the school year to earn points and then apply to be certified in April 2020.

The goals of DASH’s Healthy School Community Certification are:

  • To support and increase the capacity of schools to address a priority health topic through the effective implementation of the 6-Step Healthy Schools Process
  • To celebrate and formally recognise an individual school’s achievements relating to Healthy Schools

To learn more about the program see  Ophea’s 3-minute video.

Do you have a question or want to be involved for the 2020-2021 school year? 
Message from the Board Chair
By Karen Wonders

Welcome to 2020! On behalf of the Board of Directors for DASH Dedicated Action for School Health Society, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our inaugural newsletter which we are very proud to showcase. 

As Board Chair, I can confirm with confidence the ongoing commitment and dedication of our Board to achieve our mission: DASH collaborates with schools and other partners to create, facilitate and support school communities to be optimal places for health and learning through a Comprehensive School Health Approach.

Our Board is a diverse group of people with varied and extensive skill sets. We share a keen interest and passion to better the health and well-being of all students through collaborative efforts and partnerships.  Please take a moment to meet our Board of Directors  here.

With a renewed strategic plan we are excited to move full steam ahead as we enter this new decade. As a Board, our main focus will be to:

  1. Ensure that we have an ideal governance framework in place that promotes transparency taking us well into the future; 
  2. Have an up to date repertoire of appropriate policies; 
  3. Maintain a continued focus on the retention and recruitment of Board Members; and 
  4. Improve the orientation processes of new Board Members.

 I would also like to send a sincere thank you to our funders, partners, schools, and communities for your continued partnerships and support.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2020.