The BMS board has approved the extension of the donation portion of the grant program to allow us to push back Self Care Week.
Self Care Week will now be June 12-June 19th.
No other timeline for the grant will be changed, meaning all applications are still due by 6/15 at 11:59pm, and all grants will be distributed according to the original timeline, the last week of June. Timeslots are first come first serve so get in touch with Dawn now!
Please reach out to Dawn to set up your session ASAP but no later than Friday June 5th at 2pm.
We need your help to make this fundraiser a success!
Help Us Raise Money for You
and Your Neighbors
Please take 5 minutes to read this entire email, we need you!
By now we hope you've heard about The Boonton Main Street, Inc. Relief Fund. This mircogrant program began May 15th and has already exceeded $15,000 (not all in donations are in gofundme tally). With many business owners needing assistance, we want to raise much more, but we need your help!
Join Us for

We are seeking leaders of ALL business types to join a weeklong self-care movement for our community members that will raise money for the BMS Relief Fund.
Our ask: 45 Minutes Of Your Time
Self Care can be shared virtually by EVERY Main Street Business. We hope you will lend us your time and join this powerful and influential movement that can literally change people’s lives during these unprecedented times. We are asking for each business to lend 45 minutes to the cause, of course we would love it if you signed up for a few sessions, but we want each business to commit to one 45 minute session.
What You Get In Return
Not only will you be helping your fellow business owners by fundraising, but this a free marketing opportunity to advertise your business! This event will be publicized throughout the greater Boonton area, giving you a free outreach platform to connect with thousands of new customers.
Not Sure How To Connect Virtually With The Community?
No problem! BMS has teamed up with Yoga 4 Others Founder Dawn Schwartz who will be organizing the event. Dawn is a Yoga enthusiast and accomplished promoter who will brainstorm with you until you find the perfect way to promote your business for Self Care Week. BMS is covering Dawn's fee, so this service is at NO COST to you!
EVERY Business Can Participate
Teach, Lead, and Inspire People
Service Industry
Take a stretch, yoga, pilates, reiki, breath work, HIIT, Bootcamp, martial arts or fitness class. If you're in the fitness and health industry, this is a no brainer, right?

But ANY service provider can participate:
  • The dos and don'ts of trimming your pets’ nails
  • Try a new beauty, skin, make-up application and hair styling tutorial
  • Create art and learn some art history, take care of their pets and learn at-home dog grooming maintenance tips.
  • Gain financial health and soundness during turbulent times.
  •  Learn feng shui to harmonize their home and office space.
  • You get the idea. Connect with Dawn now to find the perfect niche for your virtual session.
Food Industry
Cook or bake together. Make a sauce, pasta, a meal, a dessert! Food sustains the body, but delicious food made with love nurtures the soul. Every restaurant owner/baker/food connoisseur will have no problem connecting with your audience, who doesn't love food?
Retail Industry
Who doesn't love a little retail therapy? Whether it's a new favorite top, a must have bracelet, or the vintage handbag that goes with everything, everyone can use a little time to pamper themselves, show them how to do it in your store! Connect with Dawn, she'll help you craft the perfect pitch. (and you might even get a few orders out of it!)
How Fundraising Works
Together we can empower individuals, couples, and families far and wide to self-care and engage those they love to join them in this movement to help BMS business owners to stay in business!
With a minimum suggested donation of $10 per session, participants receive an email receipt that includes the Zoom link to participate in that class/session/tutorial. There will be no formal class registration. Rather we will go by an honor system for community members to join the Zoom sessions at the $10 minimum donation per session.
This self-care movement is being powered by Yoga4Others and being held from June 6-13.
Each session will run between 45-60 minutes.
35 time slots are available and will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis for leaders starting as early as 8:30AM to a start time of 8:00PM.
Businesses can secure 1 to as many as 4 sessions throughout the week.
Similar industries can teach/lead the same type of sessions. Keep in mind community members are available to participate in programming different times throughout the days of the week.
Think out of the box how you can host a session whether you are a self-care business or not or feel free to ask another business leader if you can assist in their session to co-promote your brands.
How Do I Participate?
Contact Dawn today at . She will help you create a pitch, schedule your time, connect you with the Zoom format, and answer any questions you might have. The event runs June 12th-June 19th, and will replace the Virtual Friday 6/12 and 6/19.
Contact Dawn TODAY, there's less than 2 weeks till the event begins!
If you've made it to the bottom here, thank you for reading my email! -Laura