JULY 2019
Michael Hert, DAV Wisconsin Commander

Our Journey Continues

Upon the dust settling and with the Wisconsin State Convention in the books for another year, your leadership team went forward and continued the next step of the journey for the coming term. The next phase for newly elected leaders is to attend Commanders and Adjutants training at the DAV National Headquarters. Know by the acronym “C&A”, this event provides a phenomenal opportunity to gain information regarding the organization plus meet one’s peers and discover what others are doing across the Nation.

Representing your Department was Adjutant Larry Hill, Assistant Adjutant John Polk, Senior Vice Commander Matt Kampainen and myself. The schedule is quite busy; however our National team ensures that it will be a successful event for all.  We learn about the DAV mission, organization, capabilities and operations. As a leader, it’s imperative, that we have the most current knowledge to bring back to the Department and Chapter level so to ensure together we move in one direction forward.

An example Dan Clare, National Communications Director, shared all the different modes used to connect with the public and DAV membership. I was quite impressed whether it’s our bi-monthly publication, social media or billboards along our major highways. DAV continues to communicate with others and spread the message of ensuring our Veterans lead high quality lives of dignity and respect. What had the biggest impact to me is our DAV National Webpage. If you go on to “quick links”, it has key components for a Chapter to gain a major operational advantage for the coming year. We did obtain Dan Clare’s presentation and our plan is to share it at our upcoming Fall Conference.

The DAV National Membership Department is led by Doug Wells. He walked us through the past year plus the opportunities and challenges that occurred with the revision of the membership program. Doug shared with us tools that the Department can use to gain new members plus the success stories achieved within our ranks. In terms of Wisconsin under the leadership of past Senior Vice Commander, Stan Kogutkiewicz, we did make goal plus 2 members above! A Commanders Salute to Stan for his tenacity and professionalism. His eyes never left the completion of the mission. 
At the C&A, we discovered our number for the coming year is to add 511 new members to our Wisconsin rolls. While the bar has been set high, I have total faith in the membership plus the abilities of our new Senior Vice Commander Matt Kampainen.

As indicated, C&A provides a superb occasion to connect with one’s counterparts and discover what is occurring in other States. A lesson that I walked away with is that other places across the Nation, actively utilize their Chapter Service Officers (CSO) in a variety of approaches. Whether it’s conducting and promoting local community information seminars regarding Veterans benefits, making themselves available to conduct home visits or hanging their shingle at a local restaurant or grocery store. The bottom line, CSO’s are dynamically engaged promoting the mission of ensuring that Veterans obtain their benefits and that America’s promise made to the men and women who served is kept.

In summary, we received first class training at C&A. Our game plan is that we will pass it down at the Fall Conference which is being held October 10-12 in Stevens Point. This coming year will be an exciting and memorable time for our membership.  

Lastly, “Together Forward!” as we step forward into the 2019-2020 term.
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Hello, my fellow DAV members! We’ve had another good year as an organization in service to fellow veterans. Our transportation network continues to be our most visible asset and delivers a tremendous service. July 2018 to June 2019 we provided rides to 37,663 veterans with approximately 250 volunteer drivers driving 1,040,718 miles using 44 DAV vehicles which equated to 70,548 volunteer hours. Exceptional Service by our transportation folks!

At the convention we approved 77 resolutions to support veterans. Of the 77 resolutions, 71 were forwarded to DAV National Headquarters for consideration. Our Benefits Protection Team Leader (BPTL) Al Labelle continues to provide exceptional support and service to the Department.

This year we had other committees review some recommended resolutions rather than one legislative committee dealing with all. Results are then given the membership for adoption. Next year we will continue with more to our standing committees for consideration.

We completed Chapter Service Officer training prior to convention convening. Our National Service Office (NSO) trained 34 Chapter Service Officers this year. This training has proven to be successful already with more claims being submitted to our NSO office. 

Under consideration during this year is the establishment of a Department Service Program. Once the research is completed and a plan formulated it will be presented to the Executive Committee.

We begin this year in a new Department structure. We now have five districts rather than the seven in previous years. The change at the convention went smoothly. Check with your representative that attended the convention for the map of our Department that provides the Districts with Chapters in them. This map is in each Department Convention Book and will be placed on our website in the near future. 

We also have Commander Mike Hert serving his second consecutive year, a first for the Department along with two additional Junior Vice Commanders. Check the Department roster on the website for all the leadership, appointments, and committee changes.

Next big event up is the National Convention in Orlando, FL. Let the Headquarters know if you plan on attending. This is important so we can know who is attending and get everyone together while there.

Additionally, make sure you’re there on 2 August for the National Executive Committee District 12 meeting that begins at 1:00 pm. At this meeting appointments are made for the convention committees.

Senior Vice Commander (SVC) Matt Kempainen is working the Membership Program for 2019-2020. It will be published ASAP. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the exceptional effort that Past SVC Kogutkiewicz did for the Department last year. The goal of 346 new members was achieved; in fact we got 348 new members for the Department.  CONGRATULATIONS STAN!
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